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Cozy Baby Wrap from Whitestep

Baby wrap is a great alternative to a stroller. Having your baby close is comforting for the baby and promotes its well-being and development. Babies who are carried cry less; they are soothed by your warmth, closeness and the sound of your heartbeat. You will also find it easier to monitor your child, cuddle and talk to him/her, as well as discreetly breastfeed when necessary.Baby wrap frees you to do more and puts the child right in the middle of the action. The baby is close to you and at an eye level in most social interactions you engage in. Whether shopping, travelling, or just doing the housework, your baby is will you at all times; listens to your conversations, watches you do things, and sees what you see. This all contributes to your baby’s development. Introducing Cozy WrapCozy baby wrap is one of the simplest and most versatile of all baby carriers.FeaturesOne size – fits both mums and dadsOffers four different positions – choose one that is best for you and your babyGreat for newborns and toddlersCalms your baby and fosters his/her developmentExceptionally safe – special tying technique keeps your baby secureGives full support to child’s head and neckDesigned to be comfortable, dividing the weight of the child evenly on both shouldersLets you be more active and removes the limitations of the strollerMade of high quality materials; 95% cotton, for snugness, and 5% spandex for improved elasticityMachine washable Stylish and practicalCozy wrap has a great traditional look to it and comes in three stylish colour combinations. It is bound to draw amazed stares from onlookers and will let you show off your cutest of accessories – your newborn!

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Cozy Baby Wrap from Whitestep Reviews

Product Tested by: Sejal Shah – Sahil & Jayden 3 & 7 Months

Product Tested By Sejal Shah – Sahil & Jayden 3 & 7 Months

Sejal Awarded The Whitestep Cosy Wrap 4.5/5

Fantastic packaging, compact and easy to carry around – and even a hit with the other half! LOVE the quality it is soft and felt totally comfortable considering the amount of times the material is actually wrapped over myself – and was completely comfortable with the material being against my little one’s sensitive skin. By its very nature this really is a "one size fits all!” I am just under 5 foot and my husband just under 6ft and this worked perfectly for both of us! The wrap can be quite fiddly the first few times particularly trying to remember where the cross needs to be for where the baby should sit – however the dvd instructions were clear and easy to follow so this meant that though I was initially intimidated by how I was meant to secure a baby in this length of material once mastered I never looked back! As long as baby is not a desperate wriggler the loading process is quite straightforward – again the DVD is key. To be honest I practised with a doll initially and this made it much easier once I used my real "doll”! I am surprised to say that the answer to this is yes – I was very sceptical about how this fabric was going to be secure but once baby was in and I was walking around it really was as though I was carrying him with no arms! The material sits around your back and shoulders so there is a good weight distribution – the pressure is taken off your back by making sure that the straps on the shoulders are opened up – and the material is thin enough that it does not look like you are a Michelin person! This is definitely a must for someone with a colic baby or maybe for someone who has a child with lots of separation anxiety – I was able to have Jayden in the wrap and get on with my day to day tasks very easily – only exceptions being when I had to bend down though I think this may have been my height more than the product. If there is a higher score then it gets it here! Jayden LOVED LOVED LOVED the position where he was able to sleep on my chest and be fully supported and snug here with me – he slept better here than anywhere I have tried – all whilst I still had my hands free! I haven’t really had to use any positions except forward facing and inward facing given his age – though I can see the merit of the cradle position for the new born stage and I would have used this for Jayden when he was younger. On the surface it seems a lot of money to pay for what is essentially a piece of material – however given the cost of other baby carriers this one is fantastic and the best thing is that it is lightweight and easily portable we travelled to Italy with it – it was a life saver given the space and weight of product. Not only will I but my husband is a huge fan now – we got a baby Bjorn for our first son and to be honest once we had got this wrap the Bjorn has not been touched. I would recommend this product – certainly from birth – it allows mum (and dad) and baby to bond easily and allows a safe and convenient way to get around with baby. I have reduced the mark slightly simply for the small things I have mentioned above – slightly pricey, need to watch DVD a few times to understand how to wear, non wriggling baby required! Though sceptical at first this wrap is fantastic – took it abroad and it came into its own on the aeroplane and customs etc. and given the size of the wrap when folded its perfect! Oh and the fact my husband is converted to it and happily carried out son in it makes it a real winner! Sejal Shah – Sahil & Jayden 3 & 7 Months

Product Tested By Hayley Payton – Alfie 16 Weeks

Hayley Awarded The Whitestep Cosy Wrap 4/5

The product looked really unique and I was excited to use it. Quality was fantastic. The wrap was really hard to master and I felt like Ihadn’t put it on right. I found it hard to fit without any help. It was fairly easy to load baby with help. I felt my baby was safe and secure once he was in the wrap. I wasn’t comfortable when I tried to put this on myself, but when my partner helped me secure it I was 100% comfortable. Once I had the wrap on securely I could carry on with my routine as normal. Alfie really enjoyed being in his wrap. I think once you have mastered this wrap it is versatile and good value for money. I would continue to use it and would recommend. I loved it but a little tricky to master on my own. Hayley Payton – Alfie 16 Weeks

Product Tested By Karen McNeill – Conlan 5 Months

Karen Awarded The Whit4estep Cosy Wrap 4/5

Lovely packaging but there wasn’t any written instructions on how to use the sling/ baby wrap just the DVD which meant that it took a while to get using the product. It didn’t seem strong enough as it was similar material you would get in a t shirt. But I did like the pattern and because it was similar material to a top you would wear meant it blended in with everyday clothes. I would even keep it on when I took Conlan out for a nap! Given the type of wrap it is by its nature it’s not the easiest to adjust in the beginning- a bit like unravelling yourself from a mile of bandages!! But would encourage people to preserve as it does get a lot easier with practise. It does take a bit of practise and also the more you "load” your bundle into it the more confident you become in handling what essential is a motorised bag of potatoes which randomly leaps about! At first you do get paranoid there will be a falling baby but they are quite secure and you feel happier the more you use it. It is very comfortable to wear walking. As Conlan was a baby who needed a lot of contact in the first few months it was a great way to make a fair attempt of trying to get through your daily routine. Conlan has "helped” me make snacks, run after his 2 yr. old brother, plant seeds, hang washing, carry shopping in & even wash windows! Conlan loved it from day 1. He loved facing me in the early days and now likes facing the world. I did carry Big Ted for a while to entertain my eldest! It settled Conlan which meant I would have gladly paid nearly £50 but couldn’t help thinking I could have got a long bit of stretchy material and made one for a fraction of the cost. It is very similar to another baby wrap I have used but I will continue to use as it allows you to keep a small person happy while letting you get on and do some things that you need to get done and would like a cry free environment! I would recommend especially for colicky babies or babies that need a bit more reassurance and skin to skin contact. It’s a product that you need to invest a bit of time in. It is a bit fiddly to get to grips with and both you and baby get a bit frustrated at the beginning. However it does pay off and gives you another option when you need to get things done but want your wee one to be settled. Also I thought it had a good support to baby’s head and body unlike some other slings I had tried. Karen McNeill – Conlan 5 Months

Though sceptical at first this wrap is fantastic – took it abroad and it came into its own on the aeroplane and customs etc. and given the size of the wrap when folded its perfect! Oh and the fact my husband is converted to it and happily carried out son in it makes it a real winner!


Sejal Awarded The Whitestep Cosy Wrap 4.5/5

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