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Coastguard Carl

Is it a tidal wave, shark attack or injured person that needs Coastguard Carl and his pilot doctor David for a rescue? Fly along the coastline and be a part of this coastguard rescue team. Where will your coastguard rescue take you?Pick up the injured boy Jonny on the life raft and use the clicking rear motor to set off the propellers and fly him to safety on land.

Functions and & Features:Friction trigger powered helicopter with realistic sounds- Magnetic pick-up life raft
Clicking rear rotor -2 removable figures -4-piece set
Suitable for Children Aged 18 months – 3 Years

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Coastguard Carl Reviews

Product Tested by:

Product Tested By Emma White – Jonah Aged 2 years

Emma Awarded The WOW Toys Coastguard Carl 5/5

Chunky, colourful and no batteries required!  Packaging is simple but colourful, can see the whole toy through the window and all info on the packaging is immediately clear such as age suitability and no batteries required.  A good size toy, not too big but big enough to make it interesting to my child.  I see it as being nice and chunky but rounded, so there are no sharp bits or potential choking hazards.  A great toy for the imagination, my son’s immediate reaction was to pretend it was flying around and he was making the noise but then I showed him how to activate the rotors and this obviously started the noise too; he then ‘flew’ it around the room for ages with a big smile on his face. We then went on to discover the other features (using the magnet to pick up the man in the stretcher etc.).  My only concern would be that this toy contains a magnet but it is so well put together that I don’t think there is any danger.  Kept my son’s attention for a good while at first, he goes back to it occasionally now.  I would say that it has stimulated his imagination, he talks about the figurines and they weren’t always who they are ‘supposed’ to be so yes, it does inspire imaginative play. Helps with my son’s development, he has had to learn how to squeeze the trigger to activate the rotors of the helicopter and how to use the magnet to pick up the man in the stretcher.  He hasn’t yet understood how to release the magnet so this is an example of how the toy will be good as his development progresses.  He is only two years old so just being able to recognise that it is a helicopter, learning to say the word and talking about the colours has been good. The toy is simple to use, for a two year old it takes a little longer/more effort to learn how to use the trigger and magnet etc. but this is not essential to enjoying the toy.  I have been really impressed with this toy.  My son can be quite rough with his toys but this seems to be built to last. It is not showing any sort of wear yet and I am confident it is going to last a long time although we may well lose the figurines as these are quite small!  This toy is great value for money, a real plus is the fact that it does not require batteries.  They do not cost a lot and I have already looked at the Wow range for gifts for others.  I would definitely consider buying more of these toys or indeed this one as gift for someone else. I am really impressed with the brand. I already have recommended. Great toy, suitable for quite a wide age range, good quality. Simple but fun! Emma White – Jonah Aged 2 Years

Product Tested By Ruth Groonberger – Jeremy 2 Years 6 Months

Ruth Awarded The WOW Toys Coastguard Carl 4.8/5

Looked a good quality robust toy. Was also chuffed to see no batteries required so a good saving.  Packaging is eye-catching and would draw your attention to this item in stores.  Age suitability ideal for Jeremy and had no concerns with Jeremy playing with this toy.  Jeremy took to this toy straight away, just ideal for him. He loved all the noises, and all the other benefits on offer and the magnet to help him save the day and pick up the stretcher and take person to be helped.  Just a great interactive toy and stimulated Jeremy’s imagination.  He had so much fun playing with this toy. Certainly helps with hand eye co-ordination, and also activates imaginative play.  Ideal for him to play on his own or create a story with friends and teaches him how to share.  Also helps with colours and word recognition too.  We all had so much fun with this toy. It took Jeremy a while to understand how to use every aspect of this toy, but it will be one that lasts.  He does not play with this every day but one of those toys he will go back to and always create a new story.  A very well designed, robust toy and I was impressed.  Would like to be able to purchase more figurines for this toy so he can be more creative with his story.  A superb interactive toy, fantastic play value and very good value for money.  A toy that will be played with for a while to come yet. Would purchase more from the WOW toy range as very surprised at the quality and durability of this toy.  Would recommend without hesitation.  A great toy to have and delivers many, many hours of interactive fun. We loved it and thank you. Ruth Groonberger – Jeremy 2 Years 6 Months

Product Tested By Lucy Elliott – Annabelle 23 Months

Lucy Awarded The WOW Toys Coastguard Carl 3.6/5

First impression thought expensive for what it is.  The vibrant colours on the packaging attract the eye so would stand out from others it might be next to in shops.  Good size for my daughter any bigger she would have struggled to walk around with it.  Entertainment value good but not versatile enough to entertain my daughter for long periods of time. The age suitability was ideal and no concerns with Annabelle playing with this toy. She quickly learnt how to attach the stretcher and operate the leaver although she needs two hands to squeeze it which means she can get frustrated with it quite easily.  As she gets older I’m sure she’ll play with it more however her attention span is currently very short!  It has helped with hand/eye coordination and motor skills,  I’m sure the other skills will follow as she gets older. I feel it is a bit too complex for Annabelle presently as only so much she can do.  My daughter has not found any other use for this toy other than the way it was meant to be played with.  The quality is very good and a very robust toy. Personally I do not think this is value for money for my daughter at her age, but I believe would be more beneficial for an older child. I would recommend to others with older children. Good, but is more suited to older children. Lucy Elliott – Annabelle 23 Months

I am really impressed with the brand. I already have recommended. Great toy, suitable for quite a wide age range, good quality. Simple but fun!


Emma Awarded The WOW Toys Coastguard Carl 5/5

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