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Croc odor Fridge XL

The best-selling fridge deodoriser from leading kitchen care expert Croc odor absorbs and neutralises unwanted odours in the fridge, working safely in close proximity to food items without risking the food. Offering a unique natural solution, Fridge contains a neutral, fragrance-free gel made from natural seaweed extracts, which effectively fights those unpleasant malodor gases and prevents cross-contamination of food with strong flavours.  It also features a temperature indicator that tells people if their fridge is at the correct temperature, whilst the end-line indicator shows when the gel has nearly run out, in order for it to be replaced. Long-lasting and completely recyclable, the Croc odor fridge XL keeps fridges fresh between six to eight weeks.

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Around £2.49 from Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, ALDI, Netto, John Lewis, Wilkinson, R Dyas and many other smaller grocery, kitchen and hardware stores.

Croc odor Fridge XL Reviews

Product Tested by: Becky Philpott – James & Charles Aged 10 & 12 Years

Product Tested By Becky Philpott – James & Charles Aged 10 & 12 Years

Becky Awarded The Croc odor Fridge XL 5/5 

First impression looked interesting.  Clicked onto the website to find out more, but must admit shows you the products, but would be nice to have more information and section on stockists.  I was very keen to try this product as my hubby is a fan of very strong cheese and garlic sausage (this certainly makes the fridge smell!).  Was slightly skeptical as could not see how a product like this would work.  How wrong can you be.  This fitted neatly into our fridge and works an absolute treat.  I cannot tell you how brilliant it is to open the fridge door and not be greeted with a waft of garlic sausage or Extra, extra strong cheese.  I had never heard of this product before and I am an absolute convert.  It is brilliant, easy to use, works an absolute treat and I will certainly be purchasing more.  It has worked for weeks and very good value for money.  Have told all the family about this item and even told a few people at the supermarket check out the other day.  A must have product to keep your fridge smelling fresh at all times.  Becky Philpott – James & Charles Aged 10 & 12 Years.

Product Tested By Amanda Cooper – Abigail Aged 4 Years

Amanda Awarded The Croc odor Fridge  XL 4.8/5 

Seemed like a good idea and packaging was good.  The packaging was good, and robust.  The instructions were very easy to understand.  For the size of the freshener was hard to believe that it would be effective but it was.  Very effective and actually after all this time there is still some usage going on.  This is a nice compact size and fits with ease into any fridge. The temperature indicator seemed to be clear enough.  Seemed to be good quality.   If this lasted a little longer it would be great.   It does the trick and is a good idea. A great idea, nice looking product that keeps smells at bay.  Worked for us.  Amanda Cooper – Abigail Aged 4 Years

Product Tested By Gillian Politis – Daughter Charlotte

Gillian Awarded The  Croc odor Fridge  XL 4/5 

I have already been using the mini versions so I knew what to expect – just a bigger one.  Packaging standard, nothing fancy.   Instructions are very straight forward.  Prefer this size a little more than the smaller version; however it does take up mire room in the fridge. This is still working well   and keeping my fridge smelling fresh.  The larger size does take up more room, but I had been used to using the smaller version.    I must admit never noticed the temperature indicator so could not comment on this.  I am already a fan so sold on the value and quality.  Not a bad price but I would imagine you would sell more if the price wasn’t much more than the smaller version – I pay 99p for the smaller version.  Will certainly continue to use this product and recommend to friends and family.  A good product and works well.  Gillian Politis – Daughter Charlotte

A must have product to keep your fridge smelling fresh at all times.


Becky Awarded The Croc odor Fridge XL 5/5 

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