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Cosatto Woosh Trail

Woosh Trail Stroller
The lightweight, spacious, multi-terrain, compact-fold stroller with pull handle, eco fabric and 25kg capacity.
What’s in the Box?
Woosh Trail
4 Wheels
Leatherette Bumper Bar
Cup Holder
Magic Bell
Mosquito Net
4 Year Guarantee Card
Cosatto Woosh Trail is the compact, sturdy, pushchair with spacious seat and 25kg capacity so your child can use it for even longer. This adventure-ready hero has large, all-terrain puncture-proof tyres and cantilever shock-absorbing suspension for a smooth ride.

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Price £299.95 Available Cosatto Store Argos, Pramworld, UK Baby Center

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Cosatto Woosh Trail Reviews

Product Tested By Gemma Priestly – Baby Boy

Gemma Awarded The Cosatto Whoosh Trail Buggy 5/5

Very smart, beautiful design, easy to put together. The design of this is very beautiful. Instructions clear and easy to follow. I found this very easy to use. I found it very easy to put baby in the buggy because it is upright he is comfortable and can see around him but is also safe at the same time. Safety harness very easy to use and easy to make bigger and smaller. Once he was in the buggy I was confident he was very safe. He firstly had the straps on his arms but took them out when he was more comfortable, this was a bit worrying because it is so far forward he leaned to the side and nearly fell out, straps are always on now whenever he is in the pram. This is very easy to fold and store. Love the extendable handle to wheel along instead of having to carry it. I have a Vauxhall Mokka and I can get the pram and a shop in the boot, so very convenient. This was very easy to manoeuvre going up curbs etc., the suspension seems to be very good. The wheels do deliver a smooth ride and ideal for a range of terrains. The hood is fabulous as it is a big hood, especially with the extra material after being unzipped. I loved the pull handle so easy to use. Nice to have a mosquito net but did not use as weather was cold. I found the raincover difficult to put on as it is not a very good fit at all. I loved the cup holder. Great shopping basket and big enough for baby bag and shopping, fab basket. We use this every weekend. Used this out and about and around town. I would be very happy to take this away with us on our travels. I loved the design, the print is beautiful. Very smart design and good quality. I just loved the eco fabric used. I did know this comes with a 4 year guarantee which is important. Excellent quality. Very good value for money, and beautiful sturdy pram. I would buy this if I had another baby. I would also recommend for all the reasons above. The pram is a beautiful sturdy design, beautiful print, solid structure, lots of extras (although the bell is a little annoying). Very easy to put up and down, handle to pull along is a great extra, handle very comfortable and suspension/wheels are very sturdy. All round great pram and super happy to use it. Gemma Priestly – Baby Boy

Product Tested By Emily Clough – Izzy and Nathan – 4 months and 2 years 11 months

Emily Awarded The Cosatto Whoosh Trail Buggy 4.5/5

Smart and fresh design. Excited to unpack and put together. I appreciated the attempt at a more sustainable stroller. The wheels appeared bigger than the usual strollers which looked promising for multi terrain use. I think the most impressive practical element for me is the shower proof hood. When caught in the rain and needing time to put on the cover, this is a winner! Instructions simple and clear. The brake pad is a bit stuff to operate other than that the stroller is great, nimble to move around with smooth wheels. Putting Nathan in the stroller I found the seat fabric was a little slippery against his clothes which meant full concentration was needed from him. For Izzy without a baby insert I felt she was too small for the seat and that there was too much movement on her part, or the adjusting of the straps was so snug it looked uncomfortable. I think from 6 months of age I would have been more comfortable with her using the stroller. It is a nice feature that the shoulder straps stay connected to the waist straps. Good resistance on the unlocking clip and padding for comfort was nice and plump. Once Nathan was in the stroller was confident he was safe and comfortable. The adjustable leg rest was good for when he was actively engaged on walks or up when he was more restful. The leg that clicks down to enable upright storage could have done with support from another leg on the other side of the stroller. Very easy to fit in car book ad I had a small SUV Hyundai ix35. Mainly used on pavements, grass fields and gravelly car parks the stroller managed very well. On all the terrains used the wheels delivered a comfortable ride. The hood is great. It has great extendable reach and provided relief from the rain when getting the main rain cover on. I did not really use the pull handle feature (aside from initially testing it, which was smooth to use) but my mum (70yrs old) very much valued this rather than having to bear the weight. I did take the Mosquito out and attach to the stroller which appeared to fit really well, but it has been winter so I have not used for its intended purpose. The raincover was a reasonable fit, the stroller was mostly dry and only my son’s feet that were damp after being out with consistent rain for 90mins. The cup holder is very handy and sturdy as well so difficult to spill ones drink! Given the size of the stroller I thought it was a very reasonably sized basket with easy access. Between my mother and I we used this about 6 hours each week. This was used around the city and parks. Good to take on holiday as light and compact, all weather proof which is great as well. I liked the ease of collapsing the product and the large hood.
I liked the discrete but artistic print on the fabric, which I imagine over time with a lot of use would also hide a world of marks and dirt that children bring to our lives! Using Eco fabric is not something I’ve seen in the pram/stroller world so nice to see changes being made to being more sustainable. Having a 4 year guarantee is great given that it is the most used large ticket item of children. The brake pad doesn’t seem very smooth so I wonder how long this will last. The fabric feels well-made and strong and handle bar feels solid. For all the features of this stroller I think this is great value for money. I would buy this, although my mum being a few inches shorter than me would prefer adjustable handlebars as she found it slightly high for her use (5ft 4). I would recommend for all the reasons above. I was impressed by this stroller. It delivers on many handy extras such as drinks holder, zip storage for phone / purse and a bell, but also good quality practical features like bigger wheels and a large hood. The steer is nimble and the stroller quite light. The design is discrete and attractive as well as being more sustainable than your average stroller. Emily Clough – Izzy and Nathan – 4 months and 2 years 11 months

