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Cosatto Wow 2 Pram and Pushchair Whisper

Discover Wow 2
Wow 2 is the feature-packed luxury travel system with enhanced, all terrain performance and 4-year guarantee.
Meet your everyday, premium, enhanced, high-performance, exquisite helping hand.
All you need is Wow.
What’s in the Box? Chassis & Basket – Dual Density Wheels x4 – Carrycot with Hood & Apron -Carrycot Mattress – Seat Unit & Hood -Chest Pads x2 -Crotch Pad -Bumper Bar

Wow 2 is at your service. Full of clever contradictions, it’s compact but roomy – with a spacious carrycot for your growing littl’un and a big basket that goes beyond your everyday bits and bobs. This is your clever, compact companion.
With brains and beauty, Wow 2 is the world-class wonder with premium finishes, luxury tailoring and thoughtful details. From gleaming tonal chassis to accent wheel pips, it’s visibly extraordinary – and with hidden detailing it’s discreetly dazzling too. Discover second nature features with second glance styling.
Wow 2 has first class functionality for everyday freedom. With supreme handling, smooth one-handed features and max manoeuvrability, it’s helpful with a handful. Wow 2 has your every move mapped out.
Wow 2 really delivers on all-terrain performance bringing a smooth off-road experience plus it is Tiny Boot approved, fitting into a Fiat 500.
However you roll, Wow 2’s on your wavelength – this superstar system has launched a thousand looks. From artistic adventurers to fanciful flower dreamers, there’s a pattern for everyone. Discover designs crafted around your littl’un and celebrating nature. Discover the flagship pattern leader.

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Cosatto Wow 2 Pram and Pushchair Whisper Reviews

