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Close Baby Carrier is a stylish, luxuriously soft, organic baby carrier that cradles the baby’s bottom, back, neck and head. Wide, soft straps which sit over both shoulders, distributing the baby’s weight for supremely comfortable carrying. It is safe, practical, easy to use and comfortable for both baby and wearer. It allows freedom for the wearer, while offering comfort and security for the baby. Easy to use, put on it over your head. No buckles or clips. 5 different carrying positions, depending on personal preferences or age of the baby. Simple ring mechanism adjusts the sling as the baby grows yet still holds the baby snugly and securely against the body. Additional organic, drawstring pouch which can be used for added support, when worn as a cumber band or as a soft shawl for discrete breast feeding. Easy to care for – Machine washable – 100% cotton – suitable for 5lbs up to 32lbs – Front Facing You Age Suitability – 5lb / 2.27kg to 32lb / 14.55kg – Front Facing Out Age Suitability – 4 / 6 months – Nursing Postion Age Suitability – 5lb / 2.27kg

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Close Parent Carrier Reviews

Product Tested by: Nicola Mashford – Baby Thomas 4 months

Product Tested By Nicola Mashford – Baby Thomas 4 Months

Nicola Awarded The Close Parent Carrier 4.2/5

An attractive looking carrier in a beautifully soft fabric and lovely colour. Beautifully soft and a lovely colour (we tested the rouge colour). We have used a similar carrier before.  I found this one much easier to adjust.  I am only 5ft 1”, so this is important! The main body of the carrier just goes over your head and that’s it really, very simple.  The 2nd time I got it out of the box, it had got a little ‘tangled’ so I had to think about it a bit more, but fairly easy to get right again. It took 2 people the first time, but after that was OK to do alone.  I found that I needed to be able to hold my baby with one hand and guide him in with the other, but this is much the same as other carriers I have tried.  My baby definitely protested a lot less with this one. Surprisingly I found this a great carrier even though initially I thought there was no way that he would feel secure. I felt really quite confident from the first try. The straps didn’t dig into the shoulders and I felt no strain on my back; really happy with walking using the carrier. From a comfort point of view, I could use this carrier for quite long periods, but there are some things you just can’t do with a carrier.  However, I felt happier ‘just getting on with things’ with this carrier than with others I have tried. My baby protested at first – he wasn’t too keen on getting in, but this was down to me learning the technique as much as anything.  He was happy once in, especially when there were things going on around him. I didn’t breast feed or try the other positions as my baby is too big to lie down and not ready for the front facing position. Although baby stays warm in the carrier, it would not be a lot of use in the rain/wind.  Baby would need to be protected in other ways.  Also, the sling would get wet unless you had it inside a coat or similar. I have been using a cheaper carrier, but with less success.  This one though still seems quite expensive.  If you hadn’t been able to try it first, it’s a big outlay for something that may not suit you. My husband felt the material hanging down the back was a problem, but this didn’t bother me – maybe it’s a man thing! Definitely will continue to use this.  This carrier has given me by far the most confidence to carry my (rather large!) baby in anything other than a pram. It’s definitely worth a try for anyone looking for a carrier. A lovely product which does live up to expectation.  Without the DVD, I would have struggled to get to grips with putting my baby in securely. A beautifully made and versatile product.  It gave me the confidence to carry my baby out of the pram – brilliant for those times when they just don’t want to lie down! Nicola Mashford – Baby Thomas 4 Months

Product Tested By Anna Woolford – Lucas (2 years) & Twins Alex, Elliot (4 Months)

