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Cocoon4D is a service of The London Ultrasound Centre, a private scanning clinic in central London providing quality ultrasound examinations for pregnancy and gynaecology. Thanks to the wonders of new 4D ultrasound baby scan technology you can now take a glimpse into the world of your unborn child. With Cocoon4D babyscans in London, we know how to get the most amazing moving 3D images of your baby in safety and comfort, plus we create stylish, unique & professional DVD media packages that you’ll want to keep forever.

Platinum Package –

  • 3D/4D Scan
  • Cocoon4D Edited DVD
  • iPod Video / iPhone File
  • 3 Glossy 6 x 4" (15 x 10cm) Colour Prints
  • Brushed Steel Picture Frame
  • JPEG files supplied on the DVD disc
  • Growth Scan & Report
  • Gender identification – if you want to know
  • Cocoon4D Gift Bag
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    £270 Platinum Package - £240 Gold Package Click online for more information at

    Cocoon4D Baby Scans Reviews

    Product Tested by: Davina Fox – Chloe, Abbie & Baby Fox Ages 8 & 5 Years Fox Due 27/07/2010

    Product Tested By Davina Fox – Chloe, Abbie & Baby Fox Ages 8 & 5 Years Fox Due 27/07/2010

    Davina Awarded the Cocoon4D Baby Scan 5/5

    I thought that the service sounded really good, although I did think the price was a bit steep. The clinic was big, tidy and well presented. Very smart looking. The receptionist was very polite and kept us informed of how long we would have to wait, and then again when it was nearly time to go in. the scanning room was well set out could see the screen clearly, and seats for other people to sit in. Very comfortable scanning couch. We were reassured that all was well in my pregnancy and that he was a good size. Even got a growth scan to keep which shows the overall size and weight of the baby. The prints are of good quality and can clearly see the baby’s face and features. Everyone I have shown have been very impressed. It is lovely to keep and show people, and show the baby when he gets bigger! Another good thing is it comes edited on the platinum package so it all done for you. I think it is great to have a copy to put on your iPod as it is so easy to show people the photos and the video footage. The overall package is very good, like the way it is all presented in a gift bag and there is also a little bag for the growth scan report. The photo frame is really smart looking too. The service was just great, everyone was very welcoming. I would recommend this service and everyone that has seen the photos and video are well impressed with the quality. First of all I wasn’t sure what to expect, but upon arrival I felt very welcome, shown though to a large lounge where there was comfortable settees and arm chairs. While waiting, there were magazines to read. There was a bit of delay but was kept well informed about this and told how long the delay was and it was no more than I was told, which was great. The sonographer introduced herself and I was showed to a comfortable couch with a very large screen so everyone that came with me could clearly see the baby, as well as a smaller screen so mum gets a closer look. If I wasn’t sure what was what on baby I was told. Overall, a great experience, very recommended! Davina Fox – Chloe, Abbie & Baby Fox Ages 8 & 5 Years Fox Due 27/07/2010


    Product Tested By Jane Lefever – 30 Weeks into pregnancy

    Jane Awarded the Cocoon4D Baby Scan 4.8/5

    Excellent, high quality service, friendly and helpful staff. The scanning room is Spacious, light, high spec, comfortable. I wasn’t there for reassurance but when I asked about weight I was reassured that everything was completely normal – sonographer was knowledgeable and sympathetic. High quality prints – we could choose which shots we would like. They are high res, quality images. Excellent quality, I had expected to see more movement on the DVD; there was some but not a lot. But this wasn’t due to any poor service; it was that my expectations were slightly different to the reality. Excellent, up to date and high quality. It’s great to have the images on the iPhone to show off! Both my husband and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience; it was very exciting to see our baby in such detail and such good quality images. The package was well put together and well-executed (i.e. the experience itself was great due to the professional, friendly staff and environment). I would definitely consider it for another baby, as it’s so fascinating and such a great experience to see them in the womb in such definition. However, the price would be a drawback. Both my husband and I have already showed off the pictures to colleagues, family and friends so have spoken to a lot of people about the service. If you can afford it this service is fantastic, you get amazing images of your baby and a DVD. Booking was easy and straightforward, the service was professional and friendly. It was a great experience; every aspect from booking through to getting our DVD was very efficient and high quality and the staff were great. It was fantastic to come away having seen our baby so clearly in the womb! Jane Lefever – 30 Weeks into pregnancy


    Product Tested By Helen Godwin – Baby Not Yet Born

    Helen Awarded the Cocoon4D Baby Scan 3.5/5

    The reception and staff at the clinic were very friendly and appropriate. The sonographer was also very good, she gave us excellent explanations. The scanning room is large and comfortable. The prints are good and the reassurance that we were given about my baby was also satisfactory. There were a few shots at the very start that were the best but some of them were not on DVD.  The recordings for the DVD span 2 days as they will record for a set period of time day one and then set period of time day two and then images are edited for the final product. Unfortunately the view of baby was a little limited.  The staff had 2 tries on different days because of this.  A low anterior placenta did not help and my baby was in a difficult position so the views did limit the quality of the product a little.  Due to the problems the images were limited, not due to the product or the staff but purely due to the position of my baby.  If I’m honest and taking into account the position of my baby during our experience, I personally feel this is very expensive and would not be something I would have chosen to do.  However, I must mention the reception staff, sonographer, clinic etc were all tip top.  Helen Godwin – Baby Not Yet Born

    The prints are of good quality and can clearly see the baby’s face and features. Everyone I have shown have been very impressed.


    Davina Awarded the Cocoon4D Baby Scan 5/5 Top Marks!

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