Product Tested By Samatha Gott – Max 5 Months

Samantha Awarded The Cosatto Wow 2 Pram and Pushchair Whisper 5/5

Upon arrival the first thing that impressed us was how well everything was packed and how easy to assemble it was. We didn’t even need to consult the instruction manual for some things, like putting on the wheels. We also thought the colours looked even better in real life than in pictures we’d seen online. I love the design. It is sleek and I love the colours – very on trend. I especially love that the fabric is made using recycled bottles. It’s nice that’s printed on the bottom of the basket as I probably wouldn’t have known otherwise. The little fox on the side of the carrycot hood is cute too. There are lots of lovely little touches to the design like this. The pattern on the inside of the hood is cute and my baby enjoys looking at this. The only thing I would suggest regarding the design is that maybe the underside of the basket would benefit from being a darker colour. When you collapse the pram to put in the car, the front wheels touch the fabric, and it can get dirty. I found the instructions easy to use. The images are all clear and each part is clearly labelled at the front of the booklet. I didn’t have any issues when assembling the pushchair or when reading how to use the different functionalities. With some products (like our car seat for example), I had to search on YouTube for videos on how to use it correctly. With the Cosatto Wow pushchair, I didn’t need to watch any videos as the instructions are simple to follow and the pushchair itself is easy to move, flatten and assemble. The fabric is feels soft and the carrycot mattress feels like it is comfy for my baby. The only reason for giving a 4 is that the carrycot apron is a bit stiff, so if you are being lazy and don’t want to completely remove this when you put baby in the pram it can get in the way. Also, it took a while for the new, chemical smell to disappear. The one-hand release is super easy to use! It’s nice not to be bending over and pushing multiple buttons when trying to remove the carrycot. It helps too as the carrycot itself isn’t too heavy. We have not used the carrycot for overnight sleeping yet as we haven’t needed to, however it is useful to know that we have this option if we travel anywhere and stay overnight. The pattern is lovely on the inside of the carrycot hood. Whilst it’s not super colourful (beige and white), my baby does seem to enjoy looking at it when travelling in the pram. I think he’ll love the pattern as he gets older too with the different animals. I also really like the message of being kind to animals and loving nature. The removable liner was very easy to remove. We have only removed it once so far when first assembling the pram, but we know it can be easily removed if we need to for cleaning purposes in the future. This is ideal for usage from birth through to 25kg. It is great that the pram also has the pushchair element and with a 25 kg weight limit it’s sure to last well into the toddler years. This pushchair turns so smoothly, and it does not feel clunky or too heavy. It is a pleasure to push my baby in. I would however say that it isn’t super lightweight although appreciate that most prams of this style weigh around the same – our old one included. The compact fold is very effective. I have an Audi A1 and the chassis fits comfortably in my boot. I put the carrycot on the front seat when travelling but I have checked, and the chassis does fit in my boot with the seat unit which is great! To be honest I never use the lock on the front wheels and I’m not totally sure why I would need to when there is a brake that I can easily turn on and off with my foot and without needing to bend down. I always have the swivel lock open so that the wheels can swivel. The swivel wheels themselves are great as they make the pram super easy to manoeuvre. Having quick release tyres was ideal. With all the wet weather recently the tyres have been getting dirty. The back wheels are especially easy to remove which makes cleaning much easier. The front wheels are easy to remove but a bit fiddlier to put back on again. As the fabric on the pram is a light colour, it is a good feature that you can remove the wheels to clean when they are muddy as you don’t then have to try and hose it down and risk getting the rest of the pram dirty. This worked well on all-terrains however I did avoid taking it on super muddy terrains where possible as I didn’t want to splash the fabric too much with mud! I like to have the handles on the highest setting as I’m quite tall. But it’s good to have the option to adjust it lower, for example when you are in a lift or parking the pram in a tight space. The raincover is excellent and fits very well. The basket size is generous, and I really like the zip compartments. It means that I can keep the rain cover in the large zip compartment and then I don’t have to worry about forgetting it when I’m out and about and it starts to rain. It also means that I can keep a few bits in the smaller zip compartment without having to remove them when I put the pram back in the car. Having already used the pushchair with my nephew, I can see that we will be using this for years to come with our baby. It’s great that the pushchair can face forwards or backwards as I’m sure in time he will want to be looking out at the world instead of at me. We used the pushchair whilst babysitting my nephew who is 18 months old. It was very easy to change over from the carrycot to the pushchair. The one-handed recline feature is quick and simple to use. It’s nice to have different options depending on the mood of baby. If baby is tired and wants to kick back and relax but doesn’t necessarily want to be fully reclined, then you can have it in one of the middle options. I liked how easy it was to adjust when baby has fallen asleep – not too noisy and a smooth movement. Whilst it hasn’t been very sunny when we’ve used the pushchair it is great to know that our baby will be protected from the UV rays in warmer months. The loops for toys are a thoughtful addition (which we don’t have on our other pram), and we use them all the time on the carrycot to hang toys for our baby to gaze at. The leg rest is very easy to adjust with the push of a button. I like that there are 3 different positions to choose from rather than two. The chest and tummy padding is great quality and feels very comfortable. I have marked a 4 because I found it hard to move the straps from the lowest position to the next one up. The chest pads are also in the way when you need to adjust the strap length, but I would rather that than have uncomfortable staps digging into my baby. I found the bumper bar very easy to use. It is easy to open and close but still feels very safe for baby. The padding is lovely and soft to the touch too. Don’t know how it could be any better. The one push button safety harness is very easy to use, especially when you want to get baby out quickly. The waist strap is one long strap that goes behind baby rather than two separate straps and can get caught behind them or come down on one side longer than the other. We only used the pram/pushchair in our family car and not in any others. It does however fit in the boot of our car very well. This was used most days. Mostly used walking around my local area and at the supermarket. I really liked the quick release button to release the carrycot from the chassis, this is an excellent feature. We also like how rugged and strong the wheels are. We found the pram to be a great all-rounder. Whilst it is compact and easy to get in and out of the car it is also great for walks on uneven terrain due to the large wheels with grippy tyres. This pram is great value for money because it lends itself to local walks around suburbia whilst also being equipped and ready for more challenging/technical off-road activities. It is well made and sturdy and we feel like when we are done with it that it will still be great for years to come. Great quality. Well-made and well packaged. I love the Cosatto design philosophy and have found the pram to be of exceptional quality. I would recommend the Cosatto brand as the designs are funky and fun. Most other brands I’ve seen are in plain boring colours. The quality of the pram is great as well. On the whole this is a fantastic product. It is well built, well designed and ticks a lot of boxes. The only negatives are the light-coloured fabric on the bottom of the basket and the straps that took me a while to adjust for the height. From the initial unboxing of the Cosatto Wow Pushchair, we have loved the product. The instructions were incredibly easy to follow, and the design of this particular pushchair is beautiful. I had a different pushchair already; however this one is much easier to transport in my car and as such I use it much more than my other one. As I am often out with my baby on my own, it is really important that I can assemble and put away the pushchair easily. I didn’t find this pushchair too heavy when lifting it back into the boot of my car. When walking with the pushchair, one of my favourite features is the adjustable handlebar. I have friends with pushchairs that don’t have this feature and they are envious as if you are taller then you can end up kicking the pushchair when walking. Samatha Gott – Max 5 Months

