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Comfy Kangaroo Tank

Fashion meets versatility in the Comfy K Tank. This singular design offers a supportive detachable, inter-changeable bra, easy snap straps for minimal exposure nursing, built-in pockets to hold and conceal absorption pads and extended length for post-partum tummy coverage. Ultra soft, high quality fabric in chic colors demands looking and feeling great. Machine washable. The Comfy K Tank includes 1 tank, 1 detachable nursing bra and an extra pair of straps. Wear our tank with the bra, exchange tanks while using the same bra, wear our bra with another nursing shirt that holds absorption pads, or completely remove the bra and wear the tank alone.


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Comfy Kangaroo Tank Reviews

Product Tested by: Maria Norris – Baby William 5 Months

Product Tested By Maria Norris – Baby William 5 Months

Maria Awarded The Comfy Kangaroo Tank 4.9/5

I really liked the look of the material and I chose the colour grey, which is a lovely shade. Upon study of the extra bits that came with the top, I realized there are two ways to wear it. There is the inner support attachment, then there was the ‘no’ inner support which is fantastic, as I haven’t found any strappy tops with this option. There aren’t many products on the website, however there is loads of information on the coolmax feature of the fabric and how the system works; there is also a really nice gift section.  I love the style of this top, its a lovely shade of grey, and its fairly long as well, I look for this in all my tops as I don’t like it when they ride up from being too short.  The facilities on offer with this top are excellent, both options are brilliant, I love that you don’t have to wear a bra if you don’t want too it also has adjustable straps, and if you don’t like the inner support, you can take it out.  It is a very comfortable top, I wear it a lot, it can be worn as just a casual top, or used as part of a really nice outfit.  My bust is quite big so the attachable bra function isn’t great for me, as I need quite a bit more support, but the fact you can take that out is brilliant, as it means you can wear it whatever your bust size.  It is a very flattering top, so I feel very good in it.  It makes breastfeeding a breeze, there is no need to lift up your top, or fuss around getting your breast through a flap in your top!  All it takes is one click to undo your strap and you’re ready. There is just one very discreet clip (in the same colour as the top) on each strap, other than that you wouldn’t know it was a feeding top at all.  I put it in a regular colours wash (40 degrees) and I tumble dry as well, and it is still as it was when I first got it.  Certainly will continue to use this top and have already recommended to friends and family.   I love this top, and will order more off this website in different colours, so I have lots of different outfits!  Maria Norris – Baby William 5 Months

Product Tested By Sarah Lewtas – Baby Harry 5 Months

Sarah Awarded The Comfy Kangaroo Tank 4/5

It looks well made and comfortable, and would be able to be worn with a number of different outfits.  Website is very informative and easy to navigate. Not a lot of content, although it is only selling one item. It would be good if they sold other breastfeeding items such as breast pads etc.  The style is quite plain – not high fashion, so could be worn under lots of different outfits.  The built in bra is a great idea, especially with the extra straps so you can use it under other tops – makes it good value for money. The top is pretty comfortable – I occasionally found it a little too tight, but maybe I just needed the next size up. My bust felt very supported, easily as supported as the sleep bras I use at night. It didn’t give as much uplift as the molded nursing bras I tend to use in the day, and did tend to make my bust look on the small size.  I felt OK; with a few more feminine touches or design details I would have felt a bit better dressed. I thought it was a bit too plain, and wasn’t so keen on the way my bust looked smaller than usual – I’ve never had a large bust size apart from when breastfeeding so I want to make the most of it!  It is definitely easier than feeding in a normal top, and is easier than the majority of breastfeeding tops I have used. The only part I found didn’t work so well was that I thought the strap fasteners were far too fiddly. I couldn’t fasten them one handed so had to put baby down at the end of a feed to do them up. I also struggled to unfasten them at the start of the feed.  Definitely helps to be more ready to feed as it’s much less stressful than trying to feed in normal clothes.   It is quite hard to tell that it’s a nursing top, which is a good thing.   It has washed really well, and hasn’t shrunk when tumble dried.  The strap fastenings were the only thing I would change, they were far too fiddly to fasten one handed.  I’ve worn it at least once a week since receiving it and will continue to use it until I stop breastfeeding.  I would recommend this top, although I would point out how fiddly the straps were, it might not irritate them as much as it did me!  A great basic breastfeeding top, which is versatile and practical. Can be worn under non-breastfeeding tops to allow to use more of your pre-baby wardrobe or can be worn alone in the warmer months. It’s very comfortable to wear and the built in bra offers good support.  Sarah Lewtas – Baby Harry 5 Months

Product Tested By Claire Jones – Charlie & Reece Aged 2 Years and 5 Months

Clare Awarded The Comfy Kangaroo Tank 4/5

Well packaged, lovely bright colour (Pink).  Website was bright, colourful, informative and easy to navigate.  Style very plain so is very adaptable with other items of clothing e.g. jumpers, shirts as well as able to dress up or down.  However for a larger lady with a large cleavage the spaghetti strap style of the top wasn’t very flattering!  Great facilities as able to remove parts of the top and interchange the colours. Spaghetti straps dug into me a little but this is due to the weight the poor top was trying to hold up!  Not very supportive for me but would be lovely and comfortable for a smaller breasted lady. I didn’t feel very attractive in the top mainly because I felt it was a little clingy for my size and shape however if I was a smaller person (with more confidence!) then it would be fine.  I didn’t wear outside the house for this reason!  Definitely made breastfeeding easier as I didn’t have to faff around trying to get myself accessible for baby and then try to make sure I was looking decent and not flashing my boobs to all and sundry.  I think the top definitely looks like a breast feeding top but that’s not a bad thing.  I felt the bra part of the top with the openings was far too obvious for my liking but again I think this is due to me being a larger busted lady.  Washed really well, retained its colour and shape nicely.  I would like to see the bra part of the top being supportive but the top itself being a little looser.  I will possibly only use this top for nighttime and not during the day but definitely not out of the house as it doesn’t compliment my body shape.  Would only recommend to smaller people who maybe have better body shape than me! Nice product could be even better with a few changesClaire Jones – Charlie & Reece Aged 2 Years and 5 Months

It makes breastfeeding a breeze, there is no need to lift up your top, or fuss around getting your breast through a flap in your top!  All it takes is one click to undo your strap and you’re ready.


Maria Awarded The Comfy Kangaroo Tank 4.9/5

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