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Close Parent Pop-In Nappy

Made from soft bamboo fabric with soft brushed outer shell.  Three sizes in one – a birth to potty nappy. 3 x 2 poppers carefully positioned to provide adjustability over three sizes. Retractable stretchy tabs to provide a snug and reliable fit around baby’s waist at all stages of development. Shaped Pop-In soaker to provide more absorbency where needed and less bulk where it isn’t. It has the benefit of elastic legs and back for containment. Double elasticated leg gusset to help improve containment. Soft touch aplix washing tabs. Age/Size Suitability: 8 – 35lbs. Fabric Composition: inner soaker / booster /dri-nite booster 70% bamboo and 30% cotton; Outer shell inner 100% brushed polyester TPU coated, Outer shell outer 100% peached polyester with water repellent TPU coating; Stretchy tabs water repellent polyester uncoated with spandex.

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£14.00 - One Size fits from birth - potty - Purchase online

Close Parent Pop-In Nappy Reviews

Product Tested by: Paula Holbutt – Baby Ava-May 9 Months

Product tested by Paula Holbutt – Baby Ava-May 9 Months

Paula Awarded Close Parent Pop-In Nappy 4.7/5

This product looked very good. I loved the softness of the nappies and they were very easy to use. The terry toweling on the inside is very soft. Ava’s a big girl but it looked very cosy on her, the fit was great! Keeps baby dry during dail and night time wear. I found them very thin so they did not look bulky under clothes whilst still being of very high quality. I would have liked to be able to put them on the radiators but apart from that it was great! I thought they were very good value for money and I would buy them myself as they are good value for money. I have used other ones before that cost more and were not as good. I would have awarded this product 5/5 it was only because of the drying (not able to put on a radiator), apart from that I loved them and would definitely use them again. A brilliant product! I loved it and so did Ava, that’s the most important thing! Paula Holbutt – Baby Ava-May 9 Months

Product Tested By Karen Box – Charlotte 1 Year

Karen Awarded The Close Parent Pop-In Nappy 3.5/5

My initial impressions of this product were that it was a little bulky. Also checked out the website which seems very new and has little subsantce to it, but I am sure this is being updated.  The website is very easy to navigate round so that is a big plus. I work 3 days a week and running a home,  Trying to fit in work, home life and washing is a big hassle for me, so for me at the moment re-usable nappies are not the best option.  These are made of really soft material, although when washed and line dried they are not as soft anymore. The certainly seemed bulky on my daughter and this made it harder for her to move around.  Could be the fit, but she was not as comfortable in these compared to her disposables. Hoever, the adjustable poppers made the fit very comfortable. Seemed to keep baby dry all the time, no complaints from Charlotte. One night there was some dampness on her pyjama bottoms but generally ok. When in a rush all the layers get a little complicating – especially when you have forgotten to put the clean ones together before you change the baby! Not particularly easy to assemble.  Easy to launder as you just pop in washing machine – but didn’t dry as soft when line dried. It is environmentally friendly and this is important to me BUT, but as my life is hectic re-usables are not the best option for me presently. As reusable nappies go these are good value for money. I would recommend this product if the mother was particularly keen to buy reusable nappies.  They are ideal to use if you are at home with baby as you the extra time and they are kind to the environment, plus you can use them again and again. They have been interesting and timely to use but a good experience.  Unfortunately for me my lifestyle does not lend itself to using re-usable nappies. Karen Box – Charlotte Aged 1 Year

Product Tested By Sadie Egbera – Baby Eva 7 Months

Sadie Awarded Close Parent Po-In Nappy 4.5/5

When I first opened the box and took out the nappies they felt so soft, and looked very expensive (nothing like the old terries nappies my mother used on me). They also looked quite small until I opened the nappy and realised they were a good size and could be adjusted. It is a brilliant web site very informative. I like the idea of the history and knowledge you acquire about the company and the products. Disposable nappies have always been more convenient for my lifestyle as I am out and about a lot and I had never used reusable nappies before. If it is my day off and I am not going out then I don’t mind using them. I cannot get used to the idea of carrying wet or soiled nappies about when I am not at home. The texture of the absorbent nappy is thick but lovely and soft. Eva never complained when she had them on. The texture of the outside waterproof is also lovely and soft. The nappy looked very comfortable on Eva. She never complained and it didn’t obstruct her from doing anything. but she did look like she had put on weight. The nappy kept Eva dry during the day for a long time. My only concern was you could not tell when it was wet so had to keep checking but could keep the nappy on longer than disposable nappies. I used the extra absorbent nappy and she was dry all night. I did not use it one night as I only had one and it took a while to dry so she was soaked through her clothes the next morning. The nappy did not leak during the day and when I used the extra absorbent nappy in the night but one night I did not use the extra absorbent nappy and it did leak so I will always need to use the extra absorbent nappy. I followed the tips and was carefully not to completely detach all the parts when washing so I did not have any problems assembling them after washing. The nappies are easy to launder. But if you do not have anywhere to dry them i.e. outside it will take ages to dry inside as you cannot put them on a radiator. The disposable parts of the nappy system were just flushed away. When the nappy was heavily soiled it was not pleasant taking the disposable part out but Eva is my child so you get on with it! Definitely environmentally friendly and it is very important to me. Over the 7 days I must have saved at least 35 disposable nappies that is nearly a pack! The design is great but would love to have a slimmer design if possible because as the child grows older say over 1 year old the bulk of the nappy might be uncomfortable. Also a material that dries quicker whether outside or inside. I am considering buying a few more but not a large amount as I will use them in conjunction with disposable nappies. Due to not being able to dry them outside. I am unable to do this due to living in third floor apartment it would not be ideal for everyday use as I cannot radiator dry them. I would definitely recommend this product to other mums as they are definitely worth trying. If I could radiator dry them then I would have given them a 5 but as I live in an apartment on the 3rd floor and no where to dry them outside then they are not convenient for me. Overall I enjoyed using the nappies they are a great product soft and a lovely design but could not use them all the time as they are not convenient for me.  Sadie Egbera – Baby Eva 7 Months

A brilliant product! I loved it and so did Ava, that’s the most important thing.


Paula Awarded Close Parent Pop-In Nappy 4.7/5

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