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Clevabath™ Extra Long Bath Mat

This extra -long bath mat is perfect for bathing two children. The non-slip surface holds firmly to your bath preventing slips and falls. The free kneeling cushion offers Mum and Dad added comfort at bathtime.

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£8.99 Available Argos,, Kiddicare or click online for local stockist

Clevabath™ Extra Long Bath Mat Reviews

Product Tested by: Olya Mills – Abbiegail 2 ½ Years

Product Tested By Olya Mills – Abbiegail 2 ½ Years

Olya Awarded The ClevaMama ClevaBath Mat 4.9/5

The initial impression of this product was very good and I was very happy to use it. The packaging was basic and the instructions were very easy to understand. This mat did fit in my bath perfectly and stayed secure during bath-time. Abbiegail did not slip at all while using this bath mat. I have used the kneeling cushion and it’s very good. This is a helpful addition to this product. The quality is very good, very soft and very comfortable. It offers excellent value for money. I would consider buying this now and recommend it to others. It’s a very good product, very soft to use and I found it very comfortable too. Olya Mills – Abbiegail 2 ½ Years

Product Tested By Anna Edwards – Sadie 21 Months

Anna Awarded The ClevaMama ClevaBath Mat 4.7/5

A classic bathroom coloured item (pale blue), but the bath mat is soft, flexible, a good size and has plenty of suckers on the bottom to help it stick to the bath. I can’t say I really read the instructions, as it’s such an obvious item to use. This mat is a perfect fit, with previous bath mats we’ve had they aren’t long enough or we’ve ended up buying 2 and laying them over each other; my daughter loves playing with things on the shelf at the very end of the bath and has in the past slipped (because it’s sloped) doing this with no mat under her. There are so many suckers to attach it to the bottom of the bath; there is no moving it unless you really want to! We stick it to the wall to dry it out between uses too. My daughter did not slip once using this, it’s got excellent coverage of our bath, and the texture is just right to stop any risk of slipping, but without being too plasticky. We did use the kneeling cushion, but we used it on top of a folded towel which we used to use. It’s a bit of a nice to have; I wouldn’t necessary pay for it, but seeing as it’s included in the price, can’t go wrong really. The quality is excellent; no issues so far, it’s had over a month of use and it’s not showing any signs of wear and tear. At £9 it is an excellent price especially for the size of the items. It would be great if available in different colours. Depending on how long it lasts I would consider another one; if I need to that is! I already have recommended it to friends and family. It’s a really good product for value and quality. It’s perfectly sized, attractive; a good quality bath mat to reduce slippage! Anna Edwards – Sadie 21 Months

Product Tested By Sophie Jacklin – Robin 20 Months

Sophie Awarded The ClevaMama ClevaBath Mat 4.8/5

It’s a soft bath mat with lots of suction tabs on bottom with a great kneel pad cushion. Nice colour very different from normal bath mats as it is soft and padded. It comes in a clear bag with cardboard insert with clear writing for information purposes. The instructions of how to insert the mat in the bath are straight forward and clear. It says on the packet that this mat is extra-long, which it is. I could have had it slightly longer so it was over the plug as my son has great delight to pull the plug out. The mat did not move at all during bath-times which is what you want as my little boy stands up a lot and it has given him lots of confidence in the bath as other mats I’ve used before have slipped. My little boy didn’t slip at all using this. This one is soft under your foot and feels really nice too. I did use the kneeling cushion; it is very soft and waterproof, very comfortable and dries quickly too. What a great idea to think of the mum with the kneeling cushion it is a great idea and nice little addition to bath-time. I was very happy with the quality of the item and softness. Very different to normal rubber mats and great value for the price. Not sure if this can be done but could do with being a bit longer to fit over the plug so little fingers don’t pull the plug. I would recommend it to friends and family I already have. What a great product, even though I could have done with it being a little longer to cover the plug this would not stop me buying another in the future. It is lovely and soft. I have used while in the shower and didn’t slip once and it was so soft under my feet. I would recommend to all other mums for their little ones. Sophie Jacklin – Robin 20 Months

It’s a very good product, very soft to use and I found it very comfortable too.


Olya Awarded The ClevaMama ClevaBath Mat 4.9/5

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