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Clippasafe Advanced Bump Belt

If a pregnant mother is involved in a car crash, there’s a 40 to 50 per cent chance of having a miscarriage if she suffers from serious injuries. Even if the crash or injuries are minor, there’s still up to a five per cent risk, (according to which is why we have developed the innovative Bump Belt to help protect unborn babies and mothers-to-be whilst travelling by car.Mum-to-be sits on the Bump Belt’s seat pad and fastens the vehicle seatbelt as normal, ensuring that the lap portion is positioned below her pregnancy bump. The Bump Belt’s two elasticated flaps are then simply secured over the lap portion of the seatbelt. This secures the lap belt underneath the pregnancy bump, and ensures that it doesn’t ride up over the abdomen. If a minor accident occurs or the driver has to suddenly brake, you can be assured that the lap belt is in the right position to transfer the pressure through the hips and pelvis, which are better able to absorb any impact than the abdomen and womb. Designed for mothers-to-be from two months pregnant, right up to birth.

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£24.99 Available in all UK major nursery retailers and jst click online to find local stockists

Clippasafe Advanced Bump Belt Reviews

Product Tested by: Suzanna North

Product Tested By Julia Reay – Pregnant

Julia Awarded The Clippasafe Advanced Bump Belt 4.5/5

This was not something that I had considered purchasing; however I was happy to give it a go.  The packaging and the instructions were great.  It was really easy to install the Bump Belt into my car.  It takes slightly longer than it would without it so not ideal when in a rush or for short journeys.  It was really helpful for driving my partner’s car as the seatbelt was not comfortable as it lay across my bump.  It was not as useful in my Vauxhall Corsa as I find the seatbelt fits me well without it.  I didn’t use it for short journeys.  The quality however is excellent and I would be happy to pay the price for this product.  There is no way that this can be improved in any way either.  I would consider buying this now and recommend it to others if they drive a lot and find that their seatbelt is uncomfortable for them whilst pregnant.  Julia Reay – Pregnant

Product Tested By Jennifer MacKenzie – Lewis 3 Years and Josh 2 Weeks

Jennifer Awarded The Clippasafe Advanced Bump Belt  4.8/5

I thought the product looked good, looked good quality and was comfortable.  Packaging was good – not too much excess packaging. The design was simple.  The instructions were very easy to follow too. The bump belt takes less than 1 minute to fit in the car.  It is easy to clip onto the car seat belt however – I am a size 12 and I think if I was much bigger I may have struggled a bit as its not very stretchy.  The bump belt definitely improves the position on the car seat belt.  As I’m in and out of the car for reasonably short journeys (2-3 miles) I quite often found I didn’t use the bump belt (Laziness on my part).  If I was in the car for any length of time I always used it as it made the journey more comfortable.  I used the bump belt right up until I delivered 2 weeks ago.  I liked to know that the belt was in the right position and wasn’t going to damage baby in anyway if god forbids I was in a car accident.  I think the product is good quality and very good value for money considering it could save your unborn baby’s life.  The only improvement would be that there could be a bit more material on the straps that go onto the carseat belt to make sure there is plenty of room for bigger mums. I would definitely buy this product as it really does make a difference to the position of the seat belt in the car. I  would recommend this product to family and friends.  It is definitely worth the money.  Safety is important.  I would recommend the Clippasafe bump belt to all mums to be out there, it’s very quick and simple to use and could save your unborn baby’s life.  Jennifer MacKenzie – Lewis 3 Years and Josh 2 Weeks


Product Tested By Amy Bridgeman – Lola 3

Amy Awarded The Clippasafe Advanced Bump Belt 4.6/5

A good product, aimed at pregnant women to protect a very important thing to us – our bump! I did wonder if it might be a ‘gimmick’.  It was packaged in recyclable cardboard – no complaints at all.  The instructions were very clear and easy to understand.  A bit awkward to fit because of pregnant bump – getting around the back of the seat wasn’t easy! It was very easy to fit around me, 2 poppers and you’re done. However, it is frustrating when you have it on and forget and try and get out of the car!  The bump belt makes the seat belt sit in a better position for my bump.  It takes the seatbelt away from my bump.  I would say I put it on for 9/10 journeys. If I am just going on a very short journey, I don’t bother.  I will continue to use this.  Ordinarily I would just ‘pull’ the seat belt down below my bump, but it would keep riding up.  This ensures my bump is safe from the seatbelt.  Quality is excellent, comfy and padded. I did find the poppers hard to close in the beginning, but they soon loosened.  While I agree this is a good product, I do think it is overpriced for what it is.  For a piece of material with some added poppers it seems expensive especially when in theory you could just consistently pull the seat belt below your bump.  I would consider buying it if it were cheaper.  It is a high quality product, but just think it is overpriced.  I would recommend it to others especially to those who drive a lot or drive long distances.  I have no complaints about this product really.  It takes seconds to clip on and seconds to clip off and keeps your bump safe.  A good safety product for pregnant women but sadly overpriced for what it is.  AmyBridgeman – Lola 3





There is no way that this can be improved in any way either. I would consider buying this now and recommend it to others if they drive a lot and find that their seatbelt is uncomfortable for them whilst pregnant.


Julia Awarded The Clippasafe Advanced Bump Belt 4.4/5

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