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Cozy N Safe Nova i-Size 100cm-150cm Car Seat

Your search for a high backed booster seat for your growing child is finally over! The Cozy N Safe Nova is suitable for children from 100 – 150cm in height (approx. 4 to 12 years). The Nova car seat features Cozy N Safe signature deep padding to ensure that children are Cozy whether you are just popping out or going on a longer journey.
The stunning booster seat features adjustable ISOFix connectors that pivot up and down to make sure the seat has the best possible fit in your car no matter the make or model. Fixed side impact protection on both sides and designed crumple zones, and additional padding all help to protect your little passenger from a side on collision. The Nova can be installed in most cars using the optional ISOFix connectors and the vehicle’s 3 point belt.
The headrest has an amazing 11 different height positions and extends 20cm to ensure no matter how tall your child is the will be protected. That’s not all the Nova also features 3 recline positions for your toddler or child which will help against head flop if they tend to fall asleep in the car. All covers can be removed and machine washed at 30° C. Tested to the latest i-Size safety standards the Cozy N Safe is the perfect seat for your not so little, little one.

Suitable for children from 100cm-150cm
Suitable from approx. 15 to 36kg (4 – 12 years old approx)
Forward facing position
Fitted using Isofix, and/or vehicle 3 point belt
Side impact protection
Easy adjustable, 11 position headrest
Three recline positions
Adjustable ISOFix arms to ensure the best fit
Deep, soft padding
Removable and washable covers
ECE R129 i-Size Regulation Certified
Dimensions: H67cm x W49cm x D40cm
Weight: 6.15kg

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Price £99.99 Available Halfords, Amazon, George, Chelseababy, The Range, RAC Shop, Kiddies Kingdom, Winstanleys Pramworld, Bournemouth Baby Centre, Baby&Child Store, Smart Kid Store, littleangels, Babyshop, Pramland, Kaleidoscope Baby Care, Bambimi & Bo, We Love Baby, Babyland, Baby’s Mart

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Cozy N Safe Nova i-Size 100cm-150cm Car Seat Reviews

Product Tested By Louise Lamb – James 7 Years

Louise Awarded The COZY N SAFE NOVA I-SIZE 100CM-150CM CAR SEAT 5/5

When the car seat first arrived I immediately wondered if it was the right box because it was quite small. When I opened it I was surprised at how well the car seat had been packed. It was in two pieces making it easier to package and transport. I chose the black colour and wasn’t expecting much in terms of design to be honest as a car seat is a car seat. However, immediately it looked a lot sturdier and better made than my previous car seat. The instructions are simple, but to be honest you don’t really need them. It’s very intuitive. Very easy to set up. The two pieces literally slot together. My son gave it a 5/5 and he says It is really comfortable. I love the idea of ISOfix but have always struggled to get my old car seat in and more so out. It was the sort of thing that would make me feel like exploding lol, one would come out and then the other would but the first one would go back in. We have a BMW 5 series estate, I find this car seat much easier to get in and out, it is also really light. Oh my goodness! This was impressive. My previous car seat was about the same price and came with what they called ‘Advanced Side Protection’. One day the ADV fell out and it was a piece of Styrofoam. Seriously! Anyway, it was one of the first things I noticed on the Cozy N Safe. I definitely feel a lot safer. One week I had to borrow my step sons car as my husband and his eldest went on holiday with our car. I was worried about it not having ISOFix, however it was just as good using the cars seat belt. We have played around with the different headrest heights and I love the fact it will grow with my son. Again really easy to do. In all honesty my son rarely sleeps ever (it’s a struggle at night too.) I like that there is the option on this car seat though. I suspect this is really useful for other parents. This recliner may come in useful on our next long night journey to Scotland. I haven’t needed to wash the covers. I can’t imagine it will be difficult as everything has been super easy. The instruction manual says you can wash it in the washing machine! Double High Five to that!! My last seat covers needed to be hand washed. Grrrr!!! We use the car seat every day, multiple times a day. It is our main car seat now. I was going to use this as a spare for play dates but this has become the favourite and the other one has been put in the garage. Used this car seat in and around Kilton Keynes – School runs , shopping and play dates. I used it in my step sons car and it was fine. My child loved the fact it doesn’t have arm rests. He says it makes it much easier to put his seat belt into the buckle. I loved the belt hook to keep the belt accessible to my son, mostly because it was easy for me to get it in and out. Other car seats seat to keep hold of it like they never want to let go. I don’t have the patience for it lol. Oh yes Superb value! I love the fact that this is the last car seat I need to get. Definitely worth every penny. Quality of the Cozy N Safe is excellent. It looks and feels like it is made of good quality materials. The side impact protection definitely stood out to me over and above my previous one. I would buy this as it is easy to clean, easy to set up and easy to use. I would recommend as I think this is a great product and excellent value for money. A great car seat that is easy to set up and use. It’s not big and bulk or heavy. I have loved using it as it’s not a pain in the bottom to lug about if need be and there’s been no complaints from my son. He hates change and was a little dubious about the swap but has not looked back since. Louise Lamb – James 7 Years

