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Creative Nature – Blissful Berry bar

Creative Nature – Blissful Berry Bar – Experience berry magic as this naturally sweet super bar, with no added sugars or preservative, takes your taste buds on a rollercoaster ride of pure awesome! (Creative Nature cannot guarantee what type, speed or G-Force rollercoaster each customer will experience).
A great bar to pick you up and dust you off when you are feeling low on energy or drive.
100% Raw, 100% Natural, Vegan, Vegetarian, GMO free, dairy free, wheat free, soya free, lactose free, low fat, manufactured in the UK.

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£0.99 Each Available Holland & Barrett online, selected Holland & Barrett stores or click online to find local stockist

Creative Nature – Blissful Berry bar Reviews

Product Tested by: Celestina Edwards – Ethan 3 years 6 Months

Tested By  
Celestina Edwards – Ethan 3 years 6 Months

Awarded The Creative Nature Superfoods – Blissful Berry Bar 4/5

was very intrigued with what was presented. I couldn’t wait for both myself and
my son to taste them.  I wasn’t keen on
the taste as I found it a little too sweet for my liking but my son loved them!  The way the bar is made you do not lose the
goodness that comes from the fruit. Nothing is artificially added to the
product so you know what you see/taste is what you get.  Nice and cleanly presented packaging.  This is very convenient to just keep in your
bag and have ready for a quick nutritious snack.  I couldn’t find the product in a well-known
brand of pharmacy. This product is found in health shops.  The quality of the product was good. The bar
wasn’t too crumbly and I found it quite moist. For the 99p price it would be a bit steep compared to similar bars as
you may get 5 bars for the price of £2.80 with the competition. Too sweet for me but that is my own personal
opinion. Some may find it okay! My son didn’t complain at all!  If the price was cheaper I would consider
buying them for my son.  The product is
different from what I have tasted before. I would still recommend people to try
it as it has been a hit in my house and the product itself if full of goodness. Overall the product was liked. I would maybe
try a different flavour in the future but would have it as an occasional treat.  
Celestina Edwards – Ethan 3 years 6 Months

Tested By 
Penelope Simms – Simone 4 years

Awarded The Creative Nature Superfoods – Blissful Berry Bar 4.7/5

nicely packaged and a healthy snack bar. I think this does differ to other child friendly foods on the market as
this seems to be aimed at all the family. I actually liked the taste as love fruit and this has a very natural
sweet fruit taste.  Simone tried it and really
enjoyed this bar too.   This is a pure
fruit bar made of natural ingredients and also dairy free, soya free and
lactose free so caters for a wider variety of people with certain food
allergies.  Plus not affecting the taste
as this bar was tasty and Moorish.  A
really tasty, healthy snack bar for my daughter with the sweetness of natural
sugar.  Packaging is good, nothing
outstanding but nice style and looks more like a family snack bar.  This is very convenient as nice snack bar to
keep in your bag when you’re out for the day and you know you have a tasty
healthy snack ready when you need a bit of energy boost.  Very good quality snack bar.  This is more than some other snack bars, but
it is tasty and natural ingredients so you know it is good for all the
family.  My eldest son is always
purchasing protein bars for trips to the gym and when I compare he is paying
between £1.87 – over £2.00 per bar this is very good value for money.  He has now started buying these for energy
bars to take to the gym with him.  This
is a very fruity sweet bar but we all loved the taste and that is a personal
choice.  I have already purchased more
and would certainly recommend anyone to try these out.  Really liked the taste and texture of these
bars, great to take out for a quick snack when on the go and packed full of
natural goodness.  
Penelope Simms –
Simone 4 Years

Tested By
 Catherine Pitch – Phillip 5 years

Awarded The Creative Nature Superfoods – Blissful Berry Bar 4.6/5

had never heard of this company before so was interested in trying the taste
test for the berry bar.  I liked the
taste, but a little bit sweet for my liking. Would prefer something with a bit more citrus taste.  My son on the other hand really liked this
berry bar.  The bar is full of natural
goodness and a great on the go snack, so I had no worries about my son eating
these during the day and have put some in his packed lunch for school.  The taste is great and all natural so good
for my son to eat rather than some other high sugar bars.  Packaging is standard.  Would not say it is appealing to
children,  just looks like a regular
family health snack bar.  Really good
quality and nice taste and texture.  Price is a bit higher than other bars I have
purchased in the past, but these are healthier so on that basis I do think they
represent good value for money.  I have
already purchased more as my son really likes these and we have found them at
the local Holland & Barrett store. Also tried out a few of the other flavours.  Not all to our liking so glad we tested the
berry bar first.  I have already
recommended.  A really powerful taste
experience, good natural healthy bar for all the family and my son loved
Catherine Pitch – Phillip 5 Years





 It has been a hit in my house and the product itself if full of goodness. 


Celestina Awarded The Creative Nature Superfoods – Blissful Berry Bar 4/5 

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