Saved In Teeth Whitening

Crest 3D Whitestrips

The new Whitestrips contain a thicker ingredient layer, providing significantly more enamel safe whitening ingredient which whitens for two hours. Tooth stains are removed deep within the enamel, delivering a whiter, brighter smile that lasts for three months after just one treatment

Advancements in the Whitestrip structure make it the best fitting Whitestrip ever – optimized notches wrap and conform to teeth for improved wear and comfort

The Advanced Seal No Slip technology allows you to talk, drink water and continue your normal routine while your teeth are whitened in no time


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Crest 3D Whitestrips Reviews

Product Tested By Jo Miller

Jo Awarded the Crest White Strips 5/5

These really do work and they are fantastic! I found it so simple to apply the strips to my teeth, they are textured too so they do not move when they are in your mouth. They aren’t uncomfortable at all, but they do foam a little because of the reaction. I was impressed with the quantity of strips in the box, there are a lot in there and will last for some time. The only negative point I have to say about these is the sensitivity factor. They did make my teeth very sensitive after about 6 uses. But this only lasted for about half an hour after using the strips, after this my teeth felt back to normal. The strips are easy to remove after using and you can literally see what it takes off your teeth, it’s like a foamy film. They leave no taste at all and are generally quite pleasant to use. I am impressed with the new shiny whiteness of my teeth, now I have nearly used the whole box! I am so confident that these work I have already bought more and recommended them to all my friends. They really are fantastic and work brilliantly. The price is minimal when compared to permanent treatments, and it really does give you brighter and whiter teeth! Jo Miller

ProductTested By Joanne Hitchin

Joanne Awarded the Crest White Strips 4.7/5

I was unsure at first with the white strips. The packaging was very professional and reassuring but my teeth are very sensitive so I was a little nervous with trying these. There were a lot of strips in the box and I thought this was very good for the price! When I first tried them I found them easy to apply but I only left them on for about twenty minutes at a time because my teeth began to get adull ache at the front. But this did not last for very long, about an hour at most then they were fine. I used these every other day and after 3 weeks, I did notice a difference in the whiteness of my teeth. If I’d have used them for longer periods then I think they would have worked quicker. The price is very good and this is a fantastic product for short term teeth improvements! Joanne Hitchin

Product Tested By Karen Hind

Karen Awarded the Crest White Strips 4/5

I was so looking forward to seeing how these would improve my teeth! The contents of the box was pleasing, there are a lot of strips in there. I was a bit unsure of using them at first because my teeth are very sensitive. But I found them easy to apply and I kept them on for half an hour at a time. During this half hour, I found it strange to swallow and talk at first due to the strips being in the way, but you do get used to them being in your mouth after a few uses. I felt a slight tingling sensation after a few minutes and when I removed the strips, I could see what it had removed from my teeth. I brushed them lightly with small amounts of toothpaste after using too. They were a little more sensitive than usual after using about half of the box of strips, but I switched my toothpaste to a more sensitive one and now they are fine! I can definitely see a difference in the whiteness of my teeth and I would thoroughly recommend these, they are fantastic quality and really do improve your smile. Karen Hind

The price is minimal when compared to permanent treatments, and it really does give you brighter and whiter teeth!


Jo Awarded the Crest White Strips 5/5

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