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Colour-In Back Pack – Busy Bee

Eggnogg Colour-in Busy Bee Backpack is the perfect back to school back pack. Full of quirky characters and objects, including towering cakes, fantastical fruit, pesky insects, Big Ben and a dynamic Dinosaur! Create your own unique back pack with a rainbow of colours to brighten up PE lessons, camping weekends, shopping trips or sleepovers. Covered front and back in quirky characters and iconic objects, it’s the perfect colouring-in craft activity for children big and small. Fun to colour in (fabric pens are included) – fun to use every day. Eggnogg Colour-in fabric gifts are a fun-filled colouring-in craft activity. Moreover, once you’ve finished colouring-in, you’ve got something permanent and practical that’s unique to the artist that coloured it in – a pencil case, back pack or shopping bag. Why not bring a little calm into the day, and provide the perfect antidote to all that screen time? And if the kids are kept busy colouring-in, the grown-ups can have some down time – and maybe enjoy some colouring-in therapy too! Presented in a 250mm x 150mm box, this beautifully packaged product is easy to carry or pop in the post, making it a great, long-lasting gift. Every Eggnogg Colour-in fabric box includes a set of 6 colourful fabric pens. Machine washable at 30 o C, Eggnogg pen inks wash out leaving the fabric clean to colour in again and again – and no need to worry about getting ink on clothes. Product size: 470mm x 370mm approx. Designed in the UK, and made from durable, double-shrunk, white cotton canvas

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£16.95 Available to buy online here

Colour-In Back Pack – Busy Bee Reviews

Product Tested by:

Product Tested By Krishna Topan – Anya & Maya 10
& 7 Years

Krishna Awarded The Colour-In Back Pack – Busy Bee

The girls were really excited when it turned up to
open it and see what came inside as well. It is a really new and different
concept.The backpack is really easy and
comfortable to use. It is a good size and takes everything they need. As its
canvas it can be packed to take away and use later as well if needed. This is
pretty self-explanatory on how to colour in and use. It’s really
different and the kids liked that they could design their own personal back pack
with colours they liked. We just had to be careful to plan it first. We really
liked the fact that its machine washable and they can redo this after if they
made a mistake. The pens are
great but there is a slight amount of overspill on the lines when you use them
on the back pack. The kids did ask for a wider range of colours. They liked the fact that they could decide
which picture to colour in which way and spent some time discussing which
colours would go best and which bits to colour in so that it looked great. My 7 year old needed a bit of help to plan it
before going straight into it. This was
a good size back pack and easy to use. It’s
a good size and holds everything they need for school and day trips out.It’s really good quality and even the plastic adjusters and zip are
strong. The thick canvas feels like it
will last a long time. Not sure how this
would be used in the rain as I would be worried about the colours running or
the colouring getting spoilt. This is good value and really is worth the price.
I would purchase this as it’s something
that can be kept and used for a long time after. It kept the kids busy for a good amount of
time in discussion and trying to figure out how to make it look the best they
could. They also discussed how they could wash it and make it better for next
time. Washing it is enough in the machine. I would recommend as great if your
child likes colouring and being creative.It’s quite complicated for younger children so was more suitable for my
10 year old. Maybe a simpler one could be
created for younger children. This is really a new and exciting concept so that
children can personalise their own things. The only issue is that if they make
a mistake they can’t change it so do need to keep an eye on them. I am planning on buying some for a party
where the girls could take these home after as their party bag as well. Krishna Topan – Anya & Maya 10 & 7

Product Tested By Amy Thompson – Summer 3 Years

Amy Awarded The Colour-In Back Pack – Busy Bee 4/5

I really liked the look of the different objects to colour. Although I
didn’t feel it had a theme to it. Was just like any other backpack. Carry
handle and two straps to go over your shoulders. I liked it but I’m unsure if I’d buy
another. Easy to understand straight
forward instructions. The quality of the pens supplied is better than most pens
that can be found on the high street. Being able to colour in her own back pack
was a big hit with my 3 year old who loved to colour. I don’t think being recommended for 3+ is
right. Although my 3 year old loves to colour she’s not quite there just yet.
This back pack is big enough for what you need, we went on a day trip, carried
our packed lunch and drinks. Been to the childminders and carried spare clothes
and also managed to fit in drawings and creative work what was done there. The
material feels really good quality, we’ve not had it long so cannot comment on
how long it with last etc. But I hope for a good period of time. I think
the price of £16.95 seems a little steep but when you consider other backpacks
and this has the added feature of colouring your own it feels an ok price to
pay. I loved the fact it gave us some
quality time to sit and colour together. I think I’d rather stick to other
backpacks but I would consider other items from this company which you are able
to colour yourself. I would recommend but for an older child.
It was good fun and seeing my child happy showing people her
masterpiece was lovely. I believe for the objects on the bag there were enough
colours to use. I don’t think it is suitable for a 3 year old although mine really
liked colouring in the backpack. I think
the pictures are unisex one for all. I can’t comment on how it washes as I’ve
not been allowed to yet. Getting her to understand she can colour again was
difficult, another reason the age seems too young. Amy Thompson – Summer 3 Years

Tested By
Katie Ainslie – Freya 5 Years

Katie Awarded
The Colour-In Back Pack – Busy Bee

like good fun when arrived. The style
was good as standard back pack, the fabric was soft, and it might have worked
better if harder. Good clear instructions.I’m not sure about the idea of this as children might think they can
colour in other items and Bags. The fabric pens supplied bleed when drawing and
colouring in the pictures so did not have a clear line. My daughter did enjoy the creative side of
this and colouring in her own back pack.The style of the back pack was easy for my daughter to use. This was a
great bag for a first sleep over party. The
fabric could have been better and maybe backed to keep its shape and then the
pens wouldn’t have bleed through to the other side.Again
maybe better for money if the bag was harder and the pens didn’t run through
the fabric. I loved the fact my daughter could create what she wanted on her
back pack. Personally I would not purchase this as not to my liking as it could
encourage children to draw on other items and the bag would need to be
stronger. Overall my child loved to be
able to colour in and design something, but I’m not sure of the quality, if the
bag was made of different material that helped it hold shape and the Pen’s
didn’t bleed through it then it would have been a great product for me. Katie Ainslie – Freya 5 Years


This is really a new and exciting concept so that children can personalise their own things. I am planning on buying some for a party where the girls could take these home after as their party bag as well. 


Krishna Awarded The Colour-In Back Pack – Busy Bee 4.8/5

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