Anna Awarded The Close Parent Carrier 4.2/5

Loved the look of the product and the way it achieved a range of safe, natural positions to both practically carry the baby and to also bond with them. The website is excellent and all the products promote the practical carrying and the natural bonding of parent and child. The products are expensive but the site definitely makes me, as a customer, interested in purchasing good quality and well thought out items. The fabric is organic cotton and the colour appeals to both men and women. The fabric washes very well and hides all of the patches from dribble and baby milk! This sling is made to last and has no fiddly attachments or buckles to break or wear out. The carrier is easy to fit and adjust and the DVD definitely helps. I have marked it as 4 only as I am very slender and did find the amount of fabric around my body annoying at times and if I didn’t make it really tight I did need to keep adjusting it . It seemed much better in the positions for newborns. My partner found it fitted him much better as he is broader and didn’t have as much excess fabric. He also has wider shoulders and had less need to use the extra wrap. My child minder loves this sling and again she is broader than me. It’s easy to put on if you use the mirror at first to check that the cross is in the right place. It gets much easier with practice and persistence in finding the position which the babies like. My two didn’t like to be cocooned too much – they preferred the position where they could see around them. I’m sure as they get older they will want to be facing outwards.  The versatile nature of the sling means you can put it on initially the same way then adapt it to suit your individual babe. It is very easy and safe to load baby. There are no stressful moments trying to hold and balance a baby whilst avidly searching for the essential buckle or strap to hold them in! This is the only carrier apart from the baby Dan one I have been lent that I felt my baby was completely safe without needing to hold them at the same time. This is essential to me as I need to push a double buggy in conjunction with the sling and to also bend over, pick up and run after an energetic toddler! It is extremely comfortable. Not sure how it will be as the babies grow but can definitely walk for approx 1 hour with out getting tired or sore. I’m sure this would be possible.  I have used it a few times whilst vacuuming as Elliot screams when the hoover is on and it worked well. They love the sling! It’s a great way to bond with them and I always ensure I alternate them on our daily walk so each has their one on one with me. Alex is profoundly deaf and I find it is a good way of soothing him and on occasions getting things done whilst he can see and feel me as I cannot reassure him using my voice from another room. There are tons of different positions to use. My babies are too young to use some of the positions as their head control isn’t very good yet. It can be used in the home, outside, by men and women, for walking, soothing and feeding the baby – brilliant! This is the down side with any sling there’s no real protection from the sun or the rain and wind. It’s essential to protect the baby in other ways i.e. using a sun hat and on cold days I have wrapped a jumper around us although they do have the body warmth. This can also be a negative on a hot day even with the breathable cotton the baby has got very hot on occasions. If you are going to use it then it is value for money. It would be worth it if you were intending going on longer walks and wanted to carry your baby all the time. The problem with the sling is if you go shopping is how you carry the shopping, baby and baby bag! I think it has been well thought out and the carry bag is very handy. May be it could come in varying sizes so there isn’t as much excess fabric? I will definitely continue using this product – until the time comes that the babes are too heavy. I would recommend it. Especially to people with twins or who have a premature baby as it’s great for soothing and bonding. A safe, versatile, and comfortable baby carrier which enabled me to venture outside with two babies a double buggy and supervise an energetic toddler! Anna Woolford – Lucas (2 years) & Twins Alex, Elliot (4 Months)

Product Tested By Jenni Quinn – Baby Jamie 6 Months

Jenni Awarded The Close Parent Baby Carrier 4/5

Lots of fabric! But instantly curious and eager to try it out. Website is easy to navigate and pleasing to the eye site with an interesting range of items available. Extremely impressed with the beautiful colour, feel and texture of the fabric. Thank goodness for the DVD! I really struggled at first by myself and initially would only use it when my husband was available to help me. Yes, once I had practiced and gained confidence it became far easier but, again, the DVD really helped. I have to put my son in one handed which was quite tricky at first but it soon became much easier the more I used it. Yes, I feel he is really secure which was quite surprising to me as I had never used a carrier before and did not know what to expect! Yes, very much so. I tried out 2 or 3 of the various carrying positions until I found my most comfy. I have tried the carrier around the home but I do tend to only use it when I am out and about on short trips instead of taking a pram. Yes, my baby is extremely settled and happy enough to fall asleep and enjoys being close to his Mummy. Extremely versatile and I am sure there is a position that will suit almost everyone. My husband prefers to carry with baby facing ahead whereas I prefer baby to my chest. Yes, it could keep baby warm and snug but obviously not from rain or cold winds.  It did seem quite a lot of money at first and it might be worth trying it out first before buying as different styles of carrier’s suit different people. Yes, definitely. It is not a product that I would initially think about buying but it certainly now has its place in our family life. I am also extremely happy that my husband likes to use it too! Yes, but I would let my friends try mine first just to make sure they were happy with it before buying. I have already received lots of comments and compliments. A fun and practical mode of transport for my baby and an enjoyable experience having my baby so close.  Jenni Quinn – Baby Jamie 6 Months


It gave me the confidence to carry my baby out of the pram – brilliant for those times when they just don’t want to lie down!


Nicola Awarded The Close Parent Carrier 4.2/5


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