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Cozy N Safe Apollo i-Size 360° Rotation Car Seat

The Cozy N Safe Apollo i-Size 360° car seat blends sophisticated design with the latest safety features to ensure your little one is truly Cozy N Safe. The Apollo is suitable for children from birth (with ISOFIX and Vehicle belt) all the way up to 12 years old making this the only car seat you need!
Once you have installed the car seat there is never any need to take it out again. The Apollo will rear face all the way to 105cm approx. 4 years old. Then when the time comes simply rotate the seat, use our harness hideaway system and the car seat will transform in to a high backed booster suitable all the way up to 150cm approx. 12 years old.
The Apollo spins with the touch of a button and will semi lock at 90° to allow you easy access to get your baby in and out of the car. The seat also features an alarmed quick release top tether to allow you to use the 360° spin feature even when forward facing. Simply release the quick release top tether and spin then reconnect the top tether and go. The safety features don’t stop there the seat comes with a buckle alarm. When the buckle is released an alarm will sound giving you peace of mind that your little one hasn’t released the buckle while you are driving.
The Apollo has super deep padding and the new born/toddler insert keeps your baby’s back straight while travelling, offers more comfort for those longer journeys and provides more protection in the event of a side impact. Soft touch cotton enriched covers, chest and buckle pads all ensure your child will love the seat.

Tested to the latest i-Size R129 regulation, the Apollo is safe as well as comfortable. All covers are fully removable and washable at 30°C. Available in stunning Moon Grey.
Birth to 12 years old i-Size Car Seat with 360° one touch rotation feature
Suitable from 40-150cm (0 to 36kg)
Rear and forward facing positions
Extended Rear Facing up to 105cm (approx. 4 years old)
Quick Release Top Tether for easy rotation
Buckle Release Alarm
Fitted using Isofix, top tether and/or vehicle 3 point belt
Side impact protection
Easy adjustable, 5 point harness with soft pads
Five forward facing recline positions
Includes newborn insert
Multiple headrest positions
Super deep, soft padding
Removable and washable covers
ECE R129 Safety Certified

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Bizziebaby Silver Award Winner 2024 Car Seats, Infant Car Seats & Booster Seats as suitable from Birth – 12 years (approx)

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Cozy N Safe Apollo i-Size 360° Rotation Car Seat Reviews

