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The Cool Fan is a funky fan which cools children’s food quickly and hygiencally.  Designed by a Dad who got fed-up standing outside blowing on his impatien daughter’s food.  This ingenious invention can be used when your child first starts on solids right the way through the toddler stage, allowing the whole family to sit down and eat at the same time.  No more waiting for food to cool.


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Cool Fans Reviews

Product Tested by: Michelle Bernard – Amelia & Samuel – 2 Years & 13 Months

Product Tested By Michelle Bernard – Amelia & Samuel – 2 Years & 13 Months

Michelle Awarded The Cool Fan 4.5/5

Overall very good. Fun idea, looks nice and easy to use.  It didn’t come with any packaging. It was just in a brown box so I don’t know if it would have packaging if bought from a shop or if they all come like that! It arrived in one piece though and was packaged well.   Instructions easy to read. Plainly laid out and good picture to accompany them.  Very easy to use. Easy to take off and clean, easy to switch on and off and simple to change batteries.  Food normally cools down very quickly. Obviously it depends what’s on the plate or how much of it there is. If its one level then quickly but if there’s food underneath then you have to move it or stir it as its cooling. Normally I put one on as I take another child’s through to the table and by the time I come back the next one is done so it cools very quickly.  The kids (including the ones I look after) were fighting over who could do their food next and normally they don’t want to sit down to food but now they want to be there first! It’s got foam blades so you don’t have to worry about the kids snapping them, the main part of it is plastic coated metal so it is strong and easy to clean and maintain. The only thing that I found was the batteries kept running out. Obviously I cook for a lot of children so I use it more than the average person might but they did seem to run out quite often and that’s the only reason I marked it down slightly.  Definitely good value for money. We’ve had loads of use out of it and it keeps the kids quiet instead of them getting annoyed that they want their food. They like to watch it spinning and like to cool the food themselves.  Would most certainly purchase this item.  I already have recommended. . All my friends with kids switch it on and give it a go when they come around.  I gave it a 4.5/5. only because of the battery use and the no packaging. I have loved this product and use it daily. It’s a really good idea. We’ve all had colds and stuff so I’m glad I haven’t been passing on germs blowing on Samuel’s food. I think the price is really good and I love the range of different ones that they have. The kids are always going to have a favourite. I could see a whole bunch of products based around these characters.  I think it’s a wonderful idea. Love the fact it’s got soft blades as the first thing one of the kids did was turned it on and put their fingers in it!  Easy to clean, strong and simple and does the job it’s supposed to do. Would definitely buy or recommend!  Michelle Bernard – Amelia & Samuel 2 Years & 13 Months.

Product Tested By Holly Hadfield – Riley Aged 1 year

Holly Awarded The Cool Fan 4.5/5

Looked fun, made well but not sure if it was something I really needed.  The instructions are clear and precise.  Very easy to use due to it only having one switch.  It would take the food just a minute or two to cool down to correct temperature.  My son did like to see Milo make an appearance but wanted to play with it rather than let it cool down his food.  Good quality for its purpose.  Personally I feel price is  a little to much as I’m not sure its something that mums necessarily need  Looked good and served its purpose but not something I feel was not that useful.  Holly Hadfield – Riley Aged 1 Year

Product Tested By Sarah Johnson – Matthew 9 Months

Sarah Awarded The Cool Fan 4.8/5

When I looked on the website I couldn’t see any benefit and thought it was a bit of a gimmick, but from first use I loved it!!  There wasn’t any packaging with it. Delivered in a box, if this is packaging it’s not very professional!!  Instructions easy and straight forward just looked a little naff on paper.  This product is dead easy and simple to use.   I am very impatient but it cools as quickly as blowing on it so it’s great.   My son is a little young to appreciate the fun value of this item, but I can see it would when he is a little older.  Great quality and very cleverly designed.  Superb value for money.   I love it, although I wouldn’t think of it if I hadn’t tried it.  I have already recommended this item.  Product is excellent, looks a little unprofessional in packaging and instructions, but who cares it’s great.  I love it.  Sarah Johnson – Matthew 9 Months

Easy to clean, strong and simple and does the job it’s supposed to do. Would definitely buy or recommend! 


Michelle Awarded The Cool Fan 4.5/5

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