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Cuddledry Cuddleduck

A multi-award winning bath toy, 100% safe for your baby.

The loveable Cuddleduck is rather special because it has no hole in the base, so no yucky mould can grow inside like most baby bath toys.

Handmade using natural rubber, it contains no nasties for your little one, and is soft and squashy for tiny hands to hold. Totally safe (tested to the highest standards) to play with in the bath, even for teething little ones who want to chew!

Finished  in a gorgeous polka dot design, these cute little ducks delight babies and little ones who don’t want to let them go!

Presented in a beautiful little gift box, our Cuddleduck makes a perfect present for a new baby, or a teether toy as those first teeth start to appear.

Available in Pink, Blue or Beige

Price: £10.99 Available to purchase online

Bizziebaby Silver Award Winner 2019 Bath Toys Category

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Cuddledry Cuddleduck Reviews

Product Tested By Rianon Jones – Eli 3 years

Rianon Awarded The Cuddledry Cuddleducks 4.5/5

The item was packaged really lovely in a small box which would be absolutely beautiful as a gift. The design of the duck is lovely and fits well with the decor of my bathroom however it doesn’t float it’s too top heavy which isn’t ideal. The duck is really easy for Eli to hold as its small enough for his little hands. Eli loves his new cuddleduck and it’s the first thing he reaches for at bath time. Being an Eco-Friendly product is very important to us.  I’ve bought so many bath toys in the past that have grown mould inside and been too frightened to allow my children to play with them due to the risk of this happening or them ingesting it. This was not used as a teether as we have passed the teething stage.  However, I have recommended the cuddleduck to a friend whose 4 month old baby is teething. We use the duck in the bath only though sometimes Eli likes to hold it whilst he’s in the bathroom. We use the duck daily for bath time. The fact this has no hole so no mould can form inside is very important. Mould can grow inside bath toys quite rapidly and there is a high risk of a child ingesting it due to putting bath toys in their mouth. With this product you do not have to worry about this happening. The duck is very well made and aesthetically pleasing. The duck matches the decor in my bathroom which is an added bonus and isn’t too big. The only downside is the duck is too heavy to float and this does cause my son to get agitated. The item definitely offers value of money due to its dual uses especially with teething babies. I loved the colour of the item as well as the design providing a safe toy for children to chew on whilst in the bath. I would definitely consider buying a cuddleduck as well as for gifts for friends as I’d never heard of them previously and would make a lovely gift for little ones when introducing them to bath time. I have already recommended the item to a friend. I have only sadly marked the product down due to the fact it doesn’t float and causes my son frustration. However overall I love the design of the item. I instantly loved the design of the item from the moment I opened it, the box provides a perfect gift idea and the fact it can be used by teething babies whilst in the bath is fantastic. I only wish I had this item when my little ones were teething, though they love their cuddleduck and play with it daily. We have thoroughly enjoyed reviewing the toy and will recommend to friends and family in future. Rianon Jones – Eli 3 years