Product Tested By Vicki Jones – Lyla-Mae 2 Years


My first impressions of this car seat were good it looks good and it’s not chunky so should fit into the car well. The car seat came with minimal plastic wrapping and cardboard as well which is fantastic (for both the environment and my recycling bin haha!). I had not heard of this brand until I was asked to test the car seat, but the seat looks and feels like great quality really high end. It looks great we went for black in the hope to hide any mess that goes alongside children! So far it still looks new. When Lyla does make a mess at least I can wash the cover (which looks easy to remove). I hate car seat instructions (I hate any instructions, but car seat ones are so important). Saying this I managed to get the seat set up rear facing and managed to use the tether (I had not heard of this till recently so was also surprised to find the tether point in my car) although I do think there should be a picture somewhere of the car seat in a car so you can make sure it all correct (I think we have done it right but not 100% sure) but knowing the tether is just an added bit of safety as the Isofix alone is extremely secure. It was easy to fit into the Isofix brackets they just slotted in (I have struggled with previous car seats). I found it a bit of a faff looking at the car seat instructions then my car manual to find the tether point which I could have probably found without the manual (but it was cold outside). It has the instructions for using the 5 point harness and seat belt (we are a long way off using this) so will have to keep the book safe. For going to forward facing it seems very simple, again we are a long way off that as Lyla-Mae is a little dot of a thing. She looks really comfortable rear facing anyway and her legs don’t seem all squashed up. I found it easy to get Lyla-Mae in and out of the car using this car seat and that’s with having 3 other car seats in the back because of this I can’t spin this fully round but it goes far enough to make life simple still. The straps are easy to loosen and tighten again in the past I have struggled getting these tight enough or sometimes the belt gets stuck altogether. The car seat turns with ease just takes a little getting used to as I have used another 360 spin and this turn position is in a different place. Another thing that’s easier for me now is sometimes my older boy can do his own belt up – when he can be bothered! (he couldn’t squeeze his hand in the old gap). The car seat spins with ease to place you child in comfortably. Unsure about the tether but overall I do feel she is safe with the Isofix alone! She appears to be comfortable and doesn’t moan about being in the car seat. We are still rear facing and she doesn’t seem squashed up at all. This was easy to install in car. I found the Isofix slotted in really easy I did this on my own and had no issues. My car is a Citroen Picasso. I have 2 other car seats in my car so it can’t fully spin but it spins enough to make it easier getting Lyla-Mae into and out of the car. The little alarm is a nice touch but one I’m hoping we don’t need lol! I do know some children try to escape and can somehow undo their belts, so this is a really clever idea. It’s not over loud but would definitely alert you to their being a problem so you can pull over and re strap. My boys do unstrap Lyla when we have stopped sometimes but as I am able to tighten the straps so well on this car seat she can’t budge! The newborn and toddler inserts are great and definitely make and would make babies more secure and comfortable. Deep padding seems comfortable enough and Lyla had fallen asleep in the car seat as well so must be ok for her as well. I would say the cotton covers are comfortable as she hasn’t complained and the seat feels nice and soft. The chest and buckle pads easy to use. They seemed comfortable and they are definitely easy to use, they didn’t twist (this seems to have happened with my other car seats when using this type of harness). They clipped in easily we had no problems. I didn’t wash the covers as the car seat has managed to stay super clean somehow! But it looks easy enough to whip off and clean. The 5 facing forward recline position seem like it would be comfortable from new born right up till 4. The adjustable headrest is good especially as children grow at different speeds so it’s good to know that the head rest can be adjusted quick and easily. We haven’t had to adjust our seat yet but everything seems like it will be easy enough to do. I think it is great that once installed will care for your child up to 4 years. It is great especially being able to hide the harnesses so it will look nice and tidy in the car. The only way the car seat will be leaving my car is if I get a new one! I used the car seat practically every day dropping Lyla-Mae off at my mum’s picking her up when I’m at work, going to our clubs, going out for the day and the school run. So, lots of clipping, unclipping and spinning going on. It’s hard to pick 1 thing it looks good and is easy to use! I would definitely recommend it. Honestly now I think this is really reasonable price for a car seat especially as it last from birth to 12 years. I would still use the car seat I had attached to my pram for the first year (maybe just under) but that’s me. I would have definitely been using this from 1 year old and right through till 12 (or the correct high to be safe in the car). I think it’s top quality, feels study, isn’t bulky and looks good. I think the car seat offers really good value for money, it looks good, I think it’s great quality and lasts till 12. I would recommend as it lasts right up till 12 years old so you don’t need to buy another car seat, the price is reasonable, it looks good and is easy to use. I think the car seat is great I think it looks good, is easy to use and is priced well. I personally can’t find fault in it. Once I got my head around where the tether had to go, I felt a lot more confident. I feel that it spins easily, and you can do one handed if you need too, the staps loosen and tighten with ease so far I haven’t had any of the straps twist (I have on other car seats I have had in the past). The little alarm is a nice touch especially if you have a little Houdini on your hands (thankfully I do not). I personally really like this car seat and have been happy using it and will going forwards. While testing this car seat I found it to be really good it was easy to install and was impressed it had a tether (which I have only just learnt existed and have heard these make the car seat safer and stay put more). The first 2 weeks of testing the car seat happened to be the last 2 weeks of term and seeing as it has been cold and wet I wasn’t going to walk anywhere so the car seat has been span and span and span and clipped and unclipped to no end with drop offs, then us getting back into the car, sometimes going the shops or fun places, back into the car to go home, back out to collect, back in and back out and in again (as my middle child decided he had to do club this term) so well it’s definitely showing its durable right now! Being at the end of testing the car seat is still very clean, it looks brand new, I haven’t had any issues with spinning it, doing the straps up, loosening and tightening to get Lyla in and out they haven’t twisted either it’s great and I can’t see us having issues with this part of the seat. We have been on a short and long (ish) journeys and Lyla-Mae always seems comfortable she is only little still but I feel there is loads of room and I will continue to have her rear facing for as long as possible. We have used the car seat in the dark (car lights don’t shine the brightest) and I was able to still attach and clip in the buckle, we have used in the freezing cold when my fingers have been numb and still have no problems and no hurting hands when tightening straps. As it’s not as bulky as my previous spin car seat my eldest who sits in the middle seat can do his own belt up which saves me climbing into the car which makes me very happy. The only thing I feel is that there should be more instruction on the tether so as to ensure this is in the correct position to get max safety. I am not 100% sure we have done this correctly as I can’t really get my head around the video that show what to do. I’m happy to continue using the seat until we no longer need it as I find it great. Vicki Jones – Lyla-Mae 2 Years

