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Corolle Babipouce Musical Doll

The Corolle Babipouce Pink Striped Doll is a soft & cuddly baby doll. Suitable from birth + 100% Size: 30cm

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Corolle Babipouce Musical Doll Reviews

Product Tested by: Sarah Hogarth - Baby Becky 6 Months

Product Tested By Sarah Hogarth – Baby Becky 6 Months

Sarah Awarded the Corolle BabiPouce Musical Doll 3.5/5

I must admit we have not purchased many dolls for Becky yet, so was pleased to receive this to review. A pretty doll arrived in an attractive box, but not much information/instructions and was not aware immediately this is a musical doll.  Website has a lot of toys on offer catering for all ages.  Becky took to the doll and enjoyed listening to the tunes it played (kept her smiling).  The size is certainly suitable for a young baby, but it is a doll so they can cuddle, listening to the music and look at it.  This is really a nice idea for a gift as does not feature a major interactive play value. Quality is good, a cute doll that plays tunes.  Personally I feel slightly expensive but would make a nice gift.   Sarah Hogarth – Baby Becky 6 Months

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Louise McKay – Baby Laila 9 Months

Louise Awarded the Corolle BabiPouce Musical Doll 3/5

My initial impression of this product was that it is very similar to others on the market, only perhaps a little smaller.  The website is not suitable for customers who are mothers – DKL is a company which supplies to other traders. Therefore, there was minimal relevant information on the site. The doll comes in a lovely pink box, which we’ve kept to use for other things.  You can’t see the doll until you open it, which makes it a lovely surprise for an older child. However, there were no instructions in the box with the product so I had to look on the internet to find it for sale on another website.  I then realised that the doll could play music and then had to continue searching to find out how to get it to work! I found that part of the product very unhelpful. The size of the toy is very suitable for younger children and my child loved hearing it play the lullaby. The quality of the product was not to my usual satisfaction because the doll’s top had a number of loose threads. These have continued to unravel with play and I will probably shortly cut the top off the doll. I do not regard the toy as very good in a playable context because my daughter lost interest after a short while and preferred playing with her other toys.  I don’t think this product is an educational toy for a child of my daughter’s age, although an older child may enjoy it as part of a ‘role play’ activity. It is a simple toy to play with, although my daughter is too young to make it to play the lullaby herself.  The toy does not offer great value for money because I think £28 is quite a lot to spend on a teddy/doll for a baby. I would also expect the clothing the baby is wearing to be of a higher quality given the cost of the doll. I don’t think it’s going to be something she will enjoy for years to come either so I don’t consider it to be a worthwhile long-term investment. Now that I have tested this product I would not consider buying it because I feel my child is too young to play with dolls.  Personally I feel this item is more suted to an older child.  Louise McKay – Baby Laila 9 Months


Product Tested By Lisa Smithard – Olivia Aged 1 Years

Lisa Smithard Awarded the Corolle BabiPouce Musical Doll 3/5

The product seemed in very good condition and quality. The company’s website is very modern in appearance and is simple to use. It also has a wide range of toys for a wide age range. The packaging had an attractive pattern but it was very simple and did not show off the product at all. I think the style and size of the toy is ideal for a younger baby or toddler. The entertainment value of the product was average because although the doll is musical it does not catch the attention of my 1 year old daughter. I think the recommended age for the doll would be more suited for a newborn baby more than a toddler. The doll is not very good in a playable context because it has no moving parts. I think my baby would prefer it if it made baby noises rather than musical tunes. It did not seem to help with her development because the doll is very simple and she didn’t seem very attracted to it. It is simple enough for my child to play with but she loses interest after a short while. My baby did not really play with the doll much as she prefers other dolls which are more ‘life like’. The quality of the doll is very good and is manufactured to a high standard. Now that I have tested the product I would not consider buying it because my child wasn’t that interested and it is quite expensive.  I wouldn’t recommend this doll to friends or family because I don’t feel it is good value for money and would think it more suitable for a newborn. Lisa Smithard – Olivia Aged 1 Years

Quality is good, a cute doll that plays tunes.


Sarah Awarded the Corolle Babipouce Musical Doll 3.5/5

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