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Cuddledry Baby & Me Washbag

The perfect way for parents on the go to stay organised- with baby in tow!

The Baby&Me washbag by award winning Cuddledry has two separate sections – one for baby and one for you- so you don’t need to pack twice, or spend ages rummaging around to find what you want!

Each section has a zipped ‘wet’ section to keep toothbrushes and wet washcloths, so the rest of your toiletries stay dry. The parent section also has 2 refillable BPA free 100ml bottles, held neatly in place.

This washbag is ideal for your hospital bag for when baby arrives, and for all your travel once you have baby with you! Makes life so much easier, more organised and less stressful.

Price: £24.99 Available to buy online

Bizziebaby Bronze Award winner 2019 Bathtime Accessories and Gifts Category

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Cuddledry Baby & Me Washbag Reviews

Product Tested By Carol Day – Mum to Be & Amelia 2 Years

Carol Awarded The Cuddledry Baby& Me Washbag 4.4/5

My initial impression was good it’s very well-made and looked like a good quality product. it’s a really good idea just because having lots of wash bags is a bit of a pain and having this all in one is brilliant as I’m pregnant I will be taking this to the hospital with me when I give birth and it will be really handy to have everything in one place. The instructions were good however it’s pretty self-explanatory so I don’t feel like it really needed much instruction. This product is very easy to use, as previously stated it’s very self-explanatory and doesn’t really need much to work out how to use it and how to use it for the best. I found the different compartments really beneficial it’s nice to have your stuff separate to baby or child  as children stuff tends to be more dirty after use and it’s nice sometimes to have your stuff separate. it was nice and organised everything had its own place where I’m dry baby and mum so you always know where to find all the stuff you needed. Regarding the colour coded section it’s easy to assume which one was for who without looking at the instructions. However I don’t think it makes much difference as they are both exactly the same other than the travel bottles. The parent section was good.  I liked that it had travel bottles and a place to put them that was really handy as you don’t always want to take giant shampoos conditioners etc.; with you it’s nice to be able to decant them. The baby section was good very basic which is all you really need one compartment for wet one for dry perfect. it held everything I needed and it would’ve taken more,  they are large compartments so fit more than enough in them I didn’t feel that the baby compartment needed a great deal in it so it was quite nice to have this extra space. It was very easy to keep clean as just wipe clean.  I’ve actually used it a few times now with my toddler and will be using it much more once I’ve had my second child in November, for the hospital as well as out and about. I don’t know if this is an ideal gift for a new parent I think it something  that’s not needed but a nice extra  it’s a good gift but wouldn’t be something I would think of 1st to give a new parent. The quality of this product is really good it’s made well the fabric is good the insides are made very well with no leaks and the zips seem to be sturdy. Personally I don’t think the price matches the item I think it’s overpriced for what it is as it’s not a necessity or essential. I like that it had a wet and dry section for both mum and child which is really helpful to keep your stuff separate to theirs as their stuff can be much dirtier than adult stuff especially for using reusable wipes etc. Due to the price I wouldn’t buy it myself as I feel like you can get similar products a lot cheaper however you maybe skimping on quality. I would recommend for the quality, however again at this price I would suggest shopping around first.  My score is based on the fact that it is good quality and it’s very handy I’ve just not given full marks due to the price of the product.  I do feel this product is a really good idea and very handy especially if you’re travelling a lot for hospital and also if you’re using reusable nappies and wipes however I don’t feel it’s a necessity or essential so it’s easy to not have it. Carol Day – Mum to Be & Amelia 2 Years

Product Tested By Kimberley Fraser – Mum to Be

Kimberley Awarded The Cuddledry Baby& Me Washbag 5/5

When arrived thought not too big and looked nice and easy to use.  Good idea to have one side for baby and one side for parent. Instructions clear and easy to use, nice size and nice colour.  I have practiced getting ready for baby arrival and it fits stuff in perfectly.  Really great to have one section for baby and one for me.  Easy to get to each person’s stuff without getting mixed up. This is ideal for when you are out and about with baby.  Good for day to day travel. Great idea to have colour coded sections for me and baby.  Loved the parent section. Baby section nice and easy to fit stuff in for the day. This help bottle, happy wipes and a few baby grows with ease. Easy to care for as just wipe clean.  I have tested the bag a few times ready for when baby arrives.  Once baby here I will be using it daily. This is an ideal gift for new parents as 2 sections, easy to use, makes going out easy to pack for.   Quality is good. This is certainly good value. I loved the section for mum and section for baby and colour coded.  I would buy this as it’s handy to use.  I would also recommend as it is an ideal bag for new mums.  Good colour, 2 sections, easy to clean, easy to travel with, holds all you need.  Kimberley Fraser – Mum to Be

Product Tested By Alice White – Mum to Be

Alice Awarded The Cuddledry Baby & Me Washbag 4/5

Looks well-made and nice gender neutral colour choice. I think that the idea is good for plane journeys and long train journeys but not necessarily when away itself. The product didn’t need any instructions but the attached packaging with bottle sizes was good to know. So easy to use completely self-explanatory and simple to use. When baby arrives I will have one baby side and one baby/mum side. I can absolutely see the benefit of having nappy rash cream, wet wipes, possible medicines etc. all in one place. I am forgetful and so will 100% open the wrong one every time but it makes a lot of sense for colour coding. The travel size bottles are handy for moisturiser etc. but I will not use a parent only section.  I like that there is a section I could dedicate to just a couple of nappies, wet toilettes and a baby grow. I can see that it will hold all the essentials for whilst travelling instead of a changing bag full of junk. It looks to be very easy to wipe clean. I used it once to take my own things to Tenerife. I think would be a good gift as parents would find it useful but possibly not think to buy one for themselves. Great quality, nice design and sturdy. I think that the £15 range would be more suited as a large wash bag and travel bottles would come to around that. I really liked the design as was not too mumsy or childish. I personally would not buy this as I feel it is too expensive but I would appreciate it as a gift. I would recommend as it is really helpful for travelling. Useful, clever design but a little too expensive. It was an easy to use wash bag, making bring different creams/shampoos and toothpaste etc. on holiday without the risk of them leaking into my other items. Alice White – Mum to Be



I do feel this product is a really good idea and very handy especially if you’re travelling a lot for hospital and also if you’re using reusable nappies and wipes.


Carol Awarded The Cuddledry Baby& Me Washbag 4.4/5

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