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CoziDry Vest

The perfect gift for any baby. All our products are made from super-soft eucalyptus Tencel fabric which is hypo-allergenic, temperature regulating, and best of all our built-in liner is 100% waterproof but 100% breathable. Peace of mind for Mum and a dry chest for baby.

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CoziDry Vest Reviews

Product Tested by: Charlene Li – Sienna 14 Months

Tested By
Charlene Li – Sienna 14 Months

Awarded The CoziDry Vest 4.5/5

impression very light. Stretchy, transparent. Good design. Built in dribble bib
is a great idea. Worked well for my child though she needs to grow into it a
bit therefore it was a little low at neck opening. Feels like quality. Soft and
strong. Great for summer as it’s very light. Looked comfortable for her to
wear. This is very easy to launder. Price is ok for item but as babies need a lot
of vest, it will cost a lot to replace ordinary vests. I will continue to use
this and would recommend. Great concept
for summer when babies wear almost nothing. This is ideally suited for dribbly
babies. I would pay a premium for this product if my baby refused to wear
bibs. This is a unique product combining
vest and protection for dribbly babies so would purchase for this reason. The
material used for this item does make a difference. My cotton clothing tends to get bobble from
washing. This stayed smooth. I personally think this costs too much for a few
months use. We did not manage to reduce
number of vest changes as we use bibs over clothing. Baby changes twice daily anyway.Charlene Li – Sienna 14 Months

Tested By
Abdul Ahmed – Ayah 1 Year

Awarded The CoziDry Vest 4/5

initial impression was that the material was see- through/a lot thinner than
what were used to in a vest. I was fine with
the design in the ‘bib area’-it was exactly as I expected, material-wise. I
would prefer the body of the vest to be made with a thicker material so that if
I were to go out in the cold, I wouldn’t have to layer as much. Also, most of
my baby’s dribble is in the shoulder area so maybe the bib design could come up
to the shoulder area to help prevent dampness. Very practical as it mimics a
normal vest. Seems perfect in the ‘bib area’; however too thin in all other
areas. Looked very comfortable. Easy to hand wash and dried almost instantly
when left to hang dry. However, I did spend a few minutes scrubbing a spot
stain out of the material. As a parent, I would’ve valued at least a minimum of two vests
for the cost. I will continue to use
this vest. I would recommend as I know parents with dribbly little ones that constantly take
off their own bibs. If
you want to keep your precious little one dry from dribble, then I would recommend
this product. This is ideally suited for dribbly babies. I know why CoziDry was created but would not
be willing to pay a premium for this. This does protect from dampness well and
I would consider purchasing. The
material is much softer than other similar products and you notice the
difference. Using this product did not
reduce the number of vest changes required.
I still changed my baby as much because the dampness was still around babies’
neck/rim of the vest like any other vest. Abdul Ahmed – Ayah 1 Year

Product Tested By Kimberley Clarke –
Imogen 10 Months

Kimberley Awarded The CoziDry Vest 4.3/5

impression was looked like a quality vest but with a difference. The design worked well and the built in bib
section was very good. Great ideal to
have a vest that is breathable and also protects from dribble and spilt milk
too. This is very practical a vest that
offers protection from dribbles and keeps my baby dry. The fabric used is lovely and soft and does a
great job. My daughter looked
comfortable in this. Very easy to care
for, just pop in low temperature wash and comes up fine. Lovely idea but cost too much. I go through loads of vests and even though
this is a bit special to purchase lots of these would be too expensive compared
to using bibs. I will continue to use it
and will recommend to friends with very dribbly babies. This does offer extra protection and keeps babies
skin dry, but I feel the price is a bit too high. When comparing the cost of
this to bibs I would not consider paying the premium for this item. However, as it is unique and offers extra
protection I would purchase as a special gift for new baby and would be ideal
as baby shower gift. I did notice
difference in fabric, it looked good, washed well and kept shape and
worked. Did not seem to get worn like
other vests due to the unique fabric used. Great idea but for me price would
need to come down as you do need a lot of vests as baby grows quickly. I still changed my baby regularly and this
vest did not make any difference. Ended
up using bibs as only had one vest and while in wash had to use bibs on regular
basis. Kimberley
Clarke – Imogen 10 Months



I will continue to use this and would recommend. Great concept for summer when babies wear almost nothing. This is ideally suited for dribbly babies.


Charlene Awarded The CoziDry Vest 4.5/5

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