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Clippasafe Stroller Cup Holder

Easily attaches to most strollers. Keeps drinks upright to avoid spills. Internal grippers hold bottles, cans and cups securely. Self levelling cup holder swings freely with gravity to keep drinks upright.

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£6.99 Available online

Clippasafe Stroller Cup Holder Reviews

Product Tested by:

Tested By
Melissa Richards – Sophie 1 Year

Awarded The Clippasafe Stroller Cup Holder 4.2/5

Good, strong,
decent size. Good packaging. The item was boxed and displaying a clear,
accurate image of the product. It was adequate in size compared to the product.
The instructions were clear and very straight forward. They had informative
images and text to show step by step instruction for how to mount the cup
holder onto the pram. The cup holder is strong and durable. It provided a
strong, firm grip around the pram frame. It has been tugged a few times by my
little one but stayed in place and never moved. It was very easy to fit onto
the frame. The cup holder itself was a little stiff to attach to the holder but
I think this is a good thing. It is less likely to fall or be pulled off. Once
it was on it was very secure. The grip was good and the cup holder remains in place.
I really liked the quick application of the item. I can quickly add or take off
the holder with very little problem. It is also nice and wide so large bottles
can be put inside too. Great for £6.99. It is a great help and can be used by
mom for her coffee or baby for her bottle/drink. Definitely would purchase as it
is a small item that provides great assistance. I have recommended this already
to a friend. Brilliant little gadget. I love this product but wouldn’t give it
5 out of 5 due to the following reasons. It would be lovely if you could choose
the style, pattern or colour. The option to be able to tilt the cup holder. It
would be handy to be able to extend/shrink the cup holder so that it fits both
small bottle or large coffee cups. This product is great but feel the tweaks I
have mentioned above may help make it even more appealing. It is great for the
money but I do feel I would pay a little more for it to be stylish and
extendable in cup height. Melissa Richards – Sophie 1 Year

Product Tested
Kirstie Awan – Noah 9 Months

Awarded The Clippasafe Stroller Cup Holder 4/5

Looks simple
to use, looks sturdy and big enough to hold a variety of drinks. Basic
packaging of a cardboard box and plastic bag. Not much protection if the item
were dropped or had something dropped on it. No proper instructions just
pictures, no suggestions for alternative placement, my pushchair has a single
padded wide bar and I was concerned it was going to be damaged by the product.
The product looks sturdy and of a reasonable quality with a good rotation. I
have a babystyle oyster 1 pushchair that has a padded handle and I was
concerned that the handle was going to be damaged. I fitted the product to the
side of the pushchair on the extended part of the handle but had to remove it every
time I collapsed the pushchair. The product fell off a couple of times but
overall was secure once I had the knack of putting it on. I liked the
rotational feature so I could move the product around as required. It is good
value for money as it does what it is supposed to do. I would recommend if I
knew the pushchair they had would be suitable for this cup holder. The product
did what it was supposed to although instructions to fit the product were very
lacking. The product seems to fit some pushchairs better than others and a
guide from the manufacturer would be good. Kirstie Awan – Noah 9 Months

Tested By
Katherine Palmer – Isla 8 Months

Awarded The Clippasafe Stroller Cup Holder 4.4/5

Looked a good
idea and a nice accessory for our stroller.
Packaging ideal as you can clearly see item and what it does. Very good
instructions with diagrams so easy to fit. The quality is good and fitted well
and stayed secure during our travels.
This was easy enough to fit onto my stroller. When fitted it was secure and ideal for
bottle, drink cup and also sometimes my morning tea. Everything stayed in place no spillages and
kept drinks safe and secure. This is a good little accessory which you can add
when needed. We went to a few summer
fetes and this was ideal to keep bottle or drinks handy when required. Really like the fact you can add when
needed. Yes good value as strong and
durable, easy to fit and a good accessory to have for your pram when out with
children. I would purchase this. I have already mentioned to a few friends and
my sister who seemed to love the idea of this. A good accessory for your
pram/pushchair when travelling with children and you do not realise just how
much you use it. Great idea. Katherine
Palmer – Isla 8 Months

Definitely would purchase as it is a small item that provides great assistance. I have recommended this already to a friend. Brilliant little gadget.


Melissa Awarded The Clippasafe Stroller Cup Holder 4.2/5

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