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Cozy N Safe Merlin Group 0+/1 Car Seat

The Cozy N Safe Merlin Group 0+/1 Car Seat (Birth- 18kg) is engineered with a rotating seat for simple access. Children can be seated with complete ease for both the parent and the child through the use of the 360 degrees rotary feature.

Your child will benefit from the extra level of safety that the Merlin provides as it enables children up to 18kg or Group 1 (4 years approx.) to travel in a rearward position.​

With a 4-point rearward recline and 3-point forward recline, an adjustable headrest with a non-rethread 5 point integral harness, side impact protection with high density polyurethane foam your child will travel in supreme comfort and ultimate security.

Fitted using Iso-fix and a support leg, this magical seat is worthy of any young witch of wizard.

This enchanted seat has been conjured from luxury materials and top of the range features that will leave your child spellbound in safety and comfort.

Bizziebaby Gold Award Winner 2019 Car Seats Group 0+/1 Category

Price – £189.99 Available at Uber Kids, Halfords, Kiddies Kingdom, Asda, Online 4 Baby, Winstanley’s Pramworld, Pramland and Amazon.


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Cozy N Safe Merlin Group 0+/1 Car Seat Reviews

Product Tested By Louise Baynes – James 2 Years 8 Months

Louise Awarded The Cozy N Safe Merlin Group 0+/1 Car Seat 5/5

Loved the colour, we went for the blue one. We already had a 360 car seat so were familiar with the concept but in my opinion it’s genius! Saves a lot of physical and mental pain. Physical – as when baby grows they get heavier and it hurts your back leaning into the car to try getting them safely in the seat. Mental – Because as they get more independent they become really difficult to encourage in and wrestling with a toddler to get in a car seat is hard enough let alone it facing the wrong way. Having a 360 car seat means you can turn it to face you and get them in the seat avoiding injury to yourself and baby/toddler. It also means as they get more independent they can climb in it easier on their own.   If I’m honest, the only instructions that came with it were stuck to the side of the seat and none in the box. I find these difficult to understand and having to bend sideways to read it adds to the difficulty. If the instructions were printed out or you were sign posted to a video online that would make it much easier. I have since found out that the instructions are meant to be in a compartment at the back of the seat, I’ve just gone to look and they are not in there. I think if they are shipped with instructions in the compartment then a little note on the box or in the seat of the car seat to say this would be super helpful. On a plus side, the fact there is a compartment for the instructions is very helpful as I never know what to do with them and then they get lost. So thumbs up for that one! Having said that about instructions, if you’ve fitted a car seat with isofix before then it is very easy to fit and doesn’t take much to do. Very easy to use, in fact I thought it was easier than my previous 360 car seat as the mechanism you pull is easier to get to.  I can see why this would be useful from birth, my toddler rarely sleeps in the car and loves being sat upright watching the world go by. I felt that this seat was a better height and that he was sat upright better. He seems to really like sitting in this seat.  The handle is easy to get hold of and it’s just a case of pulling it up or pushing it down. He was very comfortable in this seat. He enjoys being able to see out the window now. He used to complain about his seat being bumpy but hasn’t since we installed this one.  Fitting using the Iso-fix and a support leg is very easy to use.  The green switch telling you its fitted correctly is very reassuring.  As you can use from birth saves money as you don’t have to buy a new one at each age bracket. Absolutely safe. The green switch letting you know you have fitted it correctly the sturdy feel and no movement unless you need it to makes me happy. The material is hardwearing and has held up to constant in and out with no signs of wear so far.  So far I have not had the need to remove the covers to clean it. It comes clean easily with a wipe with a sponge. Use it every day multiple times a day.  Quality is excellent and superb value for money.  I love that the button for the harness is visible and easy to press. This is my favourite feature. I would purchase this and I have been recommending to friends.  Great quality car seat, very sturdy and easy to use.  Changing car seats is daunting enough as it is but the fact this one has made my life easier give it an all over thumbs up from me and my son loves it too which makes us both very happy. Louise Baynes – James 2 Years 8 Months

