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Cottontail Cottage Dolls House

The Cottontail Cottage Dolls House may just be the your idea of a perfect home!

This gorgeous wooden dolls house brings traditional play right into the heart of the home with everything you need to get started. The rather grand detatched cottage is a playground for rabbits, who feature on the front of the house and are also looked after with a big bowl of carrots to keep them happy. With a stylish room in the roof and a front that hinges open to reveal all the life inside, this is a perfect place for children to tell stories and create their own little world of characters.

Using top quality birch plywood to construct the house and furniture made from sustainable rubber wood which never chips, this is a toy that will really last. Supplied with the house is a set of retro furniture including a bed with all the bed clothes, a hanging rail and lamp, a range cooker with kettle, table, chairs, sofa, and of course a bunny with a rug to sit on and a basket full of carrots.

We love the detail in this house – just enough to get you started and just the right amount of space to allow you to add in your own characters and other essentials for the family who are going to move in. The wood is also sustainably sourced and will last and last.

Self assembly required.

Suitable for children age 3 +

Product dimensions: 44 x 33.2 x 47.5 cm

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Price £115.00 Available to purchase online

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Cottontail Cottage Dolls House Reviews

Product Tested By Cheryl Nagati – Aminah 6 Years

Cheryl Awarded The Cotton Tail Cottage Dolls House 4/5

My child (and other daughter aged 8) couldn’t wait to play with it. They literally hounded me to open the box and to get building!!! On first impression we couldn’t wait to build it and play with it because it looks very cute and a good quality toy!  Loved the theme lovely calming colours used for the house and furniture. It was all about nature and animals and reminded me of certain films where little rabbits live in their homes with their families. I actually unpacked the house and built it within 35 minutes! This is usually my husband’s job of building anything but because he was at work and the children were dying to play with it I had to take the task upon myself!!! The instructions were pretty clear but on one section where you connect the front of the house the wrong bolts wrongfully displayed. Once I realised the instructions were wrong I figured out you had to swap them around and then it worked! So there is an error on the instructions. Other than this I managed well. Pretty straight forward to assemble other than the error in the instructions. I had it built in 35 minutes. They are strong hinges but this is where the error occurs on the instructions. They need to be the other way around. Its lucky I didn’t fully close the front of the house first time around as the wood could have split. But once rectified and swapped over it works well.  My daughter found this very easy to play with. The furniture is already built which is great so no glue involved which is great as have had to do this with previous wooden houses!!! One little thing though there is only one rabbit to play with!!! This causes huge arguments when trying to play with another child. I’m not sure why only one rabbit was included. Perhaps a family of rabbits would have been nice and would encourage children to play together and encourage role play.  Loved the roof she pretended that was the rabbit’s bedroom where she placed the bed and clothes rail.  Absolutely loved the contents they were so well made and very cute!!! Loved the colours used for the furniture too! Really gave it a retro homely feel. I’m sorry unfortunately it didn’t help with role play because the house only comes with one rabbit. This was a huge shame as it doesn’t encourage children to role play and to play together.  They did nothing but argue because they both wanted to be the rabbit.  I had to encourage the children to go get some toys to be able to role play together nicely. Other toys had to be used to create characters for the house. Again as I said before this is a shame because if more rabbits were included i.e. a family then it truly would be a wonderful toy. Once they got some toys from their room they did play nicely and arrange all the furniture together and created a lovely world. But at first it was huge arguments as to who was going to have the rabbit. They played with this almost every day they absolutely loved it and are still playing with it today. This is now in the children’s bedroom on a unit at shoulder level so it’s easy to stand and play with it comfortably. It is important the furniture is made from sustainable rubber wood which does not chip as then it is durable and will last for many years.  Due to the durability of this dolls house it would be something you could keep and pass down to younger siblings.  My children loved everything about this dolls house.  The house, the roof the furniture and the rabbit. I loved the furniture.  It was already pre built and ready to go. You can see and feel its very good quality and loved the retro feel of it. It was very cute and lovely to look at. This is excellent quality and well made. Although it is well made and includes some lovely items of furniture I think £115 is far too much. You can pick up very large wooden houses that include furniture for half the price. I would buy this s if it was prices at £60.00 but would not pay full price for it. I would recommend and would suggest adding more rabbits i.e. mum, dad, sister and brother.  Not full marks from me as I think it’s overpriced and needs more rabbits included. Other than this is made very well and the furniture is lovely.  Really easy to build other than the small error in the instructions.  The furniture is absolutely fabulous and fun to play with. Just a shame a family of rabbits isn’t included and having only the one rabbit caused arguments. Other toys from the bedroom had to be retrieved to help settle the children. The house does look beautiful displayed in the kids bedroom and it’s been played with every day. Cheryl Nagati – Aminah 6 Years

