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Crane humidifier

Ultrasonic Cool Mist increases air moisture for easier breathing and a good night’s sleep. 
Relieves cough, cold, and flu symptoms, nasal congestion, dry cough, sinus irritation, nose bleeds, and dry skin and hair. Clean Control Antimicrobial Material in the Base is proven to help reduce mold and bacteria growth up to 99.96%

Removable 1 gallon tank easily fits under most bathroom sinks
. Runs whisper quiet up to 24 hours. Auto-Off function activates when water tank is empty. More energy efficient than a household light bulb – up to 45W
Does not require a filter
1 year manufacturer’s warranty
Bizziebaby Bronze Award Winner 2016 Humidifiers Category 




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£49.99 Available to purchase online

Crane humidifier Reviews

Product Tested by:

Tested By
Celia Kelly – Bobbie 5 Years

Celia Awarded
The Crane Humidifiers 4.5/5

Lovely bright design and nicely
packaged upon opening. Very appealing to children and looks nice and clean. The
packaging was nice and secure and I would be happy to present this humidifier
as a gift to somebody. Everything was in the box and it was clear on the
outside of the packaging what was inside the box. The instructions were very
clear and easy to follow. The diagrams were easy to see with arrows pointing to
each section too. The quality of the product is quite high and it’s good that
it’s made out of material that is completely wipeable. My son was not suffering
from blocked nose or dry skin while testing this product. The product looks
fantastic and is a lovely vibrant green colour. The frog is very friendly and
fits in lovely on the side of the bedroom. The product was very easy to use and
setup, this was probably because the instructions were very clear. I wouldn’t say £49.99 was good value for the
product, but it is definitely a good buy. I would be happy to purchase it
if I had an offer code or money off voucher> I would recommend as this is
very good especially through the last couple of weeks in the dry hot
weather. This product is a lovely design, easy to use, nicely packaged
and good quality. However I feel it is slightly overpriced for a child’s
humidifier. The water was very easy to refill and the machine itself was very
quiet so it didn’t interrupt any sleep at all. The frog is very nice to look at
and fits in well to a Childs room, either a boy or a girl. I think it is very
good for when it is hot and dry and can help lubricate the Childs throat etc.
throughout the summer.Celia Kelly – Bobbie 5 Years

Product Tested By Rose Szita – George 12

Rose Awarded The Crane Humidifiers 4.8/5

It’s a large product, a lot larger
than the current humidifier we have. Box looks professional and was packaged
well inside but it wasn’t so tight that you can’t get it out of the box! Instructions
were straight forward and the product was set up in a matter of minutes. As you
will be able to tell from this review, I love this product! Quality is good
& although the container holds a very large amount of water, I’ve seen no
spillage at all. George has been sniffly since birth. There is a noticeable
difference to not only George, but myself too (as he sleeps in my room). The
sniffles used to be at their worst in the morning but they have improved. I
used to suffer with a dry throat in the morning but this also seems far better.
It looks great and kids will love it too.
This is easy to use – but the only complaint I would have here is that
it’s difficult to carry the water container when full using the small handle. I
have paid similar for other humidifiers and this is a far superior product. I
will be buying this for my other rooms. I have already recommended this to my
friends. Not only friends with children but also my grandparents as the suffer
with breathing at night & I firmly believe this will help. Absolutely
delighted with this product and cannot recommend enough. The dial to control
the level of mist is great and isn’t something I’ve had before. On full blast
the unit is very powerful but almost silent. I would like to see the light be a
little dimmer as it tends to light up the room at night but this is a minor niggle
to an otherwise fantastic product. Rose Szita – George 12 Weeks

Product Tested By Katy Danielle Morgan
– Thomas 2 years

Katy Awarded The Crane Humidifiers 4/5

When the
product arrived I thought it looked really stylish and was very impressed. I
was eager to try it out as I had never considered a humidifier before. The product
was packaged in a box clearly displaying a picture of the humidifier with a
brief description on the side. It was well packaged inside so that everything
was held in place. The instructions although very simple and easy to read and
follow did lack a little bit of explaining. The product has a dial on the front
which has an on/off and then a scale of dots indicating the level of mist you
require. However there is no way to tell apart from watching the mist flow how
high up you have turned the dial. I found this a bit annoying and thought it
could have been better designed. The quality of the product is good; it is a
hard wearing plastic. It has fared well after daily use. I think if it were to
be dropped on a hard floor it may cause damage to the water tank but as I only
used the product in carpeted areas I can’t say for sure. Unfortunately my son
did not have any sniffles, dry skin conditions whilst testing the product and
neither did I or my husband so I am unable to comment on whether the product
improved any of these. I chose a drop design as it looked sleek and stylish and
I really loved the design, and how the product looked. It doesn’t look out of
place in any room and fits well. They have many designs on their website to
suit a child and adults taste which I thought was a really good idea. The
product was very simple and easy to use once you got used to the whole dial
thing as I explained earlier. Once I had it set to the correct mist output, I
was able to reset it easily. It is easy to clean. My only gripe would be that
you have to be careful where you put the product as obviously it emits moisture
which can damage furniture if not used correctly. This caused a bit of hassle
trying to find somewhere and something suitable to put the product on. I think
overall the product is priced ok, for me personally there are other humidifiers
on the market that work just as well for half the price. I think you are paying
for the design as some of the cheaper ones don’t look as pretty. The product
does what it says and is a good product so if you have the money to pay that
bit more then it is a good buy compared with others on the market. Personally I
did not like the feel of the room whilst having the humidifier on. I tried it
in various rooms on my son and myself and husband. It made the room feel damp
and yes I know it is the whole point of a humidifier but I just didn’t like it
and felt it did nothing for me or my family at the time of testing. I think
because we could not test the product to its full potential when we have colds etc.
then I would find it hard to recommend this product. However if someone I knew
was specifically looking to buy one I would mention this product to them. Feel
overall the product itself is good and simple to use. It has a few things that
annoyed me and as I couldn’t use it to its full potential it is hard to say how
well it was at effectively helping to relieve certain symptoms. Overall the
product unfortunately did not help us or make much of a difference but I
believe this is due more too personal preference than anything else. As I have
said it is a good product that worked properly and is easy to use it’s just a
shame I could not test it out when we have colds etc. One point I would note is
that it claims to be whisper quiet and for the most part it is but every now
and then as the water drains out of it you sometimes get a gurgling through the
water tank. I found this quite annoying. It did not affect my sons sleep so
that is a plus. Katy Danielle Morgan – Thomas 2 years




The water was very easy to refill and the machine itself was very quiet so it didn’t interrupt any sleep at all. The frog is very nice to look at and fits in well to a Childs room, either a boy or a girl. I think it is very good for when it is hot and dry and can help lubricate the Childs throat etc. throughout the summer.


Celia Awarded The Crane Humidifiers 4.5/5

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