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Clippasafe Carramio Baby Carrier

With chic styling and offering complete comfort and functionality, our two-way baby carrier has been designed so that your little one can form an even closer bond with you. After a few months baby can be turned round to look outwards and take in the sights as you walk along. The Carramio features a lightweight, soft, fabric lining to help keep baby cool and contented, while wide padded straps and lumbar support spread their weight evenly across your body. Designed to carry a baby with a weight of 3.5kgs to 9.0kgs (approximately 7lbs 11oz to 19lbs 13oz), our Carramio Baby Carrier meets British and European Standards, and is machine-washable with a detachable dribble-bib. There’s also an option to purchase an extra pack of two Carramio bibs if needed.

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£29.99 Available in all UK major nursery retailers and online

Clippasafe Carramio Baby Carrier Reviews

Product Tested by: Lorraine Douglas – John 5 Months

Tested By
Lorraine Douglas – John 5 Months

Awarded The Clippasafe’s Carramio Baby Carrier 5/5

was impressed by the sturdiness and design of the product. Very comfortable and
supportive with dribble bib. This is made from high quality fabric, really well made. I
found this so easy to use, fit and adjust no problems at all. Very easy and quick to put on which is what
every mum needs. The baby went in it smoothly without any problems. I felt my baby was totally safe in this
carrier. I had no issues or concerns unlike other carriers. With having good
wide straps and the weight was distributed evenly, this carrier was perfect for
walking. I suffer painful joints and this did not affect me at all. When the
baby was in need of extra attention, I popped him in the carrier and carried on
with my every day household chores, i.e., vacuuming etc., I had no problems,
just on bending which was not an issue for baby at all due to loads of support
from the carrier, it was more myself. My baby enjoyed being in this
carrier. The little one slept and had
wakeful times but very content and liked some me time with myself. The dribble
bib was a godsend, lovely addition, easy to remove wash and dry reattach. I’m
pretty clever with this, I have a baggy coat which I put baby next to me and
button the coat over, but to be honest, as long as baby is wrapped up warm with
hat and hooded snowsuit, this is not an issue for short distances in bad
weather, I would try use the pram if I was going anywhere in bad weather rather
than the carrier if it was outside. This is excellent value for money. This carrier is a lot cheaper that some
others which I was surprised about. It’s one of the best carriers out there at
the moment and is selling for half the price of them. After using this, it’s
the one that is offering the most and is nice to look at too and we will
continue to use. I would buy these as
presents for my friends as they are cheap enough to purchase and so valuable to
have. Also coming in the neutral colours is a great plus. A great
overall baby carrier, good looking, offers peace of mind for the wearer that
baby is safe and comfortable for both mum and baby. Lorraine Douglas – John 5

Tested By
Rachel Aibamwen – Amelia 4 Weeks

Awarded The Clippasafe’s Carramio Baby Carrier 4.4/5

quality item, simple yet stylish design to carry baby in. The
fabric is of a good quality with the stitching’s neatly done. At first it was
over whelming with all the buckles and straps I thought this was going to be a
great difficulty to Use, however I was wrong. I advise to read the manual first
so you have understanding what each part is for if you are not familiar with a
baby carrier. This carrier is easy to adjust, all parts are easy to reach, and
this was great help as when in a rush with two children, I would say no more
than 30 seconds to get comfortable. Extremely easy to put on, literally like
throwing on a top. The only downside I would say is to limit clothing whilst
wearing the carrier. I am a small framed size 10 and had a hard time fitting it
over a thin leather jacket. I only used this around the house or if the weather
is warm enough to wear a long sleeve top. I would not advise to wear this
carrier in the colder months. My new born was 7 pounds when I placed her in the
carrier for the first time, I opened one section and was able to slide her in.
at times her chunky legs would get stuck but this was easily solved by
adjusting the straps. It took a few minutes to get used to as I kept holding
the bottom of the carrier that soon wore off and I felt comfortable and knew
she was safe with all the buckles and straps secure and strong to hold my
baby. The buckles and straps are of a
good quality, I did lots of dancing around whilst my baby was in the carrier.
She looked so snug whilst she was in her carrier and not one cry out of her
whilst I wore it. This carrier was ok to wear but I would not wear it for no
more than 1-2 hours as my back would start to hurt. As my baby gained weight
this inflicted pain in my back and shoulders if worn for too long. I was able
to do many things around the house if my baby was unsettled and needed to be
carried. In fact she seemed to enjoy the
motion as I believe this helped soothe and settle her. My baby always enjoyed
being in her carrier, at first her legs would get stuck (mummy’s fault) but
soon sorted and she loved it, cooing if awake. This carrier has helped settle
her to sleep if the dummy is not in sight and especially when I needed to get
things done, like put the washing out, pop to the shops. I didn’t use any of the features, not even
sure if it had extra feature, I solely used it to carry my baby in and that was
it. This carrier had a suitable shield with protected the sides of her face, as
the weather has been great lately the sun has been out which has not bothered
my baby at all. I would advise to wear a sun hat for you and baby to protect the
top of her head. It is also wind proof which was great. Originally I thought
this was a lot more than the rrp, the quality of this carrier is a good
standard and believe the price is very reasonable, as there are many carriers
out there that offer what Clippasafe have. Most of the time you are paying for
the brand or style rather than the actual product itself. Very happy with the
value of this carrier. I will defiantly continue to use this product, it is
stated that you can use up to one year but I personally will stop using the
carrier when my baby can be a bit more independent, as she is getting heavier
each week, this would put too much strain on my body. This is a short term item
I will be using. I would certainly recommend the price is affordable and there
are three ranges of colours to choose from. I had the black as this goes with
everything. This product is great to soothe baby or just to get on with day to
day life and want to supervise your baby. Rachel Aibamwen – Amelia 4 Weeks

