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Concord Transformer Group 11/111 Child Car Seat

Concord Transformer – The revolutionary child car seat.  Group 11/111 15-36kg – Approx 3 Years – 12 Years. With its tremendous versatility and extraordinarily ease of use, the CONCORD TRANSFORMER is a quantum leap in function and design. Thanks to its unique VARIOSIZE SYSTEMS, both the height and width are adjustable. Available in 2 variants: the TRANSFORMER X and TRANSFORMER XT with the addition of the TWINFIX SYSTEM.

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£219.99 with Isofix, or £199.99 without Isofix. Available in independnt nursery stores across the UK and in Mothercare and John Lewis

Concord Transformer Group 11/111 Child Car Seat Reviews

Product Tested by: Michelle Jones - Evie Aged 3 Years

Product Tested By Michelle Jones – Evie Aged 3 Years

Michelle Awarded The Concord Transformer with Isofix The Highest Mark 5/5

I was really impressed when I first saw the seat, it looked very futuristic!  I fiddled around and was even more impressed when I pressed the buttons and the seat ‘grew’ with the hydraulic system which had a very smooth operation.  The whole seat feels very robust but is not too heavy.  I don’t usually understand instructions very well, but there were diagrams on the seat which made perfect sense.  The instructions were short (always a bonus) and to the point.  No assembly required.  The seat has a button on the back and the whole seat grows up with the child.  It should last for a long time.  The operation of this function is smooth and easy, it is fully adjustable so you can have it on any setting.  Comfort is brilliant.  It is nicely fitting around the side panels, so even though Evie is small she doesn’t slop around in it and it would protect the head well in an accident.  For a bigger child I guess you would extend the back rest so that it was a good fit also.  The seatbelt is well positioned so I felt happy this looked comfortable and there were no complaints.  Evie looks pretty happy in it and it passes the sleep test!  Very easy to fit in the car.  I used the Isofix which worked well.  I managed to fit the seat myself (I am also 18 weeks pregnant) using the ‘twinfix’ Isofix system which was very easy to use.  There is a button for everything on this seat, but it is not over complicated.  The seat went in easily and feels very secure.  An extra bonus was the Isofix release/fitting button on the front as so easy to fit even with a bump!  Height adjustable with the touch of a button!  The fabric is very good quality, much better than any similar product on the market.  It is built to last!  I have not needed to clean it, but it would sponge clean easily.  The cover is not removable, but this is not a problem.  Excellent design, nice features, but not over-complicated.  It looks very well engineered, and the back of the seat looks very futuristic.  The car seat is in a class of its own from what I have seen of other products.  It has excellent reveiws for safety which you can’t put a price on.  However, there are much cheaper alternatives and if money is tight it would be hard to justify the expense.  For a quality product and a product that will stand the test of time and last for Years I think the price is very reasonable.  This is just brilliant and cannot find any faults with this superb car seat.  I would consider buying this as it looks good, feels secure and seems to offer lots of support for the child.  Safety has to be Every Parent’s Priority and this looks a lot safer than any other ‘cheaper’ seat I have seen.  Would recommend without hesitation as well designed, will last and good investment.  Excellent, well designed product that offers comfort, durability and most importantly of all Safety.  Michelle Jones – Evie Aged 3 Years. 

Product Tested By Nikki Penman – Daisy Aged 3 Years

Nikki Awarded The Concord Transformer with Isofix Maximum Marks 5/5

Excellent quality.  Strong, sturdy and very expensive looking. The instruction book supplied with the car seat is concise and very easy to follow and all instructions are clearly marked on the car seat.  The car seat can be fitted straight from the box.  No assembly required the car seat grows with the child at the touch of a button.  It also reclines at the touch of another button. All done with the aid of gas shocks, so all movements are smooth and hassle free.  Daisy loved the car seat from the moment we got it out the box. We have been on various journeys with it so far (short & long distance) and she has been more than happy.  Falling asleep on a couple of occasions we just reclined the seat, her head being restrained by the side headrests (unlike previous car seats we have owned).  She snugged up no problem at all in it. I would say she finds the seat very comfortable.  Although I am 32 weeks pregnant I fitted this into my Toyota verso within 0 seconds thanks to the twin fix system (and without my fella’s help).  You just click in and you’re ready to go.  Press 2 buttons (1 each side) to release the car seat within seconds.  Fitted using the Twin fix (isofix) so it was extremely easy to anchor in and just as easy to remove.  At the touch of a single button the car seat expands/decreases in both height and width, sliding smoothly and easily thanks to the hydraulics system.  The covers on the seat look to be just as high a quality as the rest of the seat.  Very well tailored and looks to be very durable.  Covers are removable so washing would not be a problem.   I would have to say that the concord transformer II is probably the best looking car seat I have ever seen.  Looks futuristic and modern.  All the buttons are placed in the most sensible places for use and the way the car seats grows is a fantastic piece of engineering.   If you are going to pay £219.99 for a car seat then I would be expecting it to be very safe, to be made of quality materials, and I would expect it to be a bit different to the rest on the market.  The Concord Transformer II gives all the above and more.  I would recommend to others, on the basis that all aspects of this car seat are leaps and bounds above any other car seat I have come across. It may be in the higher price bracket, but you definitely get your moneys worth.   Top quality, very safe, fantastic looking Car seat. A+++  Nikki Penman – Daisy Aged 3 Years 

Product tested by Jaime Willans – Callum 3 years

Jaime Awarded the Concord Transformer with Isofix 4.8/5

Solid and well built, smart looking very impressive. The isofix concerned me a little until I realised it could actually be used safely without it, but should they be used the instructions looked very straight forward. The fitting of the seat to the child is very simple as is the fitting to a car. No assembly is needed except alteration to fit your child, the back of the seat moves up and down allowing it to grow with your child and this is done simply by the push of a button. The reclining feature, I have to say, is brilliant – easy and smooth to do with a push button, no tugging and fighting with stiff plastic clasps. I always find reclining a fantastic feature especially for long journeys when children of all ages are prone to having a nap, no stiff necks and awkward positions in this seat. It is well padded and there is a lot of space. My son loves this seat, especially having complained of a numb bum in previous seats. It fits low and snug into the car so it is easy for a child to climb into himself no more having to lift a growing child and struggle to position him. The fabric quality is hardwearing and durable yet comfortable. Unfortunately seat doesn’t have a removable cover for cleaning purposes. Overall I cannot fault it, the only thing it could do with really is the removable cover for washing. The seat itself is very impressive and I am very pleased with it, all I can say is if you can afford it buy it you won’t be disappointed. The product, however, is out of my price range so I normally wouldn’t get to experience this luxury to know that it even exists. My son is the one who has to sit in it and he loves it. Jaime Willans – Callum 3 years

Excellent, well designed product that offers comfort, durability and most importantly of all Safety. 


Michelle Awarded The Concord Transformer The Ultimte 5/5

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