Product Tested By Abbey Rowett – Daisy 13 Months

Abbey Awarded The Cosatto Whoosh Trail Buggy 4.2/5

My first thoughts were WOW. The design print was lovely, very neutral and love the woodland theme. Instructions quire easy to read and understand. Easy to put up and down but can’t be done one handed like it stated. Easy to pop my daughter in and feels extra safe with the bar. I had issues with the safety harness as every time I put my daughter in, the strap unclicks out of the side harness. My daughter seems to look comfy in the pushchair when I place her in. This folds up really compact. I don’t drive but when I have put it in my mums Nissan Note it fits really well in the boot This is quite smooth on grass, pavements etc., but not tried it on rocky terrains. The wheels do deliver a smooth ride, but they have started to squeak. Love the hood. I love that it pulls all the way over so the baby cannot see out. Perfect for when my daughter naps. I love the pull handle. It is such a good nifty thing to have and all pushchairs should have this feature. I received this item in Autumn/Winter so haven’t used the mosquito net so therefore cannot comment. The raincover only hugs half of the hood meaning the rest of the hood gets wet and pools water on the top. The raincover needs to be changed to cover the whole of the hood. The cup holder is perfect for autumn/winter mornings when I can put my coffee in there. I found the shopping basket was on a slant so can’t really put some things in as they fall out also it is quite shallow so can’t fit much in. I used this multiple times each day. Used this on school runs during the week or going shopping. Ideal to take on your travels as it is handy to have the handle to pull along especially in the airport or on trains. I loved the sturdiness, the cup holder, the woodland theme design and the peep hole in the hood to be able to check on the baby whilst they sleep. Beautiful design, really well made and it’s made out of recycled bottles so great for the environment too. I think the Eco Fabric is great as we need to look after the environment more. I knew this had a 4 year guarantee. It is important in case it breaks or anything goes wrong, I don’t have to purchase a replacement. This is really well made but there is a few errors (raincover, the squeaky wheels, the bell is unnecessary, the storage basket is on an angle and not deep meaning not much shopping can be put in it and the strap keeps unclipping). This is good value for money due to the sturdiness, the wheels are thick and durable. I personally wouldn’t buy this as it is quite a lot of money for a pushchair and I don’t have that kind of money spare to be able to purchase it myself. I would recommend as it is sturdy, durable and looks like it will last a long time. The product when I received it was perfect. However since using it, the wheels have become squeaky, the harness keeps unclicking, the basket is impractical, the bell is unnecessary, just gets in the way and I keep catching it by accident. Abbey Rowett – Daisy 13 Months

Very good value for money, and beautiful sturdy pram. I would buy this if I had another baby. I would also recommend for all the reasons above. The pram is a beautiful sturdy design, beautiful print, solid structure, lots of extras (although the bell is a little annoying). Very easy to put up and down, handle to pull along is a great extra, handle very comfortable and suspension/wheels are very sturdy. All round great pram and super happy to use it.


Gemma Awarded The Cosatto Whoosh Trail Buggy 5/5

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