Product Tested By Sam Davies – Jake 6 Years

Sam Awarded The COZY N SAFE NOVA I-SIZE 100CM-150CM CAR SEAT 4.5/5

Very well packaged and easy to put together. I really like the design. It’s nice and simple without any fiddly bits to it. Very clear and easy to understand instructions. The picture used were very easy to follow too. This is very easy to use and fits well as one of three seats along the back seat of my car. My son really likes this car seat and from the first time he used it he was saying how comfortable it is. He’s a very skinny little man and he said it’s comfy for his bony bum. I really like this feature. It’s great to be able to easily move and change the angle of the connectors to fit to the Isofix points in the car. It’s very easy to fit in our car. We have a citron C4 Picasso. I really liked the idea straight padding. The head rest looks like it will be too snug but it’s just at all. It’s nice and comfy and cosy and my children really liked how cosy it is. Some seats can leave a child head with a lot of space for unnecessary movement which is worrying but this seat is perfect. I personally preferred using the Isofix points but it’s very easy to use either way. The Isofix points tuck out of the way if you’re not using them. It is very quick and easy to adjust he headrest and is great to be able to adjust between different sized children. My little boy really likes this feature. When we went on long journeys and he was allowed a nap he said it was really nice and cosy to be able to tilt backwards slightly. The covers were easy to wash but not to put back on the seat!! I really struggled to get the elastic over the small plastic tabs to put it back together! Was very fiddly! We use this car seat almost daily to go to kids various after school clubs. We also do a lot of longer journeys over 2 hours. It has been used in my car most of the time apart from the odd occasion we have used it in my husband’s car. It was used in my husband’s car a few times for short trips. It was also easy to fit in and attach to the Isofix points. The seat was mainly used for my 6 year old son but my 10 year old daughter also tried it a few times. She really liked it and said it was comfier than her car seat. She is also of a small build like my son and said it was nice and padded. My so really liked that I could tilt him backwards went he was sleeping so it was comfier for him. He also liked that it was well padded and his ‘bum didn’t go numb’ on long journeys. I really like that it can be fit in the car using Isofix points. My children are very light for their ages and I was worried about moving my son from his 5 point harness seat as I didn’t think a seat like my daughter uses would be secure enough to hold him. With this seat being fixed to the car I found it made it more secure and he fit in it well. I also really like that theirs is a good thick padded area around the head. To look at it I thought it might be a bit of a snug fit bit it was nice and comfy for both my children to use. I think £99.99 is a good investment for a seat to be able to use for so many years and can grow with your child. I paid a lot more for my daughters car seat 8 years ago and I prefer this one a lot more. I can’t fault the quality. It’s very sturdy and also well-padded and cosy for my child to use. I definitely would buy this. I was worrying about moving my son into the next size car seat as he’s so light and skinny but I can feel confident that he’s safe and secure and well-padded and protected in this seat. I would recommend as I really do like the protection it gives and how comfortable it is for little ones to use both on short and long journeys. It’s also very easy to fix into your car. Not full marks just due to it being a bit fiddly putting the covers back on after washing them. Overall I really do like this car seat. It’s given me peace of mind that my skinny, light as a feather son is safe and secure and well protected in this well-padded and very comfortable car seat. It’s very easy to use. Very easy to take in and out of the car and I’m very impressed that I fits along the back seat of my car along with another child’s car seat and an Isofix base for a baby car seat. I was worried that I would struggle finding another seat to fit all three children in the back of the car but this seat, as padded as it is, fits perfectly. My son really likes it and after using it for a few times he said how it didn’t make his bum go numb like his other seat did. I look forward to continue using it knowing my some is safe and protected as he grows. Sam Davies – Jake 6 Years

Product Tested By Adeela Hussain – Saffy 7 years

Adeela Awarded The COZY N SAFE NOVA I-SIZE 100CM-150CM CAR SEAT 5/5

I was impressed how smart it looked. Was impressed with the design. Looked sleek. Instructions pretty straightforward to follow. Went on YouTube to get a video version to be extra sure. Fairly easy to use. Not too much faffing about as other car seats I have used in the past. My daughter said the seat was comfortable due to padding and it was tried by other children who all said the same. The adjustable ISOFix connectors that pivot up and down are a good feature. Watched a few videos to make sure it was all done correctly. Easy to fit into our car and we have BMW 3 series. I was confident and happy knowing they were secure and safe in this car seat due to side impact protection etc. After watching some videos easy enough to put in car using the Isofix connectors and the vehicles 3 point belt. The headrest is so easy to adjust and worked well. This was also adjusted with ease when used this car seat for my friends child. A very good feature. A very useful feature to have 3 recline positions. Ideal for relaxing. My child never fell asleep but did become relaxed to the point it was being used. I have not needed to was the covers yet, but sure they will wash well. This was used daily and sometimes numerous times during the day. Mostly used for school runs. This was used in friends vehicle . Easy to install and worked perfect. Not used for other siblings as too old but was used for friends/family. My daughter liked the headrest as our previous car seat did not have this. I like the overall look and the ease of use and installation. Absolutely great value especially with the current cost of living. It is great to know something will last or many years. Good quality and so far so good. Absolutely would buy this. The price is competitively priced. It is something that will last many years. I would recommend and already have and they are considering purchasing. This is lightweight and not too bulky. It did not take up much room. (Less than anticipated) previous car seats( joie 360) have been extremely bulky and very heavy and taken up far too much room! Easy to use and install. We watched YouTube videos for extra peace Of mind. Decently priced. Good to know it will last us up until she is 12 years!!! Adeela Hussain – Saffy 7 years

I would buy this as it is easy to clean, easy to set up and easy to use. I would recommend as I think this is a great product and excellent value for money. A great car seat that is easy to set up and use. It’s not big and bulk or heavy. I have loved using it as it’s not a pain in the bottom to lug about if need be and there’s been no complaints from my son. He hates change and was a little dubious about the swap but has not looked back since.


Louise Awarded The COZY N SAFE NOVA I-SIZE 100CM-150CM CAR SEAT 5/5

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