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Coolcasc Helmet Covers

Coolcasc Helmet covers for ski, snowboard, skate, rollerblading, ice hockey, bike, whatever you want!

These fabulous Helmet covers will brighten up anyone’s safety helmet. Can be used by all the family.
One size fits all kids helmets & one size fits all adults helmets

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Prices start from £19.95 – £29.95 Available online

Coolcasc Helmet Covers Reviews

Product Tested by: Claire Sweter-Millar – Natalie 5 Years

Product Tested By Claire Sweter-Millar – Natalie 5 Years

Claire Awarded The Coolcasc 5/5

Looked great when arrived and well packaged. This was so easy to fit onto my daughter’s helmet. My daughter loved wearing it as it was a princess cover. Could not have been easier to fit onto her cycle helmet. I loved the design and there are so many lovely designs to choose from. My daughter really loved wearing this as it made her helmet stand out. Quality is excellent and made of good quality material. This item is lightweight so really easy to wash and dries quickly. I think this item is excellent value for money as it makes safety fun. If you want to be different it is a great way to jazz up a safety helmet. I would certainly purchase this product. I would highly recommend a brilliant product
with a safety message. I have reviewed a few things the cover had a positive
reaction from my daughters. Great Product, fun with safety in mind and your
child can personalise their helmet to suit them. Claire Sweter-Millar – Natalie 5 Years

Product Tested By Donna Liddiard – Noah 4 Years

Donna Awarded the Coolcasc 4.3/5

Bright and colourful and something Noah would love! Packaging plastic mounting boardwhich could easily be cardboard to reduce plastic waste. Instructions clear and simple to follow. My son thought it was great that his helmetcould turn into an alien. He loved wearing this. Very easy to fit and remove from his safety helmet. Design is very good and it definitely makes wearing a helmet more appealing for a child. Good quality, I feel it would last a long time.I haven’t had the need to launder it but it is machine washable on a 30 wash so can’t imagine it would be a problem. I’m not sure I would pay £20 for something to cover an item that I have already paid a similar or higher price for, particularly if my child has already chosen a helmet design that he likes. I did love it’s originality a range of designs. I would buy this item if my child was reluctant to wear a helmet and it made it more appealing as obviously his safety is paramount but as generally we have no problems getting him to wear his safety helmet I probably wouldn’t. I would recommend this item. A very original product that comes in a huge variety of designs making a helmet appear much more attractive, particularly if your child is reluctant to wear a helmet. Donna Liddiard – Noah 4 Years

Product Tested By Sarah Murphy – Aishah 4 Years 

Sarah Awarded The Coolcasc 3.7/5

The product was colourful with a bright vibrant print but I was surprised at the minimalistic feel to it. If I was paying this price I would expect someone more substantial or at least waterproof which it didn’t appear to be. I was pleased to see very minimalistic packaging so less waste. I don’t recall there being any instructions but it was self-explanatory from the product itself.  She was
excited to start wearing this; she really liked the bright colour and the new
style it gave to her helmet. She was happy to initially put it on but then
she soon forgot she had it on. Was very easy fit no problems at all. The design was lovely and bright and I understand the concept so it’s great for reviving worn helmets or maybe turning boys into girls vice versa. However most helmets already come with a bright design so I wouldn’t pay out extra for this product. She did enjoy wearing this as liked the design. Quality was just
ok. For the price range I would expect something thicker and waterproof. It was
lightweight so didn’t feel worth the money. Yes very easy to wash and dry. Personally I feel this product is too expensive for what it is. I did however like the bright design and the easy fit the most. I would not purchase, I
liked the concept but not the price. I would recommend if it is something they would like to purchase. I like the design, colour and concept but not the overall material or price.It was a simple product with a clear easy use so there is not much to say other than my child was excited to revamp her helmet, liked the design but maybe due to her age soon lost interest and forgot she had it on. It wore and washed well but felt a little flimsy for the price tag. Sarah Murphy -Aishah 4 Years

Great Product, fun with safety in mind and your child can personalise their helmet to suit them.


Claire Awarded The Coolcasc 5/5

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