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Cloudzz bouncer

Cloudzz® bouncer
Rocks baby at his own rhythm, remains still when he is. Unique, the innovative concept of the Cloudzz® bouncer encourages baby to become aware of and interact serenely with his surroundings. Unpowered, the bouncer’s rocking motion is natural, in response to baby’s own movements. In the Cloudzz® bouncer, baby is positioned comfortably and rocked gently at his own pace. Ideal for moments shared, the bouncer remains still when baby rests. Featuring 3 functions (oscillating to calm baby and help him fall asleep, locked, for mealtime or for play, rotating for changing the bouncer’s direction), the Cloudzz® bouncer can be used at different moments of baby’s day, from birth to 9kgs. It has 3 reclining positions (lying down, reclining or sitting up).The base, raised 50cms off the ground, is kind on parents backs and facilitates parent/child interaction. Comes complete with large canopy, toy bar, head + body hugger and anti-insect net (all removable).
Size: Dimensions : l 72 x w 42 x h 50cms Suitable: Birth to 9kg Available in Light Grey

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£119.90 Available in Safetots, JoJo Mamam or click online to find local stockist

Cloudzz bouncer Reviews

Product Tested by: Jessica Hilton – Rebecca 18 Weeks

Product Tested By Jessica Hilton – Rebecca 18 Weeks

Jessica Awarded The Red Castle Cloudzz Bouncer 4.4/5

This is an attractive product and I liked the fact that the seat is raised. The packaging was great; not excessive packaging, the box was quite small for the product but well packaged. The instructions were easy to follow to assemble the product. The material used for the seat isn’t as soft as I would like and bobbles very easily. For a raised up seat it seems very sturdy and no chance of it tipping even with my 3 year old ‘rocking’ her sister! My baby is comfortable in the bouncer and the fact that the seat is raised is a great feature as baby feels they are closer to us. I think the material may not be the comfiest especially in the very warm weather. The cover is easy to clean with a damp cloth, however I have not attempted to take the cover off to put in washing machine as it was so hard to get on. I do like this product but I think that there are similar products that do more (e.g. vibrate, rock, music) for cheaper. I would recommend it to others if it was reduced in price or on special offer. It is an excellent product but price and material quality lets it down. I am still very happy with this product, and my baby is too! Jessica Hilton – Rebecca 18 Weeks


Product Tested By Sarah Scott – Tyler 4 Months

Sarah Awarded The Red Castle Cloudzz Bouncer 4.4/5

The product arrived well packaged and was easy to access. The instructions came in lots of different languages, but were easy to read. The quality is great; it doesn’t feel cheap, the material is soft and bouncer is sturdy. My little boy loved it; I’ve taken it outside which has been great with the hood to shield him from the sun. I haven’t taken the cover off yet to wash but I have had to clean it with a cloth as my 6 year old had chocolate fingers but with some soapy water it came off easily. I do think it is expensive for what it is but I would still consider buying it and recommend it to others. I wanted to give this a higher mark but a few things hold me back. I love the fact your child is higher so you don’t have to bend down and my son really enjoyed it. I’m sure it was because he was the same height as us when we were sitting on the sofa. I do feel it is a little expensive for what you are getting and if there was any way of making it rock or move by its self with a little motor I would say this would make an amazing product.  Overall, I found this product easy to assembly. I loved the fact it was higher than any other baby seat and my son found it very comfortable and fell asleep on a couple of occasions and having the recline position was great once he dropped. However I do feel that the RRP is a lot as I wouldn’t feel happy putting my son in it once he is sitting up by himself so you may only end up getting 4-5 months use out of it.  If it could be made with a motor to rock or sway I think it would definitely be worth RRP then.  Sarah Scott – Tyler 4 Months


Product Tested By Kate Fever – Max 11 Weeks

Kate Awarded The Red Castle Cloudzz Bouncer 4.6/5

I thought that this product looked unusual but looked comfortable. I loved how high up it was off the floor. It was well packaged; pieced individually wrapped inside a strong cardboard box. The instructions were relatively easy to understand but it doesn’t tell you which way up toy bar goes. The quality overall is very good, strong and sturdy, good quality materials used but toy bar is flimsy and falls off.  Max is very comfortable and will happily sleep in here for several hours. The recline feature is brilliant for smaller babies, and the rocking motion is very soothing. I love that it reacts to his movements. It is very easy to launder; all the materials can be removed and machine washed on a cold wash. It is slightly more expensive than some baby chairs, but good quality, and offers something different with the reactive motion. I would buy this product as Max has been very comfortable in it, and it has a large seat that will last a long time. I would definitely recommend it; it’s a great product for new-borns upwards. Overall, a very clever and well-made product that offers something different to the typical bouncy chair. Baby is higher up off the ground which I like, and the reactive motion is ideal for self-soothing.  I would like a more secure toy bar though. This product has provided a safe, secure and comfortable place for Max to rest. Kate Fever – Max 11 Weeks


I would recommend as It is an excellent product.


Jessica Awarded The Red Castle Cloudzz Bouncer 4.4/5

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