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Classens’ Kids Diaper/Carrier bag

Going out of the car for a short time, going up or down stairs or escalators, running errands, going to pick up older siblings at school, or going for a short walk… it’s not always easy for a parent to carry their toddlers while juggling everything else.The Claessens’ Kids Diaper-Carrier Bag is a must have for every parent on the go! The side-carry function of this new Diaper-Carrier helps parents hold their little ones in a very practical and easy new way, while also carrying all of life’s necessities.

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Classens’ Kids Diaper/Carrier bag Reviews

Product Tested by: Hannah Dean – Alyssia 6 Months

Tested By
Hannah Dean – Alyssia 6 Months

Awarded The Kid’Sleep Diaper/Carrier
bag 4.2/5

very smart and neat. Looked neat and well-made and would like to see this
available in brighter colours. Very good quality material. Easy to clean. This is a very high quality bag and made to
last. Not enough compartments for my liking. Could be a bit bigger to fit my entire baby’s
belonging in. I do think this is a very
versatile bag. I found this comfortable
enough to use to carry Alyssia. The
straps on this are very sturdy and supportive.
I will continue to use this and would recommend to family and
friends. I enjoyed using this product as
was comfortable and well-made but could do with more compartments and space for
my baby’s essentials. Hannah Dean – Alyssia
6 Months

Tested By
Sarah Hindley – Oliver 10 Months

Awarded The Kid’Sleep Diaper/Carrier
bag 3.7/5

first sight this is a nice looking changing bag with plenty of room inside to
store everything you need for yourself and baby, however the strap on the bag
appears to be sown on the wrong way at one end which leave it with a twisted
strap. The style of the changing bag is very nice for day to day use. The
fabric is clearly very good quality, it feels very strong and the seat covering
is very soft. This would have received a
much higher score if it were not for the strap seemingly sown on the wrong way
and if the bag had easier access. Although the bag is very roomy once you get
in to it actually getting in to it is a different matter. Because you access
the inside of the bag via the flap at the front you are only left with a very
small elasticated gap to put things in, if you were able to access the inside
via a zip around the seat I believe this would be a huge improvement, enabling
you to store larger items with ease. The bag has plenty of compartments to
store things, enabling you to keep nappies, bottles, food etc. separate. The
size of the bag is perfect but unfortunately due to the small opening to the
main part of the bag you struggle to get some things in and It’s even harder
getting things out once the bag is full, I found that if the bag was full and I
needed something from the back compartment I quite often found myself having to
empty a lot of the bag to get to it. The bag does make quite a good carrying
aid although I did find it quite difficult to place Oliver on the seat
correctly on my own. However once Oliver was on the seat it did make carrying
him much easier. The bag was fairly comfortable to carry but the twisted strap
was incredibly annoying. The adjustable
length of the strap was great as it enabled both me and my husband to be able
to carry Oliver using the bag and the thickness ensured it is very comfortable
on your shoulder. Although the bag makes
carrying your baby much easier and eases strain on your back I did find the
fact that the bag was quite hard to get into very restricting, you need both
hands to get into the bag (one to hold the flap up and pull the elastic out and
the other to get what you want) so this leaves you with no free hands to hold
your child. I would continue to use this
product but more as a carrying aid than a change bag. Although it has some great plus points I
think your money would be better spent on a separate bag and carrier, in theory
this bag is a fantastic idea but it definitely needs more work on the access
issue. Great for carrying you child
about, not so great for getting their things out of! Sarah Hindley – Oliver 10

Tested By
Kirsty Glennon – Anya 12 Weeks

Awarded The Kid’Sleep Diaper/Carrier
bag 4/5

was a nice bag and a clever concept behind it. I liked style of the bag, as
over the shoulder bags are handy. The quality was good. It was really well made.
It was of really good quality, well made, and perfectly thought out. Adequate amount of compartments for a nipping
out quickly to the shops type of bag. Could maybe benefit from a few more
internal larger zip pockets. Good size
to hold things if you were just nipping out to shops or quick trip out,
probably not big enough for a full day out though. I like the idea-very clever concept for those
who are going to be carrying their little ones around (I couldn’t though as Anya
is still too small) but it’s a great idea being able to hold little one and
carry their belongings all as one as opposed to having the holdall and child
juggled separately. I personally find it
comfortable enough to use. Straps need
to be a tad longer for me personally, although their thickness and padding was
fine. Well it’s a handy size, although as explained due to Anya’s age I
couldn’t compare carrying her. I would
recommend if asked about a dual purpose bag for changing and carrying
baby. Handy bag for quick trip out. Kirsty Glennon –
Anya 12 Weeks






 enjoyed using this product as was comfortable and well-made but could do with more compartments and space for my baby’s essentials.


Hannah Awarded The Kid’Sleep Diaper/Carrier bag 4.2/5

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