Product Tested By Krystle Airzee – Daughter 5 years

Krystle Awarded The Cotton Tail Cottage Dolls House 4/5

I found the cottage very beautiful and great theme for décor.  Instructions fairly easy to follow but one section for the bolts for the front door are incorrect and need to be updated. The front hinges on this dolls house open to reveal all the delights of this rabbit home inside. My daughter enjoyed playing with this set and found the cottage and accessories very cute.  The novelty of the roof was very much enjoyed by my daughter. She played with all the items although more characters would have been beneficial if multiple children playing at once. The imagination play was fantastic to see when played with. My daughter did enjoy creating new characters for the Cotton tail cottage although more characters would have been better for multiple children. The girls all loved playing together with the set. She would play with this approximately twice weekly when she visits her cousin.  The doll’s house is actually in my sister’s house and my daughter plays with this and her cousins when we visit. This is a brilliant concept having a toy that’s built to last compared too many toys that do not sustain the test of time. Absolutely great toy to keep and hand down throughout the years.  My daughter liked the characters and rooms especially the roof room. I liked the compactness and full set up inside. Very well made and robust. Pricey for size of dolls house but that saying it is built to last and is top quality. I wouldn’t purchase this house. It is very beautifully made but feel it is more suited to the younger years and can’t see it being played much at 8 year suggestion. I would recommend for those with younger children with additional siblings. The girls loved playing with this and is neat and tidy without much space being used. High price if not being interested for long unless kept for hand down. Nice little play set, very well made and kids enjoyed playing with it. Krystle Airzee – Daughter 5 years

Product Tested By Pauline Francis – Granddaughter 6 Years

Pauline Awarded the Cotton Tail Cottage Dolls House 4/5

Lovely little wooden house with all the furniture included looks very fun to play with my granddaughter.  It gives a very retro feel which I love as it gives it a more traditional look. I did not put the house together my daughter did. Seemed very sturdy and they did work well the front of the house opens and closes easily. I witness my grandchildren arguing due to there being only one rabbit. When Aminah came to my home to play she brought the house with her to show me but we couldn’t play together really because there is only one rabbit included. Playing on her own she appeared to play with it nicely and easily. My granddaughter loved the roof and she made this the bedroom. Beautiful contents very well made and a delight to play with. Aminah loved pretending to put the rabbit to bed then get up and eat some carrots.  She said she did wish this toy came with a family of rabbits though and I’m inclined to agree with her. Aminah only came to my home with just the contents and with only one rabbit she couldn’t create new characters really. When I went to Aminah’s home she was playing with her sister and cousin but they had to get other animal toys from upstairs which were not included in this toy so that they were able to play together.  This toy seemed to appeal more to the 6 and 8 year old rather than my younger 5 year old granddaughter. Aminah says she plays with it every day because she loves her other toys to have a home too!  The doll’s house stays in Aminahs bedroom. The fact this is made from sustainable rubber wood helps a lot because children can get tantrums and throw things so I’m sure this furniture will last well and appears to be very good quality. Would be lovely to pass on to younger children and it appears to be very well made so should last a long time.  Aminah says she loves all the furniture and the little carrots she loves the little blanket for the bed. I like everything really it really appeals to me because I very much enjoyed playing with my grandchildren with it. It’s very well made and so is all the furniture very pleased with it. A little overpriced but love the fact it includes all the furniture. In my opinion more rabbits should be included. I would buy this because it’s a toy that will last a long time and can be passed down to other children.  I would recommend this as it is a lovely toy includes all the furniture and gives a great opportunity to children to expand their creative imagination.  The only reason I gave this a 4 is because I feel it should include more rabbits. How can children play together with just one rabbit? My suggestion would be to include a family then that would encourage children to role play together and take turns who is mum and dad child etc. Loved the little games I played with my grandchildren. We did have to include other toys of course to be able to play together but other than this we enjoyed arranging the furniture and creating little stories with the animals we used to play together. Loved it.  Pauline Francis – Granddaughter 6 Years

The furniture is absolutely fabulous and fun to play with. The house does look beautiful displayed in the kids bedroom and it’s been played with every day.


Cheryl Awarded The Cotton Tail Cottage Dolls House 4/5

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