Product Tested By Victoria Jones – Lincoln 1 year 5 Months

Victoria Awarded The Cuddledry Cuddleducks 4.4/5

When our Cuddleduck arrived I was really impressed with it. The packaging it comes in is really cute and neat, nice and small as well presentation is a 10/10. I thought how nice it would be to give friends that are having babies as it’s so sweet and should be useful. I opened it up and was equally happy with the quality of what was inside the box as well as on the outside. Ducks are nice so really like the design, both my boys like ducks as well so I thought we could be on to a winner here. It’s nice to have 3 options of colours for the ducks as well. They look great with their dots of colour. Lincoln held onto the duck really well, I feel the shape and size is good for younger babies to hold as well. When he had chance to play with the Cuddleduck he had fun, my eldest kept playing with the duck as well despite having a lot of bath toys as it was new he was also keen to have a play. Our duck only floated on his side and would not stay upright (maybe this is because of not having a hole?!) but overall there is lots of fun to be had in the bath with this duck. It’s lovely that the Cuddleduck is eco-friendly as there is such a big market for this type of product now, so I really think it will appeal to lots of parents. As for us the normal bath toy of choice is plastic boats etc. (not so eco-friendly) I would love to see more products like this on the market as they are really appealing not only for baby but the environment as well. We now have 4 teeth with 2 on their way so I honestly thought this would be fabulous but Lincoln had other plans he didn’t shove it in his month at all! I was amazed as everything else ends up in there I guess we still have time for him to have a munch but can’t comment on the helpfulness unfortunately.  Our Cuddleduck’s new home is the bathroom he gets used the most in the bath so that’s where he will have to stay alone side our boats and various other bath toys. Our duck was in the bath most bath times so he was used at least a 3 times a week.  I love the idea of no mould as to many toys have had to end up in the bin due to mould appearing. It’s a really good plus point as when things do get shoved into mouths then you can rest assured no mould is going to end up near your little ones tummies. Until we had the Cuddleduck I really had not though about bath toys with holes in that much at all, just knew those with holes would end up in the bin sooner rather than later. I think it’s great it feels lovely to touch and like it will last, the duck looks fab and the colours are really nice. The Cuddleduck is worth the money as he feels top quality staying at a reasonable price when you see other toys like this. Plus he is eco-friendly which you would have thought wold have jacked the price up but it hasn’t.  I loved that it’s a duck, like I said Lincoln hasn’t used this to help relieve teething pains but ducks are ace. I would buy this even if he doesn’t get used as a tether he can still go in the bath with the reassurance of no mould getting inside him, I think it would make a lovely gift as well as the way he is presented  in a box makes it look quite special. I would recommend as I think the Cuddleduck is the right size for little hands and is really nice to look at and play with, I can’t comment on helping with teeth but to play with he truly is lovely.  Good for the bath loses marks as he won’t float upright and Lincoln didn’t want to bite him to test the teething help aspect out for me.  Overall I believe the Cuddleduck is a winner he looks nice, feels nice and is eco-friendly; you can feel happy knowing that mould won’t be growing inside unlike other toys that shall not be named. Ours didn’t want to float properly but he mainly got thrown around the bath by my eldest with Lincoln laughing at how funny this was anyway. We didn’t get to see how the duck could help with teeth as Lincoln didn’t want to give him a bite but had he I’m sure he would have liked him as the duck is soft and feels nice. Victoria Jones – Lincoln 1 year 5 Months

Product Tested By Annetta Kelly – Khadijah 13 Months

Annetta Awarded The Cuddledry Cuddleducks 5/5

When this arrived it looked very cute. This is a great bath toy, fun and easy on the eye. For my child this is nice and easy to hold.  It is not too big and not too small so perfect for all ages. She loved the cuddle duck in the bath also great for outside the bath. It is very important this is eco-friendly.  This is so important to a lot of mums as many teether toys get quite dirty quick or if you have other kids they might touch it with dirty hands and so having antibacterial properties on this is just great. This did help with teething and she loved at night time when she would hold and chew on it. We used this in the bath and at night when she used as a teether.  We used this every day. Quality is great and good value for money. I loved the fact it’s easy to hold great little toy all round  easy to clean great that it’s a teether and a toy at the same time. I would buy this.  I would also recommend for all the reasons above. Great product very smart and easy great design good to carry around with you don’t have to be used in the bath can be a hand toy for baby and toddlers. Annetta Kelly – Khadijah 13 Months

However overall I love the design of the item. I instantly loved the design of the item from the moment I opened it, the box provides a perfect gift idea and the fact it can be used by teething babies whilst in the bath is fantastic. I only wish I had this item when my little ones were teething, though they love their cuddleduck and play with it daily. We have thoroughly enjoyed reviewing the toy and will recommend to friends and family in future.


Rianon Awarded The Cuddledry Cuddleducks 4.5/5

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