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Collagen Serum and Collagen Under Eye Elixir

Collagen Serum (under eye gel +vitamins) – Collagen Serum is a product intended for the care of a delicate skin around eyes. The Collagen Serum contains more Collagen in "collagen" meaning it contains more collagen in dry mass. The content of Collagen in the Serum was increased by 10%. The formula has been enriched with valuable Vitamins A & E. It helps diminish signs of ageing skin and invigorate its resilience and radiance. The Serum helps to reduce the number of wrinkles while improving skin’s moisturization, tone and firmness.   
Collagen Under Eye Elixir -This Gentle cream has an exceptional formula which helps restore and preserve the youthful appearance. The product contains Collagen, Pepha®-Tight and Moist 24TM with excellent moisturising, skin firming and stimulating properties. Eyeseryl® in the formula improves microcirculation and eliminates puffiness and dark circles under the eyes but also reduces the appearance of wrinkles. The Elixir revitalises and rebuilds the epidermis with a special consideration to the sensitivity of the area resulting in an immediate sensation of firmer and smoother looking skin.

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£39 15ml Collgen Serum under eye gel & Collgen Under Eye Elixir £36 15ml Available to purchase online

Collagen Serum and Collagen Under Eye Elixir Reviews

Product Tested by: Lydia Niziblian

Tested By
Lydia Niziblian

Awarded The Collgen Collagen Serum (under eye gel+ vitamins) and Collgen
Collagen Under Eye Elixir 4.5

looks fairly typical of high-end skin care, as do the products themselves. What you would expect. Clean, neat packaging.
A lot of text on the box – ingredients, instructions and product information covered
3 sides of the boxes. Very specific instructions
covering storage temperature and application, although the serum does not state
how often to use. (I double checked with the manufacturer). Feels very good. The serum feels very tight as
it dries and is absorbed, then the elixir feels gorgeous and moisturising going
on. Having taken close up photos before
and after there is a small, but definite improvement in the plumpness under the
inner eye, and reduction of lines around the outer eye. Particularly impressed
as have had absolutely shocking sleep the past two nights! , it does what it sets out to do (which I
honestly did not expect!) If it can do that much in 28 days, I can’t wait to
see what it does in the next couple of months.
I would recommend this product as very impressed. Only loses points slightly on price and the
fact it uses a fish-based collagen making it unsuitable for vegans and some
vegetarians. Found it can leave a residue towards the outer edge of application
that shows up when you apply makeup, or rub your skin (like if you get thin PVA
glue or egg white on your skin). It sloughs off easily enough, but is a bit
annoying. I imagine this may be due to
not having exactly the same amount of the two products, but I tried varying
amounts and time between application, and it seemed to make no difference. Very good.
I do not pay much attention to my skin, I am lucky enough to have pretty
good skin, and mostly only use cleanser, water and a light moisturiser. Getting used to a two-step application twice
a day (and you need to wait 10 mins in between the two) has been frustrating
for my ‘get up and get out’ routine! I
use a mineral powder only make up, don’t drink, gave up smoking 10 years ago
and don’t sunbathe or go out unprotected in the sun. That said, I am turning 40
in less than a month, and am starting to see signs of it on my face! Having seen the difference it has made to my
eye area, I am very keen to try their face day cream now! Nice to see a product that actually does what
it says it will! Lydia Niziblian

Tested By
Yvonne Philpot

Awarded The Collgen Collagen Serum (under eye gel+ vitamins) and Collgen
Collagen Under Eye Elixir 4.2/5

arrived well packaged and was very impressed with the quality of the serum and
elixir. Nice bottles which looked high
value and stylish. The instructions were
very clear and simple to follow and you only needed to use a little so will
last. I would apply this in the morning
and in the evening. Took a bit of
getting used to putting serum on then waiting 5 minutes to dry and then putting
the Elixir on. I did notice a difference
in the bags under my eyes. The serum
would tighten the skin and then the Elixir would smooth on and make your skin
feel lovely and soft. This worked well
for me but after a week I found my eyes were reacting to both these products
and had to stop using them. Just all
down to the sensitivity of my own skin.
The first week I did notice a difference and bags were not so prominent
and helped with lines under and around the edge of my eyes. I decided to pass onto my mother who has been
using this ever since. It suited her
skin, worked well for her and she has been telling all her friends about this
product. So a partial success for me as
had to stop using but a winner for my mother.
I would certainly purchase more as a gift for my mother in the future
and would recommend. Would be ideal if
you could have little samples to try to see if this is suitable for your skin
type. Then once sampled tester you know
it will work for you. The price is high
but when you take into account the fact you only need to use small amount it is
a good investment. For me wanted to use
but did not suit my skin and a real hit with my mother. Thank you for giving me the chance to review
as now know what to get my Mother for a special Mother’s day gift and know she
will be pleased. Yvonne Philpot

Tested By
Amanda Hayes

Awarded The Collgen Collagen Serum (under eye gel+ vitamins) and Collgen
Collagen Under Eye Elixir 4.2/5

I first received the two products I thought they looked good quality and
expensive. I went onto the website to read up on the two items before I
unpacked them but I was not so impressed with the site. I didn’t feel that it
had the in depth information I would have expected for such expensive
products. Good outer packaging, nicely
designed and looked as it should for the price. The actual glass jar of the
Serum I thought was good and easy to use, the glass bottle for the Elixir has a
pump on it which makes it difficult to get exactly the right amount out, and
it’s not enough or way too much. I found that one full pump was enough for both
eyes. The instructions of how to apply
the products were straightforward, but it was not clear why you had to use both
products one after the other and not just one. The website didn’t seem to
clarify this either. I found that being a busy working mum I could not wait
five minutes between applying the serum and the elixir, but this didn’t seem to
make a difference to the way the product worked. The serum gave a nice tight feeling around
the eye which I liked and the elixir followed by making my skin feel nice and
soft. The elixir soaked in quickly and easily. Both products seemed good
quality and felt like they were improving my skin. Whilst I don’t think it’s made any difference
to dark circles under the eyes it has made a difference to fine lines and my
skin looks smoother and less lined around my eyes. It seems to be lasting well
and shows an improvement which does gives it a value of money factor but I do
think it is still in the high price bracket.
I would recommend it as it does work but not sure whether they would
purchase it because of the price. Good
quality product that reduces fine lines & wrinkles but comes at a
cost. Amanda Hayes



Having seen the difference it has made to my eye area, I am very keen to try their face day cream now! Nice to see a product that actually does what it says it will! 


Lydia Awarded The Collgen Collagen Serum (under eye gel+ vitamins) and Collgen Collagen Under Eye Elixir 4.5/5

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