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Clynol Collagen Boost Vitalise Recharging Shampoo

Clynol Collagen Boost Vitalise Recharging Shampoo
Available in 300 ml & 1500 ml
Ideal for fragile, mature hair.  Benefits: Fragile, mature hair – Vitalises and protects against external damage -Provides visibly radiant hair

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£9.60 300ml - Available to buy from Clynol salons and For further stockist information please contact 01296 314000 or visit

Clynol Collagen Boost Vitalise Recharging Shampoo Reviews

Product Tested by: Jeanette Coast

Ptroduct Tested By Jeanette Coast

Jeanette Awarded The Clynol Collagen Boost Vitalise Recharging Shampoo 5/5

First impression looked good quality.  Looked online and they offer a wide range of hair care products to suit all ages.  Being a mature woman I am very conscious about keeping my hair looking healthy.  I must admit I was skeptical at first as I have been using a well know brand for many years and leaves my hair looking and feeling great.  The shampoo bottle is a good design and very easy to squeeze the correct amount of shampoo required.  One thing I noticed is you did not have to use too much shampoo and cleaned well.  I actually have very thin hair, but a lot of it.  Over the weeks I noticed my hair certainly felt and looked a lot thicker, which did surprise me.  I continued to use this shampoo and my hair now looks strong, healthy, and thicker and feels soft and silky.  The bottle design is simple, ideal for home and to take on your travels.  A lot goes a long way and I am still using the shampoo so based on this I would say good value for money.  I never thought I would say this as did not think this product would convert me, but after using the Clynol shampoo for the past 6 weeks I am now a convert.  Just love how it has made my hair feel thicker.  So easy to style and manage.  I just love it and will be recommending to other friends over the age of 40.  A great product, works well, and gives your hair that boost it needs, making it look thicker and healthier.  Jeanette Coast


Product Tested By Samantha Rogers

Samantha Awarded The Clynol Collagen Boost Vitalise Recharging Shampoo  3/5

A simple website which proved quite difficult to find products easily. I think the collagen products should all be grouped together, rather than split out over sections of "style" and "care" etc. Photographs were classy throughout and promoted top of the range image.  The bottle was a good shape, easy to hold.  However the actual shampoo was too thick and therefore when squeezing the bottle it tended to suck back inside. This did not allow a consistent amount of shampoo to be dispensed each time. The bottle needs a pump dispenser, like the conditioner. The shampoo went on easily but I think it was a little too thick. This means you tend to use more than is required as it doesn’t disperse through the hair very well.  When I first started using the shampoo I was applying three separate amounts before I felt my hair was clean. After a few weeks I was able to reduce this to two applications, but I still haven’t got that squeaky clean sound and feel that I get from other shampoos. The effect doesn’t last any longer than other regular shampoos either.  I really liked the smell of the shampoo; it was one of the best smells in a shampoo I have ever tried.  Personally I haven’t found that my hair is in any better condition compared to before the trial. Obviously the time of the year will affect this, but my hair hasn’t been subject to any extremes since using this shampoo.  I do think that my hair is denser, as it feels thick but  I am not sure that it has been strengthened at all.  My hair is definitely not more "visibly radiant"; in fact I think my hair has been quite dull and lifeless since I started using this shampoo.  The design of this bottle is ideal size take on holiday. The bottle is solid and I wouldn’t worry about leakages. I would normally take a smaller bottle away with me though.  Personally I  don’t think the shampoo is value for money because it didn’t make enough difference to my hair to warrant the extra cost, compared to the regular shampoo price that I would use. I would be happy for the shampoo to be used on me in a salon as a sign of luxury though.  The shape of the bottle is good, but I do prefer pump dispensers.  Over time the shampoo improved the density of my hair, but given the price and the claims on the bottle, I did not feel that it lived up to expectations.  Samantha Rogers


Product Tested By Jo Heard – Molly & Mason Aged 13 & 9 Years

Jo Awarded The Clynol Collagen Boost Vitalise Recharging Shampoo 4/5

First impression good quality shampoo.  The website was easy to navigate, informative and showcased a wide range of products. The bottle is easy to squeeze out shampoo but personally I found the design of the bottle a bit boring.  Shampoo was very easy to apply, lathered up well and cleaned hair great.   This shampoo certainly improved the condition of my hair and made it feel thicker.   Bottle design very easy to use, bust personally would like the design to be a bit more modern.  Ideal size for keeping at home and perfect to take on vacation.    Personally I feel this shampoo is slightly expensive. Would recommend to others if they want a shampoo that will improve condition and make their hair feel thicker.   It made my hair feel thicker, good if you have fine hair, but my hair is thick anyway!  Good quality product and worked well.   Jo Heard – Molly & Mason Aged 13 & 9 Years 

A great product, works well, and gives your hair that boost it needs, making it look thicker and healthier.


Jeanette Awarded The Clynol Collagen Boost Vitalise Recharging Shampoo 5/5

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