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Clippasafe Socket Protectors

Plug sockets can prove intriguing to youngsters, particularly as they start to grow and explore their surroundings. However, children and electricity can be a very dangerous mix! The Socket Protector is a must-have item for any parent. It prevents small children from unplugging electrical equipment and covers any exposed electrical plug sockets. It is quick and easy to install and can be conveniently fitted to single or double wall sockets. As an additional safety feature, the Socket Protector has been carefully designed to ensure that it doesn’t require the removal of the wall socket during the fitting process.  


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£4.99 Available in all UK major nursery retailers and jst click online to find local stockists

Clippasafe Socket Protectors Reviews

Product Tested by: Rachel Noel – Elizabeth 12 Months

Product Tested By Rachel Noel – Elizabeth 12 Months

Rachel Awarded the Clippasafe Socket Protectors 4/5

I thought it looked really smart, and was clear what it was for from the packaging. Ithought they were great instructions, with very clear photos for each step,plus 1-2 sentence instructions for each step. I found it really easy to follow the instructions. It was a bit fiddly to get both side lugs to lock the bottom part securely in position, as it wobbled about a bit until I had finished the assembly and closed the socket protector – it seems to need to be closed tostay rigidly ‘square’. But once fitted it did stop my toddler from removing theplugs from the socket. I’ve not used any other sort of socket protector. I’ve not seen anything like it for protecting socket with a plug in it. (Previous solution here had been a beanbag in front of the socket!) It’s particularly useful, as not only does it stop our daughter trying to pull the plug out, it prevents her being able to get to the switch and turn things off. For how weare using it, it is great. I don’t think I would use it for aplug that I wanted to regularly get into and out of, as the rigidity of theshape is only held when the lid is closed. I think if I was frequently opening & closing it, it might well come apart and have to be fitted back properly– which would be irritating if opening and closing regularly. Also, if I wanted to use this on a socket where I plugged my mobile phone in, it wouldn’t work,as the phone adaptor would be too fat. This would only work for more regularsize plugs. For us, it keeps the aquarium switched on! I was really pleased with this product, and it worked for us.Rachel Noel – Elizabeth 12Months

Product Tested By Stephanie Moore – Lily & Sofia 16Months

Stephanie Awarded the Clippasafe Socket Protectors 4/5

My initial impression of this product was good; my twins are into everything and are taking great interest inthe plug sockets! So was keen to use this product. Packingwas clear and easy to understand. Nice picture to show the use of the product with clear instructions to follow but the product wasn’t very easy to install. You had to turn off the electrics and unscrew the socket plate. I didn’t feel happy to do this myself so got my husband to fit this. If I didn’t have someone to do this for me I don’t think I would have felt happy to do this myself. Once the electrics were off and the socket was removed you were able to slide the cover behind the socket easily and screw it back on to hold it in place. So this part was easy enough. I have always used the socket covers but it was nice to be able to cover up the plugs and still be able to keep the plugs in. Good idea for the socket for the TV plugs. It wasn’t easy to remove the cover as you needed two fingers to push in the buttons at the sides at the same time and lift the cover, but I would prefer to have this than my child to be able to get intothem. I had never seen this idea before. I have always just used the covers to go into the sockets instead and removed plugs. I will carry on using this product for the socket that is for the TV plugs to save me removing them and replacing with small covers. The product is very flimsy, but then the price reflects this. Be nice to have ‘nicer’ looking ones rather than a big block ofwhite but this would be more expensive. I would very keen to use this product as I was fed up with having to take out plugs, put things infront of the sockets and putting in socket covers. I didn’t like the installation but have a handy man to hand who knows what he is doing! Theproduct was a bit flimsy, fiddly to open but it did the job! Stephanie Moore – Lily &Sofia 16 Months

Product Tested By Maisie Day – Harlem 16 Months

Maisie Awarded the Clippasafe Socket Protectors 4/5

I was pleased to receive these because Harlem has taken a particular liking to plug sockets lately! I found the instructions for the socket protectors to be clear and easy to follow. Fitting the protector was fine; just remember to turn off the electrics before you do so. You simply slide the cover behind the socket and then screw it back on the hold the protector in place. Once fitted it is very secure and I think it’s a very good idea as it gives great peace of mind! Harlem still goes to play with the plugs but as soon as he realises there are protectors there he gets bored and moves onto something else. It’s OK for me to remove the cover, it’s a little stiff but this is great as it ensures that the little ones can’t remove it. I haven’t used socket protectors in the past, I just always unplug things but this is a great idea and it saves a lot of worry! I will continue to use this and will definitely recommend as it’s a great price too. Maisie Day – Harlem 16 Months


I was really pleased with this product, and it worked for us.


Rachel Awarded the Clippasafe Socket Protectors 4/5

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