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Counting Mountain Game

Be the first to reach the mountain top in this exciting counting and addition game!

An exciting counting and addition game which makes maths fun!

Includes 3D mountain

Watch out for the game changer yeti cards who can send you back down the mountain!

Suitable for ages 3+

Fun educational game for 2-4 players

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Price £10.50 Available online

Bizziebaby Silver Award Winner 2020 Educational Toys Category 

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Counting Mountain Game Reviews

Product Tested By Charlotte Evans – Layla & Finley 4 & 6 years

Charlotte Awarded The Counting Mountain Game 5/5

Bigger box than I was expecting. The concept of this game is fantastic. It is a brilliant educational game which helps children learn to add numbers without realising they are learning! Really easy to follow instructions.  My children found this very easy to play.  Really good quality contents supplied.  They loved playing this game. Absolutely improved counting, addition and maths skills. This was a perfect game for my 4 year old who is beginning to learn addition facts. My 6 year old also thoroughly enjoyed the game despite the additions being very easy for her. This is a lovely game to play as a family. My children were also able to play this by themselves. Layla and Finley have played the game several times over the last few weeks and it has become a favourite in our house. This certainly kept them entertained.  I feel the game can be played within this age bracket 3-8 but is probably more suited to younger children due to the additions questions being numbers up to ten. Although my daughter (age 6) enjoyed this game, the educational factor is definitely more suited to children 3-5. The educational factor is a big advantage and promotes learning in a fun and interacting way. I would say it is worth the rrp and I would happily pay this. The educational factor is a brilliant aspect; the game is fun and educational. I would buy this worth every penny.  Would definitely recommend to children 5 and below. The game is fun, educational and gripping for children and families to play together. Overall we are really pleased with this game. It has quickly become a household favourite which will be played for years to come. My children have both thoroughly enjoyed playing this. Charlotte Evans – Layla & Finley 4 & 6 years

Product Tested By Claire Brain – Emily & Katie 7 & 2 Years 11 Months

Claire Awarded The Counting Mountain Game 4/5

Looked more complex than I expected and bigger. Very interesting. I like the idea of making the board 3D to add more fun to the game. Great really clear instructions. Very easy to read and understand. It was a bit hard for my youngest, she isn’t quite 3 yet but as it said 3 – 8 we gave it a go. It was very easy for my 7 year old to play and understand. Wonderful quality. All the pieces are made to a high standard, not at all flimsy. She found it fun and enjoyed it but didn’t want to play it again as soon as we were done as she might with others. She enjoyed it and it was a nice way of doing some maths while not making it feel like work. She did find it a little bit too easy though. She didn’t get chance to play this with any friends yet. We played it all together. Although it was a bit too hard for the youngest we all had fun and liked climbing our person. My eldest daughter plays this about once or twice a week. We played it at a weekend. It was nice that it wasn’t hard to put the mountain together. It was fun and she enjoyed it but found it a little easy and didn’t want to always play it more than once in a sitting. It definitely includes the right ages. I think it would be too easy for any older than 8. But I think 3 is a bit young. My youngest is about to turn 3 she liked counting the footprints but it couldn’t really hold her attention. It is very educational and helps with more than addition but number recognition for the younger ones. It was a good way to help practise maths in an easy way. It is good value as high quality item and could be played over and over. I loved the quality of the item and the way it can change every time. I would buy this at a more appropriate age. It is a fun game and helps with maths. I would always recommend this brand; I think their games are always well made.  It nice to mix fun with practising maths. Really nice game which is fun to play and makes maths fun for children. Just felt a little too easy for my oldest. Nice well-made game. Good to have fun and do learning. Claire Brain – Emily & Katie 7 & 2 Years 11 Months

Product Tested By Sophie Jacklin – Robin 8 Years

Sophie Awarded The Counting Mountain Game 5/5

The box is nice and bright and the packaging was a box and secured well. The concept of the game looks fun and being 3d it looks more interesting to play with than normal board games. The instructions to get the game ready to play are straight forward and the game details to play are easy to follow my son could read them. Easy to play and easy set up, and my son found it fun and was always wanting to get to the top of the mountain. Which he did several times. The contents are made from very strong thick card (very good for the environment which did come from my son) there are 4 plastic counters for your card cut out climber to go on to. My son loved this came as he added all the numbers up for me and him which has helped with his maths. It was effective in improving maths skills and it would help preschool ages too. My son is 8 yrs. old so would really help younger children and its fun. I played the game just me and robin several times on different days and we still both enjoyed it. I think with 4 people would be a lot of fun. I played this with 3 adults and Robin and we all enjoyed it.  We played this game 9 times in total. I did keep my child entertained and it would keep a younger child entertained too as the game is for 3 – 8 yr. olds. I think it is age appropriate – but I think it might be a little young for 3 year olds. But my son still loved it for his age group. I think it is a great educational game, I wish you would bring one out for times table too. It would help with maths skills.  I do think this is good value for money.  I like the colourful box, the easy to read instructions, the strong cardboard that the mountain is made from and the base and the cards – I like it because there are only 4 plastic counters and it is environmental friendly. I would buy this and I have recommended it to many friends. Easy to set up but be careful not to rip the mountain as they circles don’t come out easily. Don’t rush the setup. It is a really great game and as it is educational you doing adding all the time and as its 3d it makes it more interesting especially if you get to the very top of the mountain.  We have bought other games from the series since having this game. I have also bought these for Christmas presents because they are great. If you bought it at 4 yrs. old you would have years of fun. The instructions are easy to read, the cards are bright and the concept of the game is fun would recommend it to parent and children. The price is good and not expensive.  Sophie Jacklin – Robin 8 Years











Would definitely recommend to children 5 and below. The game is fun, educational and gripping for children and families to play together. Overall we are really pleased with this game. It has quickly become a household favourite which will be played for years to come. My children have both thoroughly enjoyed playing this.


Charlotte Awarded The Counting Mountain Game 5/5

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