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Crayola Creative Fun Double Easel

Crayola Creative Fun Double Easel has a magnetic board, a whiteboard, a chalkboard and includes a paper clip on the painting surface. It comes with a spacious tray to carry art supplies. Name tag on the easel provides a special personalized feature. Fun and creative accessories included. Foldable design for compact storage. With the Crayola Creative Fun Double Easel you have the perfect surface for a variety of drawing and painting projects.

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Price £39.99 Available to purchase online Smyths Toys UK

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Crayola Creative Fun Double Easel Reviews

Product Tested By Charlotte Evans – Layla & Finlay 6 & 3 Years

Charlotte Awarded The Crayola Creative Fun Double Easel 4.7/5

First impressions very good, children very excited at the look of it. Brilliant concept with the double sides, meaning both children can use at the same time. Straight forward to put together, instructions were not necessary but easily understandable. Very easy to set up and took around 5 minutes. Both children are thoroughly enjoying using the easel. The easel comes with chalk and magnetic letter; however there are no dry wipe markers or erasers in the set which is something that should possibly be included as they were unable to use this feature until we bought them separately. The concept is really good, however the tray often clips off/ falls off which can be a little frustrating when all the contents fall on the floor. It would be much better if it was more secure. Perfect size/ height for both my children and should last them a good few years more. They have been using the easel most days since it arrived. Being able to fold down and store with ease is a very important feature for me.  We are limited for space so this means it can be folded away when not being used. My children loved being able to play together at the same time using both sides. My daughter likes to play ‘teachers’ so she has especially enjoyed playing with this. This would certainly make an ideal gift for any child.  Easy wipe down plastic meaning it is very easy to keep clean. Would have given 5/5 had the tray been a little sturdier.  This is a fair price for a very good product. I loved the option to fold away. I would buy this as good value for money.  I would recommend as perfect for little children up to around the age of 7/8 years. Very good product to keeps children entertained for many hours.  Overall I would highly recommend this Easel to others. It is a perfect size for my children and they have thoroughly enjoyed playing with it. Main positives are the size and fold away option. The only things that I feel could be improved is the tray which often comes loose and also would be nice for dry wipe markers and erasers to be included. A very good product overall. Charlotte Evans – Layla & Finlay 6 & 3 Years

Product Tested By Rachelle Waterfall – Indi-Rose 5 Years

Rachelle Awarded The Crayola Creative Fun Double Easel 4.6/5

Good quality, colourful and useful for art and writing. Great concept, like the branding and colours. Instructions very easy to understand and set up.  My daughter found this very easy to set up. My daughter has enjoyed playing schools, drawing, writing and using the magnets to display her pictures.  The tray could be a better if it went all the way underneath as there would be more room for pens etc.  Myself and Indi have played with the easel together. Perfect size for my fiver year old and stores quite flat. She still has it out at the moment and will continue to use every couple of days or so over the summer holidays.  This does store reasonably flat for when not in use.  My daughter really enjoyed how colourful it is and playing schools with the product. This would make an ideal creative gift for a young child. As this is mainly plastic easy to just wipe clean.  Quality of this product is very good.  Certainly delivers good value for money. I loved the great space for Indi to practice writing and spelling out words over the summer holidays – very versatile and will be used for a variety of activities in the coming weeks.  I would purchase this item.  I would recommend as very useful.  Indi-Rose loves the product and design; it is incredibly versatile and will help with her educational needs. However  not full marks as the design aesthetic is very bright and plasticky looking…for a large item that will spend a lot of time out in the house this summer it’s not as modern as it could be so not as attractive to adults or in -keeping with interiors. Great product for kids, but does take up room in the house and could be more attractive, whilst still being bright and childlike.  Fun for creative and educational activities.  Rachelle Waterfall – Indi-Rose 5 Years

Product Tested By Lynette Gray – Gabriel 4 Years

Lynette Awarded The Crayola Creative Fun Double Easel 3.7/5

The box was large and I was worried that the easel would be big too. We do like Crayola products though as they are generally very long lasting so we looked forward to opening this. I think the idea of a black board and a white board are good. It helps young learners to developed pencil grip but also enables them to create art over and over again as there is always a blank canvas. The magnetic letters and numbers are good and the magnetic cogs encourage building play. Instructions were clear but there were lots. Also my son wanted to get straight in and draw but the blackboard side had to be tempered first. This was very easy to set up.  He did like the chalk board. Unfortunately it does not come with readable markers so we had to buy those before he could use the white board side. He did like the stickers and the cog wheels. The tray is a good idea, however every time my son wanted to move the easel the tray fell off, meaning broken chalk and magnetic letters everywhere. Also, if you decide to fold the easel up for storage the tray folds down as well-meaning everything falls out. He did share it with mummy and daddy and one of his older siblings. He worried about others using the white board side though, as he had put the included stickers on and didn’t want them damaged by being moved. We did have one sticker casualty.  It is very large. Probably a good size for my son as he is tallish for having just turned 4 but any children younger or more petite might have a problem reaching the top of the boards. He used the blackboard side a lot for the first few days; he had to wait for us to purchase wipeable markers before he could use the other side so that didn’t get as much use. I think there is a design flaw as far as the storage tray goes. When it is folded down nothing can be held in the tray. When my son tried to move it the tray fell off too. It is rather bulky. Removing the legs makes it smaller to store but I would be worried about losing one of the legs as there is no facility on the easel to store them when dismantled. He liked the blackboard the most because he could do different colours and shapes depending on how he held the chalk. He also enjoyed the magnetic cogs but I think there would need to be more for him to play with them a lot. A good gift only if you are willing to pay more for Crayola white board erasable markers and something to rub the chalk and marker off with. I think if you are going to be paying near on £40 for a gift you don’t then want additional costs. This is all plastic so easy to wipe clean. Crayola is durable and the plastic is thick so I think it will last a while. I did, however, wrestle with my conscience as we are trying to reduce the amounts of plastics and non-recyclable/ sustainable products we use. I would have given higher marks if it contained the white board marked and some erasers too. Having to buy these separately is not value. I liked the blackboard as it’s not something a lot of children get to use in schools any more. I’m reluctant to buy more items made of plastic; I think a sturdy wooden blackboard would have been as good. I also didn’t like that we had to buy extra items to use the easel as intended, nor how the tray didn’t contain everything when folded.  I would not recommend as I think this product is expensive when you have to add in extra markers and wipes.  It is bulky, there is no storage facility for the items that are in the tray when folded and you need to buy extra items to use as shown on the box pictures. But I do like the creativity of drawing on a blackboard or white board and being able to erase and draw all over again.  Lovely brightly packaged box. Crayola is a name that I grew up with and feel I can trust for durability and reliability. Maybe too large for younger or more petite children. Lynette Gray – Gabriel 4 Years

It is a perfect size for my children and they have thoroughly enjoyed playing with it. Main positives are the size and fold away option. The only things that I feel could be improved is the tray which often comes loose and also would be nice for dry wipe markers and erasers to be included. A very good product overall.


Charlotte Awarded The Crayola Creative Fun Double Easel 4.7/5

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