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Cocoonababy nest

Cocoonababy® nest Welcoming baby gently into the world, providing him with a comforting, reassuring, well-defined space which reminds him of his mother’s womb, the Cocoonababy® helps the newborn to adapt as best as to possible life following birth. The semi-foetal, slightly curved position which baby adopts in the cocoon, soothes him, reassures him and helps to limit the onset of the principal troubles which may bother him during his first months. The Cocoonababy® is an ergonomic cocoon which repositions the child in the semifoetal position he adopted in his mummy’s tummy. The semi-foetal position du Cocoonababy® helps limit concerns occuring during the first months and contributes to :- improve the quality and the length of the child’s sleep.- reduce the involuntary jerky movements which wake baby with a start and make him cry (startle or Moro reflex).- limit gastric reflux (thanks to the slope of the Cocoonababy®).- limit the risk of flat head syndrome (plagiocephaly). The Cocoonababy® nest includes the Tummy Band reassures and soothes baby by applying a light pressure on his tummy, without hindering his freedom of movement.

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£129.95 Available in John Lewis, Safetots, Blossom Mother & Child or click online to find local stockist

Cocoonababy nest Reviews

Product Tested by: Nicola Haji-Savva – Ellie 7 Weeks

Product Tested By Nicola Haji-Savva – Ellie 7 Weeks
Nicola Awarded The Red Castle Cocoonababy Nest 4.5/5

I thought that this looked nice and comfy when it first arrived. The box it arrived in was a lot bigger than the actual product which was a bit of a waste, however the bag that it zips into is handy and makes it easy to carry about if you’re travelling away from home. The instructions were very simple and easy to understand how to adjust to suit baby and how to wash. My baby found this so comfortable and easy to sleep in that I now strap her in it to get to sleep for the night and then once she’s in a deep sleep I take her out and put her in her cot. She is very safe and secure in the nest, the strap that goes around her can be adjusted to fit her as she grows and is gentle on her skin as she has been sleeping with just her nappy in this hot weather. It is very well made and the thought that has gone in to the design is great. The material is nice and soft and the way it moulds around baby’s body gives her a secure feeling that helps her to sleep happily. I would be very happy to receive this as a gift but to give it as a present I don’t think I could justify spending the RRP. I would recommend it to others. This is a great product that actually does what it is meant to. My baby feels happy and safe and secure lying on the nest…the only thing negative that lets it down is the RRP. Nicola Haji-Savva – Ellie 7 Weeks


Product Tested By Jacqueline Hall – George 8 Weeks

Jacqueline Awarded The Red Castle Cocoonababy Nest 4.5/5

My initial impression of this product was it looked very comfortable, nice size and very light in weight. The Cocoonababy comes in a plastic protective bag with carry handles. This is very good for keeping it clean and easy to transport anywhere. Instructions were clear with images so it was easy to set up for my baby to use immediately. I have a very restless baby due to reflux. When he settled to sleep he did sleep comfortably and better. This wasn’t always the case, although it could be because he is very difficult to settle. My baby is very secure in the nest, the safety band fits comfortable around the baby’s tummy; it’s very secure so no risk of falling off or rolling off. The quality is good, nice sheet and very light. It’s doesn’t have much to it but what there is seems to be made very well. This would be gratefully received as a gift. I would consider buying the product if it wasn’t as expensive, it’s a good alternative to a Moses basket and easily transported anywhere, and it also helped my baby slightly. I would recommend this to anyone whose baby doesn’t settle in a crib/Moses basket and needs relief from wind/reflux. It is a great packaged product, light and easy to move around and is comfortable for your baby. Jacqueline Hall – George 8 Weeks


Product Tested By Cheryl Nagati – Aminah 7 Weeks

Cheryl Awarded The Red Castle Cocoonababy Nest 5/5

This looked very comfortable and good quality. I couldn’t wait to put my baby in it! I really liked the way you can see the product through the packaging so you can see what you are buying and what colour it is. The packaging is reusable so you can fold it up and store the packet away for when you have finished using the product itself. The packaging is good for storing the product away for your next baby to use if you are going to have another! This has very easy simple instructions to follow; nice and clear. Ilike that the information on the large inserted cardboard rather than a small leaflet worked well! When I put Aminah into the nest she fell asleep for over two hours! If it weren’t for me needing to feed her she would have slept longer. She seemed happy in it and seemed very comfortable! She could touch her own face because of the position she was in.  She liked to do this!  She seemed to sleep well laying on the product. She seemed very secure. The belt was easy to fasten and the foot piece was easy to move down the product as she grew! I loved the quality.  I loved the soft fabric and I loved the shape of the productand thought it was designed very well.  Covers washed and dried brilliantly. It’s a lovely piece to use for a baby. I would be delighted to receive this as a gift and to give it as a gift also. I think other mums would be intrigued and would love to give it a go. I would definitely consider buying it because you can move the foot/bum piece as the baby grows so I think you would get a good 4 months use out of it. I would definitely recommend the product as the use of it out weighs its price. It was a pleasure to use and would definitely recommend it.  My baby looked happy and secure in it and she slept very well. The covers removed easily to wash and washed very well and were very easy to put back on. If my baby seems comfortable, happy and safe then I’m comfortable, happy and safe and this product provided these feelings well! Cheryl Nagati – Aminah 7 Weeks



This is a great product that actually does what it is meant to. My baby feels happy and safe and secure lying on the nest


 Nicola Awarded The Red Castle Cocoonababy Nest 4.5/5

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