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Clynol Sun Pure After Sun Hair & Body Shampoo

For sun-stressed hair and body.

Technology: Pro.SunCare.Complex, with Apricot Kernel Oil and Vitamin E.

Benefit: Effectively cleanses sea salt and other residues from the hair and scalp. Provides extra moisture and shine for revitalised and manageable hair.

Usage: Suitable for daily use. Can also be used as a shower gel.

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£9.95 150ml - Available to buy from Clynol salons and For further stockist information please contact 01296 314000 or visit

Clynol Sun Pure After Sun Hair & Body Shampoo Reviews

Product Tested by: Stephanie Hartley – Bryony 14 Years

Product Tested by Stephanie Hartley – Bryony 14 Years

Stephanie Awarded The Clynol After sun hair & body shampoo 4.2/5

Looked interesting and arrived at the perfect time as we were off on our holidays.  I had never thought about using a product specially designed for your holiday and was keen to see how it worked.  The bottle design is good, easy to take with you on your travels and leak proof.  I tried this out and also my daughter used this throughout our holiday.  It was great to have product that was ideal as body wash and shampoo.  It left my skin nice and smooth and seemed to help my hair after all the sun damage and obviously swimming in the sea and pools.  It gave my hair a bit of a shine and did feel in better condition.  My daughter did not find it as good as hair shampoo but she loved to use it as body wash as said it left her skin smelling lovely and also well moisturised.  I really liked this product.  A bit on the expensive side but must admit a little goes a long way so lasts well.  Much easier to take a product that does both hair and body wash so less to take in your bag.  I will continue to use it and have recommended to friends.  A hit with me but did not perform as well for my daughter.  Left my skin feeling soft and smooth and protected my hair.  Stephanie Hartley – Bryony 14 Years


Product Tested by Victoria Parsons – Fay 2 Years 4 Months

Victoria Awarded The Clynol after sun hair & body shampoo 3.6/5

The product didn’t look very exciting when I opened it and I was unsure what it actually was until I read the details – the bottle looked like fake tan at first glance.  The bottle function was very easy to open and use. The lid was spill free and it didn’t leak at all!  The shampoo was a very thick texture and a small amount went a long way.  I preferred the product as a body shampoo as it left the skin smooth and silky. However, I did use it in my hair but mainly because I liked the smell.   My hair is quite dry and it did make it feel quite soft but as I said its best function for me was as a body shampoo. My hair did smell lovely after though!  I would definitely use this product as a way of moisturising the body and it has a lasting effect.  Good size, shape, lid and very easy to use!  The bottle would be easy to pack, is sturdy and doesn’t leak so would be ideal to take on holiday. It would also save space of taking two separate bottles since it’s a two in one body and hair shampoo.  To be honest I do feel I wouldn’t pay more than £5 for something like this on a regular basis. However, I might buy it as a one off holiday purchase.  The bottle is slightly bland and not particularly exciting. It wouldn’t stand out on the shelf and I did mistake it for fake tan!  I would continue to use it as a body moisturiser rather than a shampoo.   I may recommend this as a holiday product to a friend.   It did half of its job but not much for my hair.  I was initially disappointed by the appearance and wasn’t really inspired to use it. However, once I tried it I loved the smell and it did great for my skin. I used it a few times on my hair but other than the lovely smell it left it didn’t do much.  Victoria Parsons – Fay 2 Years 4 Months


Product Tested by Sarah Masters

Sarah Awarded The Clynol after sun hair & body shampoo 4.3/5

Looked good quality product and liked the shape of the bottle.  Instructions on the bottle are clear and easy to follow. The bottle design is very good as easy to use and the lid is strong and protects contents so easy to pack in bag for your travels.  I do not use Clynol so was nice to give a new product a try out.  The texture of this liquid is fairly thick and you do not have to use much.  I used this for a month while we were staying in our holiday home.  At first did not really notice much difference using as a shampoo, but as the weeks passed it did improve the quality of my hair and I had more of a shine than normal.  As a body wash I loved this really lovely smell and made my skin feel lovely and soft. Like anything you need to give a new product a chance and over the weeks did help keep my hair in good condition.  Normally when I go on holiday my hair does suffer.  The price is expensive but this does last and 2 items in one.  Well worth a try as if it works for you then worth the investment.  Likes the design of the bottle, easy to use and very good size to take on your travels. It did work but better as a body wash rather than a shampoo as not as effective as my regular brand.  I would recommend this and will purchase again in the future as nice to have a change every so often. Sarah Masters

Left my skin feeling soft and smooth and protected my hair.


Stephanie Awarded The Clynol After sun hair & body shampoo 4.2/5

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