Product Tested By Stacy Scott – Eifion 2 Years 11 Months


Superb first impression. Well packaged and informative instructions. Design was wonderful. Colour was superb and suited our car and looked extremely comfortable. Instructions very clear and very easy to understand. This made it very easy to fit. Explained everything very well and had no issues with installation. If you are able to place the child in the car without using the rotation function, then it is extremely straight forward. Absolutely confident Eifion was safe. The safety function of the seat beeping if the child is not secure is superb and made us feel very confident in our child’s safety. Absolutely easy to install in car and we have a 2013 Ford Fiesta. Although this function is very useful, having experienced the same function on another seat that had a ground anchor point, the turning mechanism was harder with the Cozy and Safe as the anchor point had to be undone each time. We feel this needs to be rectified to make it a lot easier for parents. However, we did love the fact that it went 360 degrees around as this meant a trip to Longleat was extremely successful, as he was able to be turned around to see all the animals. The buckle alarm is a superb feature and made us feel extremely safe on both short and long distances taken in the car. We loved this feature. Excellent inserts as it can be adjusted for different ages and sizes, which helps save money and gives you confidence. Deep padding effective and our child seemed extremely comfortable. The cotton covers were soft and comfortable. Chest and buckle pads easy to use and extremely comfortable for our son. Wash the covers twice and they came out as good as new. The 5 facing forward recline positions are extremely effective. Especially when our child fell asleep and we were able to recline him for comfort. The multiple headrest positions gave us confidence whilst he is getting bigger. Once installed you just keep using this car seat so absolutely great as grows with your child. It saves the parents money and the child is comfortable knowing they are in a seat they know and love. We have used this at least 3 times a week since it was delivered. I liked the warning and safety device. As a parent, you want your child to be as safe as you can make it for them, so this function was absolutely amazing. This is extremely good value as it has some amazing features. Excellent quality. Extremely well made. Overall I would buy this. Although there were a few issues with the rear strap to anchor making rotation harder, it is still excellent value for money with some awesome features. I would recommend if this was within their budget, as it has brilliant features and will keep their precious baby safe. A brilliant car seat and we love it. Would definitely have given it 5/5 if the anchoring system was easier to work with, as we thought the seat was superb overall. Apart from the rear anchoring system, we thought the car seat was superb. The safety feature of the seat was an absolute highlight and the recline function was amazing for a sleeping baby/child. The cost, we think, is very reasonable and saves the parent(s) money as it lasts until a child is 12. Overall, the name of the product says it all – Cozy and Safe! Stacy Scott – Eifion 2 Years 11 Months

