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Crayola In The Night Garden Happy Hands Art Mat


The Crayola Happy Hands Art Mat features your favourite characters from In the Night Garden. It’s sure to keep little hands and imaginations busy. Reveal a fun picture using the water wand or a finger dipped in water. Create your very own scenes again and again with the reusable soft shapes on the sticky picture creator. Colouring time is great fun for little ones in this art set; complete with easy-to-hold Crayola Beginnings chunky crayons, and 10 lovely pictures of Igglepiggle, Upsy Daisy and Makka Pakka.

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Crayola In The Night Garden Happy Hands Art Mat Reviews

Product Tested by: Ranjit Bharj – Sarina 2 Years

Product Tested By Ranjit Bharj – Sarina 2 Years

Ranjit Awarded the Crayola Happy Hands 4.1/5

The product is quite colourful and well set out. I was pleased that it came in a carry pouch so it could easily be taken on journeys. All relevant information is displayed on the packaging, which makes it simple to decide whether the product is suitable. It is the perfect size for travelling with; if it was any smaller I don’t think my child would have enjoyed playing with it. Initially my Daughter was excited to play with it-especially as it was to do with the night garden. But the colouring sheets were finished very quickly, a few more would’ve been better.  I had no concerns about letting my child use or play with this product. It kept my Daughter entertained for a while but she did get bored of it once the colouring sheets ran out and she managed to misplace the picture maker shapes. Once these were gone the water mat lost its appeal too.  The picture making shapes were however very good with helping eye and hand coordination. My child liked to sit on this too; the quality is very good, suitably robust. For the price I do think it’s expensive, especially as there are very few colouring sheets however, the water play is very good. I would not buy this product for the RRP. However if it was on a special offer then I definitely would buy it because my Daughter loves in the night garden and the character Daisy! Overall it does entertain children and can be very useful for keeping your child entertained if you are travelling; I would have given it top marks if there were a few more colouring sheets included. Ranjit Bharj – Sarina 2 Years


Product Tested By Claire Worth – Joshua 2 Years

Claire Awarded the Crayola Happy Hands 3.5/5

The product seemed fun and it has different themes of playing. The packaging was a basic colourful box that demonstrated the product fully. The size and style of the toy were perfect. It is portable and can be folded away easily. But some of the items that were put in the compartments did fall out from time to time. The product requires an adult’s attention because certain parts need water and the children need to be shown what to do, so slight encouragement is needed. It’s suited for my Childs age group well but I will consider also using it when he is a little older too. My child likes the product but he has a short attention span when it comes to colouring in, he seemed to get a little bored with the Velcro bits too. The product did help with my Childs eye and hand coordination when using the brush to paint the water on and also to stick the Velcro parts on. The only disadvantage of this toy is its lack of keeping my Childs attention, but every child is different so someone else may find this toy a lot more beneficial for their child. The quality of the product is great, I cannot see it breaking because its very well made. I would say that it is slightly overpriced though. Claire Worth – Joshua 2 Years


Product Tested By Joanne McNulty – Caylan 2 Years

Joanne Awarded the Crayola Happy Hands 2.5/5

My first impression of the product when looking at it in the box was that it would be a good toy for my son because it was bright, and colourful. It also looked appealing for young children. I thought the toy was a good size for a child to carry around with them comfortably and safely, the material is nice and soft. My son did not find the product to be very entertaining for him. The colouring part was the only thing he seemed to enjoy, but only for 5 minutes at a time. The age recommendation was correct and I had no concerns about letting my child play with this toy. Personally, I didn’t think very much of the toy. The colouring was okay, the fuzzy felt was disappointing because only 2 pieces fit onto one small square and the water part wasn’t very good either. I would not say that this toy benefited my son at all; he became bored very easily with this product. The toy is very simple, almost too simple. I don’t think it is well suited for quick developers. The overall quality of the toy was good because the material was bright and soft but once the toy was folded up the contents would fall out of it. The pot where you put the water in was too small and the water would spill out, it’s not ideal for little hands who aren’t as steady as mummy’s! I don’t think the toy offers good value for money at all; I would much prefer to buy a colouring book and crayons for a better price. I was going to buy this toy for my Son as a Christmas present but the store had none available. Then the product became available to test and I can safely say that I am glad I didn’t waste my money on it. Even though I found the product disappointing, I am sure that there are other children who would be happily entertained with it.  Joanne McNulty – Caylan 2 Years

My Daughter was excited to play with it-especially as it was to do with the night garden.


Ranjit Awarded the Crayola Happy Hands 4.1/5

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