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Thicken Hair-thickening Elixir – 150 ml -Hold Level 4 / 5
If your clients don’t feel fine about their fine, limp hair, this is all you need to give them and their hair a lift. Loads of weightless body starts right at the roots where it really counts, and builds from there. Then there’s the visibly thicker bounce in our all in one bodybuilding bottle that turns volume to the max and makes every head of hair looks full of life and lustre. Super-strength film formers that hold and plumping chitosan are the magic ingredients at work here and all without weighing down a single hair – your clients won’t feel a thing other than amazing.
Active benefits
Strand intensive thickening
Enhanced root volume and bounce
48 h push-up action

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£8.70 150ml - Available to buy from Clynol salons and For further stockist information please contact 01296 314000 or visit


Product Tested by: Lynne Erskin


Product Tested By Lynne Erskin

Lynne Awarded The Clynol Thicken Hold 4 Hair-Thickening Elixir 4/5

I thought the packaging looked very professional. It looked a convenient shape for both storage and dispensing the liquid inside. I did feel that it needed some kind of cap or plastic lid to help prevent spillages. Looked professional and high value, given the RRP I would say this looked appropriate for a high end off-the-shelf product. However, the logo was small. The instructions were clear and concise. No waffle which is always an advantage to a busy Mum! I did feel that it should have indicated a quantity to be used – even ‘apply sparingly’ or ‘apply liberally’ or a guide for short, mid-length or long hair. It was very easy to apply. I have fine hair. I would not say it made my hair look significantly thicker. I did feel that there was product build up after 4 or 5 days of use, and would then not use for a couple of days, and start again. Then started to use every other day and achieved nicer results. I started using this every day until I felt that I had a bit of product build-up, I would say that it gave my hair a nice feel and texture but didn’t particularly thicken it. After the first week, I used it every 2nd or 3rd day (and still do). I wash my hair every day – but if I washed it less often I would probably use the product less often. Although there was no guidance as to quantity to be used, I assumed that it should be used sparingly, like other similar products I have tried in the past. I have 2/3 of the bottle left; my hair is a chin length bob, so not much is required. It would last quite a while which would justify the cost. I thought it had a nice, clean smell, lovely texture, not sticky. I did feel that even though the lid is like a sports-cap water bottle, i.e. pull to open, press to close, it could have done with a lid or cap over this – we go on many weekends away and if this was packed I would worry that it would pop open against something else and leak. The top of the bottle does have a bit of product building up and has to be cleaned periodically. I feel that perhaps a pump dispenser would be better, and would also give measured doses of the product. I would pay this if I was using the product to obtain shiny, glossy hair, but not for thickening. It just didn’t seem to do this for my hair but I did like the results once I got the frequency of use right for my own hair. I would consider purchasing this item. Would recommend but not as a hair thickener. I liked the product overall, but feel it could be improved by changing the design of the packaging or more specifically the way the product is dispensed, and adding a cap. I also felt that I liked the results but they were not what were intended for the product. I have enjoyed using this product and will continue to do so; I would definitely buy it in future. Every mum has to make sacrifices, especially with as many as 4 children and becoming a one income family. One of the few treats I do have is having my hair styled and I also do tend to spend money on products to maintain the condition and appearance of my hair. I felt that although this would probably be in the expensive category for myself (although probably low-mid range of the market) I would buy again as it would last a very long time and the results were lovely. Lynne Erskin

Product Tested By Zoe Price

Zoe Awarded The Clynol Thicken Hold 4 Hair-Thickening Elixir 4.5/5

Packaging very stylish and looked expensive. Good shape and was keen to try this out. Instructions very easy to follow. This was extremely easy to apply. At first after using this I did not really notice any difference, but after a week or so of using my hair certainly felt like it had more body and I have very fine hair. I would use this regularly every week and hair had more body and also had a really nice sheen and felt in slightly better condition. You need to keep using this to really see good results. This is a very nice product to use, comes in good quality bottle and did give good results. I have very fine hair and a lot of it, but my hair always looked lank and flyaway, now has a little bit more body and looks in better condition. I would purchase this again as really worked on my hair and have already recommended. The price is high but you get a good quality product, do not need to use much and after a week’s use I really saw a difference. Nice luxury product that certainly helped improve the condition of my hair. Thank you – Zoe Price

Product Tested By Claire Sholtz

Claire Awarded The Clynol Thicken Hold 4 Hair-Thickening Elixir 4/5

Loved the style and looked good quality. Bottle is a good design, clean, crisp and stylish. Liked the fact easy to use and dispense right amount required. Instructions clear and easy to follow but was not really sure how much to use so bit of trial and error. I would use this every other day as found this gave me the best results. My hair certainly had a nice sheen and condition felt good. Not so sure if it did look thicker but did feel like it had more body than normal. I wash my hair every other day so would always use this on day washed hair. I found you did not need to use much so the price tag is high but this will last a long while, so worth the investment. Also Clynol is a very well know name for top hair care. The texture was nice, easy to apply and liked the aroma. A good design bottle and I would consider taking this with me on my travels. I would purchase this product as did notice an improvement in body and condition of my hair. I have had comments about the look of my hair so have already recommended. I have really enjoyed using this product as not something I would have considered purchasing. Has worked well and although expensive worth a try as could work for you too. Also the Elixir lasts a long while as you do not need to use much on each application. Claire Scholtz

I would buy again as it would last a very long time and the results were lovely.


Lynne Awarded The Clynol Thicken Hold 4 Hair-Thickening Elixir 4/5

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