Product Tested By Lauren Murrells – Cassandra 6 Months

Lauren Awarded The Cosatto Wow 2 Pram and Pushchair Whisper 5/5

I was very excited when the big box arrived. It was packaged well, with all parts thoroughly wrapped and padded to prevent damage in transit. I put it together straight away in order to test it out. First impression was that it was expertly crafted, and had luxurious appearance. I couldn’t wait to get my little girl in it, and take her for a walk. Compared to other Cosatto designs, the whisper is more minimalist. I know Cosatto for their loud and colourful patterns. However this was more muted, but still the same attention to details as other designs. I’ve always been drawn to colour but upon seeing this one in person, I don’t think I would have chosen differently now. My personal favourites of the design are the gold finish on the frame that also carry onto the wheels, and the engaging pattern within the hood of the carrycot. The instructions to put together were easy to follow. They included easy to follow picture diagrams for every step. I was able to get the pram constructed in no time at all and without fuss. The pram was easy to use. Mostly intuitive, but anything that I didn’t immediately understand the instructions covered. I felt my girl was safe and comfortable in the carrycot. It’s easy to unzip the cover and push the hood down to tuck her in. I’ve always found her to be content and relaxed, normally falling asleep whilst laying in the carrycot so I believe she must find it comfy. The one-hand release feature is fantastic for smoothly moving carrycot of the pushchair, perfect for when you having a sleeping baby that you desperately want to keep asleep! No longer do you have to fumble to remove the carrycot with the standard two buttons on either side of the carrycot. This has just one button that you can simply click and carrycot is removed. I only used the carrycot for overnight sleeping on the odd occasion, but I found it to be safe and comfortable for my baby girl. I had no issues settling her in the carrycot and she slept soundly. The woodland pattern on the interior of carrycot was one of my favourite features of the pram. My daughter was enchanted by it, and would spend most walks fixated by it. I certainly would say that the pattern stimulated her and it is one of the selling points of the pram. The liner is really easy to remove to wash. Simply unzip and place on a gentle wash. I do believe this pram will serve me well for many years to come. The carrycot is easily suited from birth and chair looks like it will comfortably hold a toddler. It appears durable and robust so I can without doubt see it lasting my daughter well into toddlerhood, and then hopefully to a new family. I did find the frame lightweight and had no issues lifting it about. I did find the all-round suspension to be effective in giving a smooth ride. My main vehicle is a Vauxhall Crossland and the compact fold meant that it fit with ease with plenty of room for other items. No problem fitting the travel system and the weekly food shop all in the boot. My second car is a tiny Fiat Panda and I was impressed to discover that travel system also easily fit in the boot of this car. I went on a week-long UK holiday with my husband, toddler and baby – which as you’d expect meant packing a huge amount of stuff. I was surprised that we managed to juggle all this and still find room to fit the pushchair in. It is definitely one of the best features and one that makes it worth recommending. I found the pram to be easy to control when navigating tight spots due to its lockable front wheels. The quick release tyres were amazing and one of my favourite parts of the pram. It was a feature I didn’t know I wanted until I had it, now I wouldn’t be without. I often go for muddy walks and would return to the car with mud covered wheels. The wheels pop off with ease and I throw them in a separate box in the boot. Keeps the boot and the rest of the pram clean. I can then can easily carry just the muddy wheels in for a quick clean. The pram mostly handled various terrains with ease. I was impressed with how well the pram coped with rough pathways and muddy parks. Unsurprisingly it didn’t cope with a pebbled beach – I really did test this pram out! I often spend a walk chasing after my toddler who normally leaves the smooth path to run across the muddiest part of the park. The pram handled the mud without struggle and I had no issue keeping up with a fast toddler. The adjustable handle height is a wonderful feature. My husband and I are vastly different heights so need different handle heights to comfortably handle the pushchair. It easy and quick to change the height of the handle. I’ve been lucky so far to only have been caught out in the rain once. Considering I had not a chance to play around with the rain cover prior to this, I was able to get it on without too much struggle. It fit snuggly around the pram and kept my little one nice and dry. There is a pocket compartment in the basket to hold the raincover. On the whole, the basket served