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Concord Fusion Quantum Buggy

The comfortable Concord Fusion Quantum all-round buggy with its matt black aluminium frame is sure to attract admiring glances on any terrian.  It is available in two different designs and comes with many practical accessories as standard.  Baby changing bag, parason and fly net.

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£389.99 Available in independnt nursery stores across the UK and in Mothercare and John Lewis

Concord Fusion Quantum Buggy Reviews

Product Tested by: Abigail Walton – Baby Emily 8 Months

Product Tested By Abigail Walton – Baby Emily 8 Months

Abigail Awarded the Fusion Quantum Concord Buggy 5/5

Initial impression of the product is that it looked solid, sturdy and is packaged well. The Company’s website looked so professional and definitely stands out from other websites. It is very attractive and easy to navigate through. The products are gorgeous and are clearly of very high quality. The instruction diagrams for the product were clear and very easy to follow. But as with any new pram it takes a couple of attempts to be able to fold away properly but this was explained with good diagrams and instructions. It was very easy to erect the push chair, I always do it holding my baby in one hand and using the other to set up the push chair. It is effortlessly easy to fold away the pushchair. The mechanisms are very smooth and it almost folds away by itself with a nudge from Mum! My daughter is so relaxed and comfortable in this pushchair. The quality of the padding is wonderful and it really makes a difference to have such a high quality push chair to use! The safety harness on the pushchair is very easy to use. My baby feels safe and doesn’t slide down at all. She seems very secure and the straps do not rub on her at all. It is unbelievably easy to shop with this pushchair! There is ample space underneath the pram for a lot of shopping and it is very easy to steer. The handle is at the perfect height to make it a comfortable pushchair to use. I occasionally use the pram for my daughters midday nap because she finds it that comfortable! The pushchair fits easily enough into the car and there is also extra space for shopping. The fabric on the pushchair could honestly not be of better quality! It wipes clean very easily and barely attracts any dirt. It is almost stain resistant and it feels like high quality material. The pushchair is perfect to steer and I find it easy to use in most situations. It is simple to push on any type of surface, unlike many other pushchairs. The overall design of the pushchair is brilliant. It’s practical and stylish and I love it! This pram is obviously more expensive that others on the market but it’s more than worth it. This pram is built to last and I feel it could quite easily be passed on baby to baby for years. I am that confident that it will last for that long. Now that I have tested this product I will definitely continue to use it as I would be lost without it. I will recommend this product to anyone who’s looking for a pram that is reliable, extremely well made, 100% safe for any child, practical, comfortable, that is easy to use and maintain and lastly, wonderfully gorgeous! Abigail Walton – Baby Emily 8 Months

Product Tested By Claire Emmott – Baby Jacob 6 Months

Claire Awarded the Fusion Quantum Buggy 4.6/5

My initial impression of the product was that it looked a bit plain, that is until you look closely and realise how well made it is and how comfortable is feels! The Company’s website looks very nice. It is easy to use and look at the products that they sell. The instructions look good for following, but the buggy was already set up when I used it. Once I was shown how to erect the buggy it was very easy to do. It moves easily and doesn’t stick at all; a smooth simple movement is all it takes to fold it away too. The seat is amazingly comfortable! It’s like lying on a pillow, this feature is my favourite, it is without a doubt the most comfortable pram you will find! The safety harness is easy to use, the fastenings are simple to open and close and it fits snuggly over my Sons shoulders. I loved shopping with this pram, the storage compartment underneath it is great and the handle was comfy to hold, the pram also moves easily and smoothly for a comfortable shopping trip. I have a Ford KA car and I was worried that the buggy may scratch it when putting the buggy in or out but it was fine. It is a very snug fit in my car. The fabric quality on the buggy is the best that I have seen. It’s a nice thick texture and is very soft to touch. The wheels on the pram move together and make corners and kerbs easy. The wheels don’t wobble around like on most other prams. It is very responsive and it is easy to move quickly if someone is approaching on the pavement. Using the pram on different surfaces is also great, I only tried it on a grass verge but I had no problems. The overall design of the pushchair is gorgeous! I think it is very expensive when compared to other prams on the market but it is well worth the money because it is so well made! It truly is the Rolls Royce of all prams! Now that I have tested this product I would definitely consider buying it if I had the funds. If you are looking for a stylish, safe and comfortable pushchair for your child then this one is a must, it really does stand out from the crowd. Claire Emmott – Baby Jacob 6 Months

Product Tested By Emma Hargreaves – Baby Taylor 6 Months

Emma Awarded the Fusion Quantum Buggy 4.6/5

My first impression of this product was very good. I loved it. I liked the sleek look and I also noticed that it was perfect for my height to push, unlike other prams where I have to stoop a little. The instruction for the buggy seems very clearly written and easy to follow. It is very easy to erect the pushchair, the mechanism is a dream to open and close. The seat is also extremely comfortable. My Son settled into his seat the second we placed him in it. It’s not too deep in the baby bum area but at the same time it lays flat enough to be able him to nap easily and comfortably. The safety harness is secure, padded and safe. What more do you need? Shopping with the buggy is great, it moves easily, has space for your shopping and I can see my baby clearly at all times. It’s good to relax and know that your baby is as comfortable as he can be whilst you shop. I have a Vauxhall Corsa and the pram did fit into it but it was a little high. My parcel shelf moved a bit on closing but it did stay there. There wasn’t much room for anything else in the car but ample room for the pram. The fabric of the buggy was wipeable and looked very hard wearing. It definitely felt of very good quality. Pushing the buggy and maneuvering it was simple too, it is easy to steer and moves fluidly at all times! The overall design of the pushchair is beautiful. It’s very classy and looks like a celebrity’s buggy. For me, the buggy does not offer great value for money. It is definitely out of my price range but for other people who can afford it; it is more than worth the money. It is not a cheap looking or bad quality pram; it’s every Mum and baby’s dream! It is a very safe pram to use, which is always an important factor with any parent. It will last for a few babies and will not go out of style, its also easy to store. Feels great to push it and it looks amazing too! Emma Hargreaves – Baby Taylor 6 Months

A pram that is reliable, extremely well made, 100% safe for any child, practical, comfortable, that is easy to use and maintain and lastly, wonderfully gorgeous!


Abigail Awarded the Fusion Quantum Concord Buggy 5/5

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