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Cornish Daisy Pod Feeding Bib

The easy wipe Feeding bib with the ””pop up pocket””Manufactured in Cornwall using specially  made ””phthalate free”” child friendly pvc laminated cotton. (oilcloth)Edged in cotton binding to protect your childs skin.The unique design catches dropped food in it’s pop up pocket which can then be un-popped and the contents just wiped away.The bib even folds into its own pocket for easy carrying in a handbag or changing bag.Note :- Strongly coloured foods such as tomato, chilli or carrot may cause some discolouration of this product.This discolouration will not affect its performance.


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£9.99 Available to purchase online

Cornish Daisy Pod Feeding Bib Reviews

Product Tested by: Kerri Lunt – Jaylen 18 Months

Product Tested By Kerri Lunt – Jaylen 18 Months

Kerri Awarded The Cornish Daisy Pod Feeding Bib 4.9/5

Was very impressed when this arrived. Fastenings were fantastic, I loved the idea of different positioned poppers as I have a chubby baby and not all "fastener” bibs fit comfortably, it was very easy to do up as well. Strong, durable and very easy to keep clean. Excellent coverage as it fitted nicely and covered his entire front. Great shape ascovered from neck, shoulders and torso. The "catch tray” feature was fantastic as caught any fluids and saved them rolling off the bib onto his trousers. As this is wipeable it is perfect as you only need to take the one out for the whole day as you can just wipe and re-use, so is a fantastic space saver for a changing bag. Again, as it is wipe cleanit is a fantastic fabric for practicality. Without a doubt the best bib I have used. Definitely good value for money. I will continue to use this as it fits in perfectly with our lifestyle. I have already recommended and a friend of mine has purchased one. Fantastic experience, a fab product that provides full coverage as well as being easy to clean, would definitely continue to use. Kerri Lunt – Jaylen 18 months

Product Tested By Samantha Coombs – 2 Girls aged 2 Years and 11 Months

Samantha Awarded The Cornish Daisy Pod Feeding Bib 4/5

Looked very nice and good quality when arrived. Very easy to do up. The quality is really good. It covers my girls really well. The shape is OK for a bib. I really liked the catch tray on this bib as such a great idea. You purchase this as an individual bib and I would like to see pack of 2 or 3 bibs on offer as you always need more bibs. The material is great as you can just wipe over it and the food comes off. Very easy to keep clean. I feel the price of £9.99 is very high for one bib, even though it is a good product. I will continue to use this bib. I would recommend as this is a very practical bib and easy to use. It is a good product just the price would put me off a little I think if it was 2 for £9.99 then I would probably purchase. Samantha Coombs – 2 Girls aged2 years and 11 Months

Product Tested By Juliette Mitchell – Oscar 16 Months

Juliette Awarded The Cornish Daisy Pod Feeding Bib 5/5

When I received the product I didn’t think Oscar would like wearing it as he hasn’t been comfortable in waterproof bibs. Love the three different press studs for different sized babies/toddlers! Fantastic quality oilcloth – dries so quickly and is completely waterproof, without being uncomfortable. Fantastic cover for him –he is a big 16 month old and love the fact that it covers his shoulders too. Love the catch it tray and the way it is designed catches all food (and liquid!) that escapes from his mouth! We haven’t had wet or dirty clothes since we’ve started using it.  Single bib is fine as I wash it immediately after use and it dries so quickly it is ready for the next feeding time! Practical as both extremely waterproof but also soft. This bib is extremely easy to clean. In my view excellent value for money. I have used this every day since I received it, and most days have used it three times a day. I also went to a birthday party on Saturday and there was a little girl wearing the rose print one and she kept it on for the whole party with her party dress,  it looked gorgeous! Extremely impressed. I have never been impressed by waterproof or catch it bibs. I never got on with them with my first baby. But this one is quite different. Thank you, Cornish Daisy! Another fantastic product. Juliette Mitchell – Oscar 16 Months






 Fantastic experience, a fab product that provides full coverage as well as being easy to clean, 


Kerri Awarded The Cornish Daisy Pod Feeding Bib 4.9/5

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