Product Tested By Siobhra Cran – Clodagh 2 Years


I liked the car seat on first impression, it looked roomy and comfortable, with an appropriate amount of padding and an attractive colour. The standout feature of this car seat was the rotation capability, which has made it incredibly easy to get my daughter in and out of the car. The latch mechanism for locking it when it is turned when taking out and in is really useful when you’ve got a wriggly child as it means that I didn’t have to worry about it moving out of place when fixing straps etc. Overall, the instructions were pretty straightforward, however I did need to spend some time working out how to rear face it with the seatbelt as the way I was installing it caused the anchor point strap to twist and I couldn’t figure out why. I had to look for additional videos and information online to be sure I was doing it right. Aside from that, everything else was straightforward and easy to work out with minimal confusion. This is a really straightforward car seat to use, although two hands are required to spin the car seat, which can be a slight challenge with a wriggly baby. After a few uses, it became a bit easier to manoeuvre. I would prefer if the straps could be inserted one at a time rather than needing to join them together to then insert in to the buckle, as this gave my daughter the opportunity to wriggle out of the straps while I was clicking them together. The car seat has plenty of space to work with to place my daughter into it. Any challenges with getting her in were down to her own contortionist behaviours, rather than the car seat itself. However, as mentioned above, being able to insert the straps in to the buckle one at a time would possibly have made this a bit more straightforward. My daughter was definitely comfortable in this car seat and enjoyed the depth of the seat. I was confident with the safety of the seat and had no complaints from my daughter when she was in it, even on long journeys. The Isofix anchor points were straightforward during the installation process, however, the additional anchoring with the seatbelt was slightly confusing. My daughter rear-faces in this seat, and the pictures on the sticker on the seat were at times, confusing. I wanted to use the belt on the far side of the seat to anchor it, rather than the side closest to the door, to allow for ease of access to the seat when placing my daughter in and out, but the instructions for this were only for placing the best on the door side of the seat. The fact this car seat spins with the touch of a button was a really good feature of the seat for placing in and out as it meant that the seat was secure and there was no risk of it moving about, so it meant that all focus could be placed on securing my daughter in the seat instead. I am not the biggest fan of this function, but this is probably because my daughter doesn’t release the buckle herself. I found it quite irritating at times, when my daughter was asleep, for example, and it led to my daughter thinking of the buckle as a toy rather than something that keeps her safe. If she were the type to undo the buckle herself, I imagine this ‘beep’ as she called it would lead her to try to undo the buckle more and would possibly have quite the opposite effect in terms of safety. I was disappointed that there was no way to turn the beep off, and do not feel that it adds to the safety of the seat at all. While I was not in a position to use the inserts for my daughter due to her age and size, I was quite impressed by the quality of the inserts and felt that they were well made and would have felt very confident using them at the newborn stage. Great deep padding – definitely added to the comfort of the seat, which has been an issue for my child in car seats in the past, but this one has so far, had no complaints. The cotton covers are comfortable and certainly add to the overall comfort levels of the car seat. I really like the buckle pad as it is easily removable for washing, but not so much so that it falls off at every use and has potential to get lost easily. The chest straps are large and comfortable, however the grippy material regularly caught my daughter’s hair and pulled it, so they require some adjustment in terms of placement. Covers were very easy to remove and wash and reattach. I also felt that they were quick drying, which helped a lot when requiring a quick turnover. I cannot comment on the 5 facing forward recline positions as I have only used the seat in a backward facing capacity. The recline functions when rear facing were convenient to adjust and allowed for increased levels of comfort depending on the length/time of the journey. The headrest is very easy to move up and down, and definitely allows for the car seat to grow with my child.
I like the fact that this car seat will suit my child until approximately age 12 and it can convert between rear-facing seat to booster seat with ease. Not needing to take it in and out of the car to adjust its stage is great, and makes life that bit more convenient, something that would be welcomed by any parent! I used this car on a daily basis for my 2 year old for a mixture of both short and long journeys. It was straightforward to use from day one and my opinion of the car seat remained positive throughout the whole time using it. I didn’t use it for anyone else, however I am confident that I would be able to adjust it to suit various needs of any child with ease. I liked how spacious the seat was and how easy it was to rotate. It has been a bit of a game-changer for our family. The innovative rotating feature, together with the high levels of safety and comfort really impressed me overall. I feel like attention to detail has been given to every aspect of the design. This is good value as very reasonably priced, especially given how long it can be used for. I wouldn’t think twice about spending that price on it and consider it great value for money. The overall quality of this car seat is exceptional. From its sturdy construction to the fantastic rotating feature, this car seat is a very well-made and high-quality seat. The materials used are durable and easy to clean, ensuring longevity and convenience for parents. The five point harness is well-designed and the Isofix anchor points support with ease of installation. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy this car seat; I think it’s great. I think this is a great seat for families. It’s versatile in that it can be used for different ages and stages and adjusted really easily and is really good value for money. I’d be more than happy to recommend this to family and friends. I would give this car seat a solid 4.5/5. It earns high marks due to the fantastic rotating feature, which greatly enhances convenience for parents when getting their child in and out of the car. It is really well constructed and extremely sturdy, is overall really comfortable for my daughter due to the high levels of padding, and the easy-to-clean covers are also a bit selling point for me. My overall experience with this car seat has been overwhelmingly positive. Its innovative design, with 360-degree rotation, and fantastic safety features and comfort, has truly transformed the process of getting my wriggly daughter in and out of the car seat. This, coupled with the peace of mind provided by the study construction and adherence to safety standards, makes it a really great product. It has exceeded my expectations overall and I highly recommend it to anyone in search of a reliable and convenient car seat. Siobhra Cran – Clodagh 2 Years

I think the car seat is great I think it looks good, is easy to use and is priced well. I personally can’t find fault in it. Once I got my head around where the tether had to go, I felt a lot more confident. I feel that it spins easily, and you can do one handed if you need too, the staps loosen and tighten with ease so far I haven’t had any of the straps twist (I have on other car seats I have had in the past). The little alarm is a nice touch especially if you have a little Houdini on your hands (thankfully I do not). I personally really like this car seat and have been happy using it and will going forwards.



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