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Cosy Fleece Baby Booties

Lined with Organic Cotton, luxuriously soft, cosy fleece baby booties that stay on. Designed by Psychologists & Anthropologists to support your baby’s development. Our booties provide sensory stimulation to the soles of your baby’s feet. Double-layered with soft fleece on pure Organic Cotton, so you have peace of mind that your baby’s feet are comfortable and safe. Our fabrics are anti-microbial, hypoallergenic, breathable and gentle on delicate & sensitive skin. Designed with an adjustable elasticated ankle band and stud poppers, our booties stay on the most fidgety babies, keeping their feet warm and safe. No more lost socks and perfect all year round, our booties grow with your baby so they fit for longer. As parents, we need peace of mind, so our booties come with a free product information pack. Shop yours today and get access to our lifetime replacement guarantee, because we believe baby shopping should be simple!

Available in sizes 0 – 24 Months
Bizziebaby Bronze Award Winner 2018 Baby Shoes Category

£14.99 Available,

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Cosy Fleece Baby Booties Reviews

Product Tested By Carys Thurlby – Laurence 20 Months

Carys Awarded The Cosy Fleece Baby Booties 4.4/5

They looked nice and fluffy and cosy. Slightly too warm for the first week we had them. They looked more functional than stylish, but that’s my preference. I’d rather they are well designed for the job than look stylish but don’t work.Care instructions were very clear, no complaints. They fitted him perfectly. There’s not much adjustability but they were the right size anyway. We used them as slippers in the house and he seemed to like wearing them. He has hyper mobile ankles and wears orthotics outside, so I was a bit worried he’d be slipping but he was fine in them. They kept his feet nice and warm. This is the only area I was slightly unsure. Maybe I just have a very wiggly toddler, but he was able to get his foot out of the bootie, with it still attached around his ankle, like a fluffy ankle bracelet. I found I had to keep putting his foot back in. It didn’t matter which setting it was on, he’d wiggle his foot out. They’re soft and cosy, so were perfect once the colder weather hit. Quality is very nice. The material was soft and felt nice and thick. The organic cotton lining is lovely and we had no evidence of any irritation to my boys’ feet. It felt nice against the skin. They washed well. The material was slightly less soft, and the outer a little bobbly, after the first wash, but no more than you’d expect. My son was able to keep slipping his foot out, which I’m guessing wasn’t too comfortable. Otherwise he seemed very happy in them. My son would use these each morning before getting dressed, and in the evenings when changed into his Pyjamas.  I was very pleased with the product. The material felt nice and ten seams were secure. I think £15 is a reasonable price, especially given it is organic. I loved they felt so cosy and were nice and warm.I’d buy these to use as slippers as they’re nice and soft and comfortable, and allow his feet to breathe. I prefer organic cotton to the cheap polyester and rubber/plastic soles that make your child’s feet sweat. I would recommend for the same reasons. I really liked the product, and think it’s healthier for his feet than modern slippers. The sole is flexible and the materials are natural so he wasn’t restricted and his feet were warm, but not sweaty. I really liked the product and would buy it. The only slight annoyance was his feet coming out. This mainly happened when he was in the pushchair so he may have been rubbing them or otherwise playing with them. They were easy to put on and take off. My son seemed happy wearing them. Carys Thurlby – Laurence 20 Months

Product Tested by Jenny Rockell – Gabriel 19 Months

Jenny Awarded The Cosy Fleece Baby Booties 4/5

When the booties arrived I thought they looked really nice, soft and warm. They are a nice neutral colour that would look good with any outfit.The style is a good concept, but I found a few times when he was wearing them his foot came out of the main boot part and was just hanging behind his ankle/feet but still attached to his ankle by the popper part. Care instructions are clear and easy to follow. I don’t think the sizing is very good on these booties. We received them in size 18-24 months which should have been perfect for my 19 month old. They fit around his ankle fine, and had 2 different fit settings for the ankle so it could be adjusted if needed. But the main shoe part was quite a small fit, they only just fit my son’s feet (size 5), so they would definitely not fit him until 2years. I liked the feel and texture of these booties, they were nice and soft, although I wouldn’t say they provided stimulation for him. When they stayed on properly they were comfortable for him to wear. The ankle band and poppers didn’t keep the booties on my son’s feet. They did keep them attached to him (dangling behind his feet by the ankle band), so they were good at preventing them from getting lost when they came off his feet.When they stayed on they did keep his feet cosy and warm. The material used for these booties is lovely and you can tell it is good quality. I think it’s great that they are made of organic cotton so there is less chance of the material irritating your child’s skin. I have only washed once so far as they have only been worn indoors and they seem to have washed well. No bobbling or colour fade, and they have kept their shape well. Sometimes my son would be quite happy to wear them and seemed quite comfortable in them. Then at other times he would get annoyed with them coming off his feet, so would them try to pull them off but couldn’t because of the ankle band and poppers. We have used the booties 2/3 times a week at different times in the day/evening. We enjoyed receiving the free Psychologist information pack it’s always really interesting and informative to read the research and reasoning’s behind a product. The booties are a good quality material. I think if the booties stayed on all the time I would be happy to pay the market price for them. But I do not think they are good value for money when they don’t stay on my child’s feet all the time. My favourite part of the product was the material used and that as they stay attached at the ankle they won’t get lost easily.I personally would not consider buying these. I would not recommend only due to the fact I found they came off my son’s feet too much. Great quality, but needs more work on getting them to stay on children’s feet and not just their ankles. Overall I would say these booties are a great concept and are made from lovely good quality materials, it’s just a shame they come off the feet so often. The sizing needs improving so they fit the whole age range they are designed for and don’t squash children’s feet/toes. I think a lot of work/effort has gone into designing the ankle band and poppers which do work to an extent that the booties stay attached to the ankle, but they do not ensure the shoe part doesn’t come off the feet. Jenny Rockell – Gabriel 19 Months

Product Tested By Diana Yates – Sienna 4 Months

Diana Awarded The Cosy Fleece Baby Booties 4.6/5

First impressions the colour is nice it looks soft. Style is good but I don’t think it gives enough room if you have a big baby because I found the boots leaving an imprint on my daughter’s ankle where it might have been a little tight. Care instructions were excellent. A fairly good fit but did feel tight around her ankle. I felt the booties were comfortable I didn’t notice any stimulation for my baby.I think if you give a little more room with the elastic to allow for bigger babies it would be better. They kept my child’s feet warm I put socks on her as well but I think I didn’t need to put socks on it would have been warm enough without. The booties felt very soft and nice on my baby’s skin. I think the organic cotton lining was a benefit because it made the booties very soft and nice to touch. The booties washed very well they still look the same. My child found these comfortable she did not try to kick them off. She wore them every time we went out which was 2-3 times a week. I found the free Psychologist information pack helpful and liked the fact I could reuse everything. The quality of the product is lovely it’s soft it washes well easy to use. Personally I think they could be a bit cheaper. I like the fact that it’s organic cotton and it feels amazing because I like to use soft things on my baby’s skin. I would purchase if saw them on offer. I would recommend but would highlight the price. Not full marks due to price and elastic around the ankle. I like the product it felt nice It washed nicely I just thought it was too much money for what it is. Diana Yates – Sienna 4 Months


Carys Awarded The Cosy Fleece Baby Booties 4.3/5

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