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ColdZyme Mouth Spray

ColdZyme® Mouth Spray is unique in that it fights the cause of the common cold – the cold virus. ColdZyme® Mouth Spray is easy to use and works by forming a protective barrier on the mucous membrane of the throat, making it more difficult for the cold virus to cause illness. ColdZyme® Mouth Spray, used protectively, can help shorten the duration of a cold, by acting on the cold virus itself instead of just helping to relieve the symptoms.

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ColdZyme Mouth Spray Reviews

Product Tested by: Louise Griffiths

Product Tested By Elaine Kalo – Harry & Annie 8 & 6 Years

Elaine Awarded The ColdZyme 20ml 5/5

I volunteered to test this product as soon as I saw it as I am very keen to try any product that aims to prevent colds. So my initial impression was very positive and very hopeful! The idea of administering the product via a spray is great as its quick and convenient when out and about. The instructions were very clear and easy to follow. I had no difficulty with this. The product is very easy and straightforward to use. On a couple of occasions during the testing period, I experienced early symptoms of a cold. I used the spray as directed and the possible colds did not develop. It is difficult to say whether this was due to the product or a number of other possible protective factors such as diet and exercise. I did not have a cold during the testing period other than possible early symptoms so it is difficult to assess whether this product reduces the severity of a cold.I used the product as a means of preventing the development of a cold and it is possible that it may have been effective in this way. No other members of my family used the product as they did not experience cold symptoms during the testing period. The product comes in a small bottle which is very handy and portable. The product appears to be of good quality. I would be happy to pay the price for this product as I am very keen on cold prevention. Others may feel it is a little pricey but for myself it is worth it if it contributes in any way to cold prevention. The feature that I liked most about this product is what it aims to do – stop a cold in its tracks! I would definitely buy this product again as I feel that there is a strong possibility that it helped prevent the onset of a cold. I would definitely recommend this product to others as it is so common to hear people say that they feel they are starting with a cold and I imagine not many people are aware that there is a product available to help prevent it developing. This is a really positive product that I feel that a lot of people would appreciate trying in order to prevent the misery of a cold. I valued the opportunity to test this product. It was pleasant-tasting and easy to administer. The fact that I did not develop a cold during the testing period which coincided with the cold and flu season would definitely encourage me to purchase it again and recommend it to others. Elaine Kalo – Harry & Annie 8 & 6 Years

Product Tested By Kerry Pearce 

Kerry Awarded The Coldzyme 20ml 4/5

My initial impression of this product was good. I think the concept of the ColdZyme is really good. The instructions were very simple and easy to follow. It was extremely easy to use. I have only used this once for a cold I had a few weeks ago and it did seem to help. I didn’t use it to prevent a cold as I have felt fine since my last one a few weeks ago. My husband used this last week and he said it helped. The bottle is quite small so ideal to take out during the day if needed. I think the quality is good. The price does seem quite high but if it helps then it is worth it. I liked the fact that it did not have a nasty taste. I would consider buying this now that I have tested it. I have already recommended it to my Mom as she has been unwell too. I liked the product and maybe I can test it more when I feel like I am coming down with a cold instead of during. Kerry Pearce

Product Tested By Charles Pinter – James & Charlie – 18 & 21 Years

Charles Awarded The ColdZyme 20ml 5/5

I am always going down with colds during the winter months, so was keen to see if this would work. Arrived well packaged and good design bottle as easy to use. The concept of just spraying the back of your mouth to halt a cold was of great interest to me. Instructions clear and precise. Very easy to administer. I did have the start of a cold during the testing period, sneezing a lot and I immediately started to use this with a quick spray down the back of my throat. I used this when necessary and it really did seem to stop it in its tracks. I must admit I was surprised just how effective this was. Very impressed. I also passed onto my eldest son as he had the symptoms of a cold developing and this did ease the symptoms. The bottle design is compact enough to take with you on your travels and use when required. It actually lasts quite a while and worked for me so good value. Anything that helps stop a cold developing into something worse is a good investment. Good quality. I liked just how quick and simple this was to use. No fuss just spray and go. I will be purchasing this again when needed. Already recommended. I was not sure if this worked, but to my surprise this really made a difference and just so easy to use. Helped all of us stock that cold in its tracks. Charles Pinter – James & Charlie – 18 & 21 Years

I am pleased I was selected to take part in this trial. Without it, I wouldn’t have known about this product. It’s definitely something that I will consider again in the future. I have purchased one for the husband to see how it works with “man flu”!


Louise Awarded The ColdZyme 4.5/5

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