Product Tested By Claire Obrien – Peter 20 Months

Claire Awarded The Cozy N Safe Merlin Group 0+/1 Car Seat 5/5

I loved the bright blue colour and it looked quite an easy car seat to use. I think having it from newborn to 4 is a brilliant idea no expenses when having to swap and love the swivel. Had to use the instructions to figure out how to pull out the isofix. Had to move the front seat forward just to attach the isofix but wasn’t bulky when fitted. The rotating feature was very easy to us. having spinal disc problems and a child that likes to be an octopus it’s a great help to see what I’m doing and not have to twist myself to strap him in. my son has naps in the car so rear faces for it but on the school run he faces forward.  Headrest really easy to use as no fiddly buttons.  He was comfortable in this seat as very often he was fast asleep after 5mins. The leg support was pretty simple and once I figured out how to work the isofix that was too. I have two children under four. The four year old loves going in this chair backwards when her brother isn’t with us and was very comfortable stating she enjoys it. I did feel my child was safe.  As he can’t really speak he never screamed about being in it. Good quality material uses as does not feel rough.  Yes easy to keep clean.  My son managed to drip ice cream onto it but nothing a damp cloth didn’t sort out. We used everyday schools runs x 3 weekends most of the day. I did use this for my older child ages 3 years 6 months. Loved it felt very sturdy didn’t move when fixed and the handles for lowering the chair were great. 100% saves money buying another one after they outgrow a newborn seat.  I loved the colour and the fact it spins no bad back for me! I would buy this. I compared this to the current seat I have for my 3 year old which also spins but only has one setting to lay back and is quite bulky compared to this.  I would recommend and I had family over when this product turned up so they could all see the benefits on offer. Honestly there isn’t a bad word to say about this car seat great colour love the fact you have it rear or forward facing plenty of settings to lay back isn’t bulky easy to fit and both children loved it. Claire Obrien – Peter 20 Months

Product Tested By Hannah Gregory – Freddie 19 Months

Hannah Awarded The Cozy N Safe Merlin Group 0+/1 Car Seat 4.4/5

Arrived safely and well packaged.  It’s a great concept, being able to turn it 360 means no bending over trying to fit a screaming toddler into the seat! It was difficult to find the instructions, they were tucked in a little pull down pocket round the back of the chair, but after that it was easy and most things were similar to other car seats we had previously owned. It fitted in our car without a problem, having isofix makes the job so much quicker and you know whether it’s in correctly or not.  Being able to turn the seat makes it very easy to get the child in or out and means you can turn them round if they were eating and could turn them back after they have finished. I did find that having a car seat next to the chair means that the turn function doesn’t work very easily, if at all.  The recline was very good facing backwards and meant the head didn’t lol forwards onto chest however in forward position the head did lol a little.  It’s very easy and simple to adjust the head rest. Freddie seamed very comfortable in the chair and enjoys going in it. Having the isofix gives you Piece of mind that the car seat is correctly position and attached. It is also simple to use and you can’t really go wrong!  I like the fact that a child can rearward face up to 4 years however I wondered how comfortable this would be for an older child as Freddie is 19 months and his feet and legs seem a little squished as there is a piece that lies against the back of the chair and his feet sometimes get stuck in the hole.  I felt that Freddie was completely protected as much as he could be in this car seat and was happy to use it. The fabric on the car seat is smooth and comfortable with plenty of padding, the shell is well made but extremely heavy so it was difficult to move in and out of the car, however you did feel that this made it safer and would protect Freddie better. It’s very easy to clean either with a damp cloth or you can take off all covers and wash in the machine however I haven’t needed to do this yet.  We use it every time we go out in the car so pretty much every day!  We used it with our 3yr old once and he seemed to enjoy it. It seemed very high quality and durable. I think it’s a pretty average price wise compared to other similar car seats, yes you can buy cheaper but the feel and look of this car seat is worth paying the little extra. I most liked the fact it can spin 360 and has removable seat cushions for easy cleaning! I would consider buying one, it’s a great product, very functional and durable however I did find the straps difficult to tighten fully! You really have to pull on the strap as hard as you can to get to tight enough. I would recommend to friends and family.  It’s a great product, high quality and durable however it it’s very heavy to move and the straps are very difficult to tighten fully.  I’ve really enjoyed using this car seat, it looks lovely, is practical as you can turn it 360 and your child can travel rearward facing for an extend period that many car seats do not offer, however I question the practicality of a 4 year old fitting their legs in comfortable rearward faced. Over all I really like the product, the only things I would like to see improved would be to make it a little lighter so transferring to other cars is easier, making the straps easier to tighten as I had to really tug hard to make sure they fitted properly, and give a little indication maybe by means of a sticker on how to find the instruction booklet a it took me a while! Hannah Gregory – Freddie 19 Months





Great quality car seat, very sturdy and easy to use.  Changing car seats is daunting enough as it is but the fact this one has made my life easier give it an all over thumbs up from me and my son loves it too which makes us both very happy.


Louise Awarded The Cozy N Safe Merlin Group 0+/1 Car Seat 5/5

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