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Collagen After Shave Cream Extremely soothing, extra comfort with Collagen, Shea Butter & Almond Oil. All Skin Types Collagen After Shave Cream was created for the special needs of men’s skin. Non-alcoholic formula rich in active ingredients such as Collagen, Moist 24™ and Hyaluronic Acid provides long-lasting and deep hydration. Energen™ gives tired skin a boost of energy whereas Panthenol and Menthol soothe irritation caused during shaving. Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil and Squalane accelerate the process of regeneration of micro damages and rebuild the skin’s natural protective barrier. After shave cream restores the skin’s comfort and vitality, leaving it feeling fresh, smooth and well moisturised. In addition, the formula slows the ageing process. Instantly soothes irritation, redness and razor burn. Provides a cooling effect. Restores comfort. Moisturises and firms the skin. Smoothes and accelerates skin regeneration. Slows ageing process

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£29.00 Purchase online and Beauty Salons we work with across UK, also Ideal Home Department Store in Carlisle


Product Tested by: Tom Jenner

Tested By
Tom Jenner

Awarded The Collgen Collagen After
Shave Cream 4.3/

based on the style and size of the product container, my initial impression was
one of a luxury product that should be used sparingly and which I would expect
to perform as promised by the description on the box. The design of the outer
packaging gives the impression that this is a high quality product. The colour
scheme of silver on black with a touch of blue seems well suited to a luxury
product for men. There are no leaflets or other untidy ‘extras’ within the box,
which is very welcome. First impressions of quality are reinforced by the jar
within, which is a small but weighty frosted glass container – again lacking
visual clutter. The lid is chunky so easy to open, even if hands are wet after
shaving. I would happily have the container on display rather than keeping it
hidden away in a cupboard – it looks like something you might see in a
treatment room at a spa hotel. I might say that it feels like you would be
paying for packing as much as the cream, but it does make an important
contribution to the overall experience of the product. The directions provided
are perfect – simple and to the point. Although not strictly necessary (‘after
shave cream’ is a self-explanatory name) it’s helpful to know that only a small
quantity should be used and that it can and apparently should be applied all
over the face. This appears to be a high quality product and receiving/using it
has been a luxurious experience. A small quantity goes a long way, which also
suggests quality/efficacy. As an after shave cream the quality is excellent –
it is very soothing and smooth without being sticky or greasy, so it is
extremely pleasant to use and leaves you feeling refreshed and moisturised as
promised. Whether it really accelerates skin regeneration or slows the ageing process,
as it claims to do, it is impossible to say particularly after only a few weeks
use. If my wrinkles had disappeared it would have got a 5/5! As a luxury
product or gift, possibly, with the caveat that not all of the selling points
seem measurable so it is really only about perceived value. As an after shave
cream to be used every day of the year (if the other benefits like anti-ageing
are discounted because they may not be tangible) I would say no based on the
cost per ml. Only if I saw it on special offer at an attractive price.
Personally, I wouldn’t pay the retail price for a product of this type but
that’s likely because I don’t normally use products like this. If I had more
money than I knew what to do with and/or I made a habit of moisturising and
pampering myself then I probably would, It’s a lovely product to use, it’s just
not my thing. If I knew someone would enjoy it and not mind paying a premium
for a luxury product I would happily recommend.
Although this isn’t a product I would usually buy I was surprised to
find that I enjoyed using it. It works really well as a soothing after shave
cream and the scent is pleasant and subtle but clearly masculine. I found that
it left my face feeling fresh after shaving and calmed irritation well. I
didn’t need to use much each time but even so it felt like it got used up
fairly quickly. Tom Jenner

Tested By
Mr. Clarke

Mr. Clarke Awarded The Collgen Collagen After Shave Cream 4.8/5

high quality and well presented. At
first I was not sure about this product as felt the aroma was strong but after
using for a few days was impressed. Very clear instructions. Cream is very good quality. It moisturises
very nicely. It made my skin smooth and no shaving rash or bumps appeared. Product
is quite expensive but quality is worth it.
I would consider purchasing again if I saw this on special offer. I would recommend as good quality after shave
cream. After shave cream is really good.
It applies nicely. Provides good moisture.
I normally get a few bumps on face after shaving but since using this cream
my face has been rash free. The only
thing I did not like was the strong aroma.
Product is of nice texture, non-greasy,
suitable for sensitive skin. It absorbs quickly and doesn’t make even oily skin
greasy. Overall very good product and I have a feeling it might become permanent
staple in my toiletries bag. Mr. Clarke

Tested By
Simon Newton

Awarded The Collgen Collagen After Shave Cream 4/5

packaging and is really well presented. Couldn’t wait to try the product. The
design and initial thoughts of the product were fantastic. The instructions
were simple and straightforward however; they can’t over complicate the
application of the product, so it was how I expected. The product was great; it
didn’t leave my skin oily. The cost of
£29.99 is expensive in my opinion; it is priced at the same as similar products
that offer similar things. However I do not buy those either, as I feel I
cannot justify the price compared to cheaper products. The overall experience of the product was
good, its pricing just really let it down. Whether that was because it is
designed for the older generation, however I didn’t feel the need for the
collagen aspect. However it was great for moisturizing and cooling after a
shave, but I achieve the same from my normal product at a lower price. Simon Newton

Although this isn’t a product I would usually buy I was surprised to find that I enjoyed using it. It works really well as a soothing after shave cream and the scent is pleasant and subtle but clearly masculine. I found that it left my face feeling fresh after shaving and calmed irritation well.


Tom Awarded The Collgen Collagen After Shave Cream 4.3/5