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A fantastic magazine packed with easy, fun projects and activities … an excellent source of inspiration for primary school teachers, classroom assistants, childminders & nannies, nursery teachers, playgroup and pre-school organisers, home educators, Rainbow, Brownie, Guide and Scouting leaders and, of course, parents and grandparents!

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Creative Steps Magazine Reviews

Product Tested by: Kim Tonkinson – Baylie 5 Years

Product Tested By Kim Tonkinson – Baylie 5 Years

Kim Awarded The Creative Steps Magazine 5/5

My initial impression is very good, a little expensive, more than I would normally spend if I brought a magazine. The quality of the magazine is great; the paper is high gloss and is thick so wont rip easy. I love the look.  It is great having children on the front with bright colours.  And great points to show what is in the magazine. I love the ideas.  My daughter and myself have actually done quite a few of the activities. From making a hat to cooking.  I enjoyed reading the Magazine, we would go through magazine and see what we could plan to get the things for and make. There seemed a lot of advertisements though.  I found the articles  informative.  I loved the competitions too.  I loved the ideas for games and ideas for rainy days.  We have done vanilla cupcakes, which were yummy.  Made the princess hat, which was easy to follow the instructions. We will be making some of the Christmas ideas when Christmas comes.  I am very impressed with the magazine. It has so many activities to do and make with my daughter. And she really enjoyed looking through the magazine too see what we can do next. At first I did think the magazine was expensive however, and that is a big however I am very impressed with how the magazine works.  The magazine can be kept so my daughter can do the next age up activities and ideas. I actually would purchase this magazine.  Due to the wayit is set out with the age groups for the activities.  The magazine isn’t a magazine that will be thrown away once it’s been read. I actually already have recommended.  I have told my friend and also mentioned some of the activities to the club I help run as the ideas and activities are great for the school kids. I love the magazine and will be looking to get the next issue when it is out. I am actually looking into getting the magazine when it next comes out when my daughter and I have done the activities we want to do.  Will definitely be keeping the magazine for when my daughter age goe sinto the next age category.  KimTonkinson – Baylie 5 Years


Product Tested By Kerry Baldwin – Cameron & Courtenay 8 & 6 Years

Kerry Awarded TheCreative Steps Magazine 5/5

The magazine looked really good.  Having a quick look through, there were things for children of all ages to do. The magazine quality was excellent.  It had a full colour glossy front cover and inside was full of great ideas for you to do with your children. The magazine caught my attention straight away as it looked so fun and bright.  My daughter really enjoyed reading through it too. The ideas throughout the magazine are excellent. They are split up into ages so you have things to do for younger children from the start of the magazine all the way up to older children.  You even get templates in the back, which are used throughout the magazine.  I really enjoyed reading through and felt inspired afterwards.  The articles were very interesting and were very educational for both Courtney and Cameron.  We are always making crafty things so thesemagazines were really put to use. We made so many of the ideas that we have lost count. I think this is a superb magazine to get for ideas and information for your children to get crafting. I think the price is really good for these. The majority of the items needed, we already had around the house so we never had to really buy a lot to make really good things.  They are full of loads of activities too and very educational at the same time.  I would consider buying a future issue as both Courtney and Cameron really enjoyed the activities we did from them. They are also seasonal issues so all join in with things they make at school.  Such as Easter, there were loads of Easter things to make.  I have already told my friend about these as I know they all love to make things together.  We really loved using these magazines. They are full of exciting things to make, activities and educational articles for your children to read.  I will definitely be purchasing future issues.  Kerry Baldwin – Cameron & Courtenay 8 & 6 years


Product Tested By Isabelle Woodall – Luke & Jasmine – 5 & 7 years

Isabelle AwardedThe Creative Steps Magazine 5/5

The magazine looked well-presented and good quality. Was amazed at how much was in this magazine, with loads of things to do for a wide range of ages. The quality of this magazine is excellent – presented on high quality paper (so will last) and packed full of great creative things for you to make with your children and superb tips and ideas. Both my children enjoyed looking through this magazine as so much on offer. So many things to create and they split this into age groups for you. The beginning of the magazine givesyou things to create for younger children and then as you progress through the magazine the items to create are suited for older children to get creative. A great idea and one of the firstmagazines I have seen suitable for such a wide range of ages. Everything is explained really well and you have templates to follow. The articles are excellent and the things to make well we are still making more. It is so good to have ideas to make things with your children and we all enjoyed getting creative. All the family got involved and we had so much fun. Also gave us so many ideas, so my children will not be getting bored any time soon. They also took magazine over to their Gran’s and even she had fun making some of the things suggested. Even if you are not creative, this is a fabulous magazine as packed full of great tips, ideas and so much more. The price is excellent for the amount of information, ideas and things to do packed into this magazine. I had never heard of this before but will be purchasing the next edition. A great fun creative magazine packed full of so many things to make for young and older children.  Captures their attention,  how to make things explained easily and lots of bits you already have at home with children anyway. Will keep them occupied and amused all year round. Also helps them to realise they can be creative and educational too as you learn as you create. Loved it and will be purchasing next edition. Have already recommended to everyone as when you get a magazine that can give you ideas and keep your children entertainedthat is a winning formula. Isabelle Woodall – Luke & Jasmine – 5 & 7 years  







 I have told my friend and also mentioned some of the activities to the club I help run as the ideas and activities are great for the school kids. I love the magazine and will be looking to get the next issue when it is out.


  Kim Awarded The Creative Steps Magazine 5/5

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