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Close Parent His n Her Baby Carrier

This award winning carrier is designed with the comfort and safety of baby and wearer at heart. Made from luxuriously, soft 100 % organic cotton (Soil Association certified) the wide straps cleverly support baby’s developing neck and spine whilst evenly distributing the weight over both shoulders for supremely comfortable carrying. Five front carrying positions in total including a discreet nursing option.  The new designs for Autumn/ Winter feature five fashion led colours and a reversible wrap.  The wrap has a plain side and a beautifully embroidered patterned side which can be changed according to your mood or who is wearing it. Safe and practical for indoor and outdoor use -Hands-free freedom for the wearer, whilst providing comfort and security for baby. Quick and easy to use alone, Close simply pops over the head like a t-shirt -Stylish design, great for Mum and Dad. No difficult buckles or clips to negotiate –  Simple ring mechanism adjusts the sling to fit you and your baby holding them snugly and securely against the body. (One size fits most adults 8-20)Can be used straight from birth, suitable from 5lbs –  32lbs  2.27kg – 14.5kg

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Close Parent His n Her Baby Carrier Reviews

Product Tested by: Lucinda Tooth – Baby Austin & Charlotte Ages 3 Weeks & 28 Months

Product Tested By Lucinda Tooth – Baby Austin & Charlotte Ages 3 Weeks & 28 Months

Lucinda Awarded the Close Parent His n Her Baby Carrier 5/5

This is a soft fabric, versatile sling baby carrier. The soft organic cotton is great for baby’s skin and practical because it is washable too. It is an appealing denim color with a floral design. At first it was quite daunting, with lots of straps and bits to alter but after I watched the accompanying instruction DVD, it soon became easy to adapt to a comfortable fit. Once you remember which bits go where it is a very simple system. It’s a bit tricky to load Austin in at the moment as he is only 3 weeks old, so has a very wobbly head! Once he gets bigger he’ll be able to face outwards and try the different positions. We actually tried Charlotte in it too as she is petite and she felt all snuggly and was bedding down to sleep! My husband said she was adequately supported hands-free too. It feels as though your back is straight and it doesn’t pull on your shoulders like other carriers. As it is cold outside it wraps baby up in an extra layer. You are hands free. I haven’t quite mastered where to put the excess bits of straps yet but with time and use, I’m sure it will be very practical. Austin would quite happily stay in the carrier all day as it is warm and safe and with your movement he feels like he has returned to the womb. When not in use the carrier can stowaway in the pouch and the shawl adds an extra layer for warmth and support. A bit pricey but will be used for at least 1 year if not more. An extremely practical, versatile, adaptable, and attractive baby carrier. Lucinda Tooth – Baby Austin & Charlotte Ages 3 Weeks & 28 Months

Product Tested By Victoria Howe – Baby Elliot McDonald 5 Weeks

Victoria Awarded the Close Parent His n Her Baby Carrier 5/5

The carrier is really soft yet it supports baby well, it doesn’t seem like it will tear easily too. I found it very easy to adjust to fit me, even without the instructions. It is really easy to put on, just put it over your head, it couldn’t be simpler! I feel that my baby is really secure in this carrier, it feels like he is fully supported and it doesn’t feel like he’s slipping. It’s very comfortable I used it to walk round the shops and never got back ache – left it on while in the car and it never got in the way either. It’s so easy to carry out your daily routine with this you can sit, stand and even use the toilet with it on if out in public. Baby loved it and slept the whole time! Snuggled down, perfect for when he is restless. Excellent value for money, can’t fault it!   Perfect item – every mum should have one! Victoria Howe – Baby Elliot McDonald 5 Weeks

Product Tested By Tawny Wright – Baby Gabriel 5 Weeks

Tawny Awarded the Close Parent His n Her Baby Carrier 4/5

Lovely soft material appears simple to use and the instructions are very informative. It’s really easy to fit to you, I have used the ‘Moby’ wrap and I found the Close Parent carrier far easier to put on and adjust. Couldn’t be easier, and the instruction booklet and DVD made it very clear. It does take practice to load baby into the carrier, I found the "nursing” hold a bit difficult as the fabric stretched slowly but the cradle hold was much easier. The nursing hold didn’t feel as secure as the cradle hold, due to the stretch of the material (which made him slip down a bit) but at no point did I feel he was going to fall out of the carrier. The cradle hold was perfectly secure I felt. You can adjust the straps so they’re wider across your shoulders, so baby’s weight is distributed nicely, making it easy to walk without getting tired. Once settled he slept well, so I could do most things comfortably, with him only being a few weeks old though I did have to make sure his head was kept supported in the fabric. Putting him in the carrier would upset him but once in he’d be fine. With me breastfeeding him, I have found he doesn’t go as long between feeds when in the carrier, which I imagine is simply due to him being so young and the milk smell waking him up. The carrying pouch is a really good idea, and when baby is in the carrier, I used it as a pocket! Really handy! I personally wouldn’t pay £64.99 for it, as you can buy similar products such as the Moby wrap, but it is a really good product and I found it far easier to use than its rivals. Makes life so much easier when you have a baby who wants constant cuddles! Tawny Wright – Baby Gabriel 5 Weeks

An extremely practical, versatile, adaptable, and attractive baby carrier.


Lucinda Awarded the Close Parent His n Her Baby Carrier 5/5

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