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Clippasafe Toddler Daysack

Our Toddler Daysacks are so cute, we’re thinking of designing some for ourselves! They’ve been created especially with young children in mind, aged between two and four years old so that they can enjoy the independence and responsibility of carrying a couple of books or favourite toys with their packed lunch when walking to school.They’re also ideal for young kids to take with them on a day out, whether it’s a trip to the shops or a run around the park. As our Toddler Daysacks come with a detachable lead rein, you’ll have complete peace of mind knowing that your children are nearby and can’t run off out of sight or reach. They also have a grab handle, and on the inside, a label to write on your child’s name to aid identification and prevent loss.   


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£14.99 Available Independent stores nationwide and online

Clippasafe Toddler Daysack Reviews

Product Tested by: Clare Lambert – Maisie 3 Years


Product Tested ByClare Lambert – Maisie 3 Years

Clare Awarded The Clippasafe Toddler Daysack 5/5

This looks really cute and well made. Great idea as the
child can carry their own bits too. The size is just right; not too big that they
can carry too much and it becomes too heavy. My little girl loves little
figures so lots of those went in her bag and her juice and snacks too. She
really liked carrying her own bits in her new bag. The quality is excellent;
very well made. I’d say it’s priced
about right. I would buy this again; I’d buy one for my little boy when he is
bigger. I would highly recommend these. I really liked it and so did Maisie. Clare
Lambert – Maisie 3 Years

Product Tested ByDonna Blackburn – Jonah 2 Years 10 Months

Donna Awarded The Clippasafe Toddler Daysack 4.4/5

This is bright and fun; a nice character. I thought it looked
a bit lightweight. The size and shape was great for Jonah; it fitted my son
very well and was easily adjustable. He liked this very much. He said ‘can I
put on penguin’. Only problem was the grey handle on the back was right against
his neck; too big and in the wrong place and annoyed him (not the reign clip,
the grey handle). We have a similar bag that is more padded with more features
but our son seemed to like the penguin character better. Jonah liked it very
much but it seems quite basic for £15. However he liked it I think because it
was more lightweight than other brands. It is a nice character, a good fit,
just seemed a little flimsy to me. Donna Blackburn – Jonah 2 Years 10 Months

Product Tested ByLynn Garvie – Zak 2 Years

Lynn Awarded The Clippasafe Toddler Daysack 4.9/5

I thought it looked quirky and practical. Zak loved it on
first sight. The size is great. Just enough room for crayons, paper and maybe a
juice cup, but not so big that the toddler is overloaded. Shape a bit
disappointing as it’s a lot wider in the middle than the edges. We used ours to
carry his things out to restaurants, some crayons for entertainment, a small
colouring book and his juice cup. It still had room left over to spare. When
newly opened he loved the daysack; he had it on right through until dinner
time. He loved it. Overall it seems sturdy and practical. Zips and fastenings
look like they will stand the test of time and usage. This bag offers excellent
value for money; this bag is as functional as others on the market and is
cheaper. I would recommend it. It is durable and practical with fun design and
a great tool for giving walking independence while keeping them safely by your
side. Lynn Garvie – Zak 2 Years


 I’d buy one for my little boy when he is bigger. I would highly recommend these. I really liked it and so did Maisie.                


Clare Awarded The Clippasafe Toddler Daysack 5/5 

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