all my needs but it could have been a little bigger. A few occasions I had to carry additional items that I wish could have fit in the basket. The little compartments were handy and I particularly liked the compartment to fit the raincover. My baby girl has only recently turned 6 months so I’ve not long moved her to the pushchair mode from the carrycot. I’m impressed with the size of the seat, I’d describe it as roomy. There is plenty of growing room and I can see it serving us well for years to come. I do have an older son but I did not try him in the pushchair. He’s almost three but although I did not test it, I could see that the pushchair could have comfortably held him. Initially, I had difficulty locating the button to alter the recline of the chair. I did not expect it to be on the back of the chair. On understanding how to recline, it was easy and simple to use and allowed for convenient adjustments without any hassle. As my daughter is still young, she was more comfortable set at greater recline. I do like that the pushchair comes with UPF100+ sunshade and also benefits from extendable sun visor. It provides excellent coverage and helps keep my daughter protected from the sun. The pushchair also came with a free hanging fox toy that matches the pram theme that I attached to the loop on the visor. This helped to keep my baby entertained when out and about. The one-handed adjustable leg rest was intuitive and simple to use. I was able to quickly set the leg rest to the right setting for my daughter whilst she was sat in the pram. The chest pads and tummy pads were easy to use, they simply slot over the harness. They matched in with the whisper design and provided a comfortable barrier between the harness and my child. I have attached the bumper bar to the pushchair but Cosatto also provide clips so that the pushchair looks neat without it in use. It’s easy to attach and unclip for strapping baby in. It matches with the design of the pushchair. The pushchair comes with a 5 point harness meaning that I felt my child was very secure in the seat. The clip to secure the harness was easy to plug into and also to unclip. I used the pushchair set with both my family vehicles and it easily fitted into both of these boots. My second car is a small fiat Panda, and normally I struggle to fit much in this boot but I had no problem storing the pushchair. I used the Cosatto Wow pushchair daily. I used the pushchair in many locations, but by far my most commonly travelled location was to parks. It difficult to pick what I like most about this pushchair set as there are many fantastic features. However if I had to choose one, its how compact it is when folded. Being able to fit it in the boot with ease and have plenty of space left over is a huge advantage over other pushchair sets. My child is still small but I think it’s great that the pushchair will continue to accommodate my child as they grow for years to come. The long term usability of the pram means that we hopefully won’t need to update our travel system and it will be still with us until the day comes that my child comfortably walk everywhere. I do think the pram is good value for money. It feels like a premium product and I have no hesitation in believing that it will last many years. I was satisfied with the quality of this pram. It is evident that Cosatto put a lot of care into the design of the pram as it includes lots of amazing features. For example how much of the pram can be used one handed. The pram feels sturdy and well built, and is aesthetically pleasing. I think it is exceptional quality. I think for all the travel set offers that it is excellent value for money and I would consider buying it myself. There is so many features that I love about this pram that I would not want to be without now. I’d have no hesitation in recommending this product. I would recommend this product as it is stylish to look at but also very practical. It is easy to assemble, fold and manoeuvre. It will fit in most if not all boots. It is comfy but also secure for baby. Finally it is durable and I have no doubt will last. I can confidently give this product an overall mark of 5 out of 5. It is a beautiful product and I love all the little details to appearance such as the gold wheels that visually show this is a quality pram. It is also very practical and includes lots of useful features. I personally liked how easily it fit into the boot of my car. Also how you could quickly pop the wheels off making cleaning exceptionally easy. I highly recommend this pram. The design is sleek and elegant, and everything about it shouts quality. This pram exceeded my expectations in nearly every aspect. It’s a sturdy pram that handles multiple terrains with ease. One of the bestselling points of the pram is the compact fold which sees it fit in most boots with room to spare. My baby girl was very comfy in the pram and was enchanted by the pattern offered by the carrycot. There are so many brilliant features of this pram that I could spend all day selling its praise. Lauren Murrells – Cassandra 6 Months

