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Complete Weight Management System (Earthenware) – Female

Our Complete Weight Management System is made up of a Calorie Controlled Bowl and your choice of Diet Plate in fine earthenware. Choose from the Male Diet Plate® the Female Diet Plate® or the Magic Plate® for children. Each item comes with a full information booklet and weight loss chart. Please see individual product descriptions for further information about each item.The beauty of the Complete Weight Management System is that it lets you to easily take control of your portion sizes and calories for all meals throughout the day. Use the bowl for breakfasts, soups and desserts, and use the plate for lunch or dinner.Take the hassle out of weight loss: let the plate and bowl count the calories, so you don’t have to. You can eat whatever you love to cook andenjoy your favourite foods without the guilt, as the plate and bowl will ensure you receive a calorie controlled serving.
Tailor your weight management solution to your lifestyleThe Complete Weight Management System is available in fine earthenware and melamine. The fine earthenware versions are dishwasher and microwave safe. The melamine versions (dishwasher safe but non-microwaveable), are perfect for taking to work, packing for a picnic or slipping into a holiday suitcase for portable portion control on the go! They are lightweight and durable.What are you waiting for? Get yours today to start enjoying the hassle free weight loss solution that guarantees maximum impact with minimum effort. All you have to lose is the weight!
Melamine Set £25.98 for complete Weight management system – Purchase online

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£39.98 for Complete Management Weight System available to purchase online

Complete Weight Management System (Earthenware) – Female Reviews

Product Tested by: Julie Mandleson – Harrison & Rosie Aged 3 & 2 Years

Product Tested By Julie Mandleson – Harrison & Rosie Aged 3 & 2 Years

Julie Awarded The Female Diet Plate – Complete Weight Management System Earthenware 4/5

It’s good quality. The bowl is attractive as it is fairly plain with just coloured lines around the inside. The plate design is quite fussy. Very well packaged. There was no way it was going to arrive broken. Attractive box. The plate and bowl arrived with a booklet explaining the concept of the plate as well as explaining how to use it. It also had a plan to follow and what to expect in the coming weeks. The plate is just a little bit too large to fit in my cupboard with the rest of my crockery. It knocks on the cupboard door. The bowl is very easy to use. The plate is easy to use for quite plain meals, but is quite fussy for combined meals such as pasta, meat and sauce, curries etc. It definitely made me more aware of portion size and I was quite horrified at first – especially when you see the small amount of cheese you are allowed. It didn’t particularly make me more aware of different food groups as I was quite aware of what was what already. I have lost some weight, not so much by sticking absolutely to the amounts on the plate, but mainly by being much more aware of how much I should be eating, rather than how much I think I should have (or want). I think if I stuck rigidly to the recommended amounts then I could probably achieve quite a significant weight loss. I think the design is quite fussy, it could be simplified. It also seems a bit twee and not very modern. I would prefer less illustrations and it maybe being a bit more scientific looking. I do think it is quite expensive; however it depends on how badly you wish to lose weight. If you compare the price of this to going to Weightwatchers or Slimming World for example is probably quite good value. It depends on your own self-control and motivation. I’m not particularly self-motivated when it comes to weight loss, so I really need to go to the meeting as well. I would buy this if it was much cheaper, but not at this price. I did notice that they are introducing a melamine version for holidays etc. so would maybe consider this if the price was right. If someone was self-motivated then I would recommend this or if someone wanted to maintain weight loss. I think it just makes you more aware of portion control which is usually the undoing of most weight loss. I think this is a great idea, and really wanted this to work for me. It was really great for realising just how much I was eating and helping to educate me on how much food I should be dishing up. I can’t say I have stuck to the plan religiously and I’m not particularly self-motivated with weight loss. I did think it was quite expensive when you look at it as just a plate and bowl – better value if you didn’t need the additional help of slimming clubs, but I would still need to attend a slimming club. I didn’t particularly like the design of the plate. It was a bit too fussy and over illustrated for my liking but the bowl was OK and quite plain. Julie Mandleson – Harrison & Rosie Aged 3 & 2 Years

Product Tested By Elise Browne
Elise Awarded The Female Diet Plate – Complete Weight Management System Earthenware 5/5

I was so pleased to be testing this item as have been trying to lose weight for a while now without any success. Plate and Bowl looked superb quality. Packaging was excellent, very well protected. Instructions clear and precise as the set arrive with booklet outlining how to use and also give you a plan to follow. The sections on the plate are well marked so enables you to ensure right amount of portions are placed in each section of the plate. The portions seemed small to me at first but after using for a week they were just right and I did feel full after each meal. This has definitely made me more aware of how important portion control is and also made me aware of the food groups. Helps you to control what you eat and ensure you have a balanced meal plan. I was very keen to lose weight and stuck to the programme over a few months. In this time I dropped a dress size. You need to stick to the plan and if you are willing to do this then it will help you lose weight in a controlled way and ensure you have a balanced and healthy food plan. The quality is excellent. I will continue to use as I have found it a good way to control my meals daily and has helped me to lose weight gradually. I have already recommended. For me it is great value for money as worked. The plate and bowl are fantastic, and you can sit down with all the family and eat without having to worry yourself about calories etc., just a nice well planned way to lose weight. I use this every day and would not be without my plate and bowl. Thank you has helped me. Elise Browne

Product Tested By Melisa Franks
Melisa Awarded The Female Diet Plate – Complete Weight Management System Earthenware 4/5
Looked excellent quality and very well made. Packaging was very good; no way this would get damaged in transit. It came with a booklet with instructions and a plan. I needed a while to study this effectively but once read through a few times was easy to follow the plan and use the plate and bowl effectively. I thought the plate was large, but when you look at the portion sections then each food portion did look a bit small compared to my normal portions. It really did help me control my food portions. Before I would just pile it on the plate. This helped you become more aware of food groups and portion control. Really helped me control amount I was eating and helped improve the quality of my diet. I actually started to feel a bit healthier and had a bit more energy. I have been using the plate and bowl for a while now and lost 5 Kilos. I was surprised that a plate and bowl could actually help me lose weight but it worked. The quality of the set and the instructions that come with it are superb. I have found this very helpful and will continue to use the plate and bowl as helps me control my weight. The price is high, but if it works then is good value for money. The only suggestion I would make is to offer the set at a lower price as will make it more affordable to others. Controlling what you eat and the portion sizes you serve really is common sense. But when you have a plate and bowl that do it for you with a plan then you can follow with ease and control your food intake, enjoy a balanced diet and lose weight gradually. This plan does it all for you, so you are not tempted to overfill your plate at mealtimes. If you are like me and do not enjoy checking weight of food, checking the calories then try this as it will help you and it works. You can eat most things and the way this is effective is controlling the portions. I have already recommended to friends and family and they also have plates for men and children so all the family can join in. The only thing for me is the price. You have to stick to the plan so be strong and it does work. Melissa Franks

It was really great for realising just how much I was eating and helping to educate me on how much food I should be dishing up.


Julie Awarded The Female Diet Plate – Complete Weight Management System Earthenware 4/5

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