Product Tested By Lucy Rollason – Elliott 7 Weeks

Lucy The Clippasafe‘s Carramio Baby Carrier 3.6/5

My initial impression of the product was that
it was packaged well with clear instructions on how to use. The packaging is
bright and clearly highlights the features of the product well. Upon opening
the box there wasn’t any unnecessary packaging just the carrier and
instructions. I chose to have the black version which looked very smart, a nice
simple design. The carrier is nicely padded whilst still being soft and
flexible. The main body of the carrier
is well padded and the material is nice and soft, the breathable inner material
kept my son nice and cool whilst out when the weather was hot, which was great
on visits to the park with my children when he would be strapped in for a good
hour or more. However I found the
shoulder straps quite thin and wouldn’t really describe them as padded it is
still comfortable enough to wear. This carrier is extremely easy to adjust and
is pretty much ready to wear straight out of the box which is nice. I did read
the instructions first which were very clear and easy to understand. The straps
are very easy to adjust and the buckle fastenings make it very easy however I
found that the size of the buckles restricted how much it could be adjusted in
particular the leg adjustment. As the Velcro is situated right next to the
buckle it means that if you try and adjust the Velcro it actually overlaps the
buckle meaning it can’t be fastened properly. The carrier is easy to put on
just two straps to fasten. One over the shoulders and one across the back. The
"touch and close” fasteners on the shoulder make it very easy to load into the
carrier. Simply undo the clip slide baby in and then snap close whilst
supporting baby. A nice design. Upon
first using the carrier my baby felt a little too small even though it states
from birth. However once a couple of weeks old he seemed more secure in it. Now
my son is 7 weeks old and is head is completely above the top of the carrier
already and as he can’t support his own head yet it means he has no head or
neck support. Due to this I haven’t been using it recently; I used the carrier
for approx. 3 weeks on a daily basis before this. I found it comfortable to
wear whilst walking and used it for the school run every day and trips to the
park. The lumbar supports helped to prevent pressure on my back. Up until I stopped
using the carrier my son seemed quite comfortable in the carrier and often fell
asleep whilst walking with him in it. One thing that I didn’t like however was
that the shoulder fastenings sit right on his shoulders effectively pinning his
arms so he was unable to move them freely. There aren’t really any features to
this product except the removable dribble bib. This I did like as it would
protect my top if he did happen to have a little drool or milk throw up. There
is no sun hood or similar to protect from the sun or wind etc., it isn’t
waterproof either. Baby’s legs and arms are also out of the carrier so would need
to ensure wearing sun lotion or coat, hat etc. according to weather. Best for
wearing around the house. I think the price is reasonable for a typical soft
structured carrier. There are some issues with the design and proportions of
the carrier in my opinion. My son is not overly big for his age however I feel
this is not suitable for him. There are some nice aspects of the carrier. I
like the "touch and close” fastenings, the dribble bib and overall design in
theory. However in reality I found it ill-fitting and not supportive for my
son. The product offers some features I haven’t seen before and I
enjoyed testing those out. Lucy
Rollason – Elliott 7 Weeks





I would buy these as presents for my friends as they are cheap enough to purchase and so valuable to have. Also coming in the neutral colours is a great plus. A great overall baby carrier, good looking, offers peace of mind for the wearer that baby is safe and comfortable for both mum and baby.


Lorraine Awarded The Clippasafe’s Carramio Baby Carrier 5/5

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