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ClevaMama Soother Tree

The ClevaMama™ Soother Tree™ is compact, fast and a simple way to sterilise soothers. Using the speed and convenience of your microwave it is now possible to sterilise up to 6 soothers in just 60 seconds. It is the fastest home sterilising unit on the market. Its transparent lid ensures you can always see how many soothers you have and how many are missing! The Clevamama™ Soother Tree™ can now also provide a convenient home which means a lot less lost soothers in the world! This unique and clever sterliliser now has the added value of containing 2 FREE silicone orthodontic soothers.

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£10.50 - Available in Mothercare, Boots Online, Kiddicare and retailers across the UK.

ClevaMama Soother Tree Reviews

Product Tested by: Beth Leslie – Baby Evie 6 Months

Product Tested By Beth Leslie – Baby Evie 6 Months

Beth Awarded The ClevaMama Soother Tree 4/5

Packaging was good and instructions were clear and precise and easy to follow.  Website could be improved with better images and made easier to navigate.  The size is great as it is compact and easy to store.  The steriliser is designed for soothers with a ring so that they can be hung up.   This product is easily cleaned, just wash in soapy water.  A product that is well made and robust, so you know it will last. Reasonable value for money.  The steriliser was very fast, depending on the power of the microwave, it can work in just one minute.  It was quite hot when removing it from the microwave and the handle on the top is quite small so care needs to be taken when moving it while hot (the base contains very hot water).   The base has a non slip grip which means that you can take the top off easily with one hand.  It is certainly very quick and portable.  It does what it says on the tin, but if you are using a larger steriliser for other items it could be surplus to requirements.  It would be good for a holiday or to leave with grandparents.  This item is compact, quick and easy to use, however it gets quite hot and the handle for carrying it is quite small.  Beth Leslie – Baby Evie 6 Months

Product Tested By Chloe Robinson – Baby Poppy 5 Months

Chloe Awarded The ClevaMama Soother Tree 4/5

Good idea and I liked the packaging however not something I would buy as I normally sterilise soothers in the bottle steriliser.  Really colourful and a nice box.   Very easy to follow simple instructions.  The size of this soother tree is very compact, fits nicely on top of my microwave.   Both my children use dummy’s and I was able to sterilise all of them at once and keep them stored in there until they were needed.   I just popped it in the dishwasher every week I haven’t needed to descale it yet, so easy to keep clean.  The soother sterilizer is very robust and certainly does the job well.  This only takes 3 minutes to sterilize which is quicker than my bottle steriliser and I think this is very quick and acceptable.  I really liked the size of this soother tree and the packaging.   I wouldn’t buy one myself at £8.99 as I already have a bottle steriliser and this can clean all items for baby.  I will continue to use this as it is small, compact and easy to use and quick to sterilize soothers.  Might be a nice idea as a special gift for a new mum.   I think the free  soothers are good idea if you are already using that specific type of soother, as most babies already like a certain dummy brand.  I would also suggest the company place a warning sign on the unit as it is so hot once the cycle has finished people may need reminding it’s very very hot.  Overall Simple to use and a nice compact size.  Chloe Robinson – Baby Poppy 5 Months

Product Tested By Tine Kongsgarrd – Baby Alexandra 6 Months

Tine Awarded  The ClevaMama Soother Tree 4.3/5

Different, but interesting.  Website has a good range of innovative products.  Several of them interested me and some might end up on my Christmas list!  Packaging could be a little sturdier but the contents were intact and the design is not garish but suitable to the product.  Very clear instructions that are easy to follow.  The product is easy to use.  The soother sterilizer is a good size all 4 of Alex’s dummies easily fit in at once.  Easy to clean, as I use filtered water there has not been any scaling issues with it so far.  I think the robustness of the steriliser is actually better than it feels.  The plastic seems like it may crack quite easily but despite accidently dropping it twice and being in prone positions in the kitchen it’s survived thus far!   Usually I microwave things for 6 minutes in the bottle steriliser – so as this only requires 1 minute it’s a great time saving and therefore also energy saving.  When you remove it from the microwave condensation or water leaks out where the top joins the bottom.  I don’t know if that is by design or error but its VERY annoying!  This is reasonable value for money.  I’m not sure if I’d have bought it normally but I would probably buy it as a present for a mum “who has everything” if their baby used dummies.  I like the fact you can store your dummies after they have been sterilised which makes them far easier to find (especially at 4 am!) and for those without a bottle steriliser it’s ideal.  I like this soother tree.  It has one flaw which might benefit from being addressed but I will still carry on using mine.  Tine Kongsgarrd – Baby Alexandra 6 Months

This item is compact, quick and easy to use.


Beth Awarded The ClevaMama Soother Tree 4/5

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