Product Tested By Jo Richards – Beatrix 6 Months

Jo Awarded The Cosatto Wow 2 Pram and Pushchair Whisper 4/5

Looks smart and well designed. Looks stylish. The patterned inside of hood and other fox details were cute. The colour (Whisper) is probably not the colour I would have chosen (high risk of looking dirty quickly) but the gold details on the metal work complimented this fabric. Diagrams easy to follow to complete assembly. I personally would have liked some written information too (perhaps a QR link to online information). Able to assemble without difficulty. Carrycot not used as my baby was already using seat in our original pram. Easy to attach and detach carrycot. My daughter enjoyed looking at the patterns in the carrycot hood when we lowered the shade to keep the sun out of her eyes. No problems taking out the removable liner. Definitely suitable from birth. I would likely use until approx. age 2 unless needing to walk long distances as (with any travel system) it is large and I would likely switch to a lightweight stroller. My older child (4) would be too tall to sit in this comfortably currently (probably from age3). Lightweight and easy to push. Some difficulty when lifting up and down kerbs with wheels getting stuck or accidently putting the brake on. I really struggled with the brake – frequently activating it by accident and finding it difficult to unlock. Easily fitted in our boot but we have a large car (Landrover Discovery). Base easy to fold and is compact. A big downside is not being able to fold this with seat still attached which means it takes up a lot more space in the car and also when stored in the hallway. When folded the whole pushchair rests on the handle which will cause damage relatively quickly. Was not aware of the lockable front swivel wheels for tight spots so did not test this aspect out. Wheels easy to detach and appear to be easy to clean. Used mainly on pavement but easily used on slightly muddy grass. Did not attempt to use on shingle. Handles are very easy to adjust. No problems with raincover. Useful compartment in basket to store it. Moderate sized basket which is easy to access. Easy to switch seat between parent and forward facing. When lying completely flat it was not possible to have foot end completely flat. Not used as my older child is too tall although within weight limit. Recline function easy to use but as mentioned above difficult to get feet completely flat. Sunshade is large and would provide good coverage in sunny weather. Easy to adjust leg rest but I could not get it completely flat when in maximum recline. Effective chest and tummy pads and seemed comfortable but slightly tricky to adjust. No problems with the bumper bar. Effective safety harness and seemed comfortable but slightly tricky to adjust. Daily usually for local outings and errands but occasionally for longer family walks. Mainly used in our local streets and parks. I liked how stylish it looked and is light weight but feels substantial and comfortable for baby. This was ideal for my 6 month old baby. Cheaper than other similar brands on the market but still an expensive purchase. Likely to be used daily for 18 months to 2 years per child so overall worth investment. Appears good quality and likely to withstand heavy use. As mentioned fabric colour and metal work likely to show signs of wear quickly. In my current circumstances (2 children with no plans for additional and youngest now 6 months) I would not spend this amount on a new travel system as it is likely to not have significant use. Would consider this travel system if pregnant with my first. Depending on their circumstances. Would recommend as easy to use and more affordable than other options. If space (car/house) an issue then would suggest alternative as does not fold particularly compactly. Overall the travel system looks stylish and is light weight. It is not as compact as I expected when folded down. Storage and cup holder useful for days out. I really struggled with the brake which impacted my opinion of the handling of the pushchair. Jo Richards – Beatrix 6 Months

The instructions were incredibly easy to follow, and the design of this particular pushchair is beautiful. I had a different pushchair already; however this one is much easier to transport in my car and as such I use it much more than my other one. As I am often out with my baby on my own, it is really important that I can assemble and put away the pushchair easily. I didn’t find this pushchair too heavy when lifting it back into the boot of my car. When walking with the pushchair, one of my favourite features is the adjustable handlebar. I have friends with pushchairs that don’t have this feature and they are envious as if you are taller then you can end up kicking the pushchair when walking.


Samantha Awarded The Cosatto Wow 2 Pram and Pushchair Whisper 5/5

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