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Cuddledry Poncho SPF50+ Towel

The first of their kind in the UK, our poncho towels use patented Rayosan™ technology which deflects harmful UVA and UVB rays off the towel, instead of passing through the fabric and harming your little one’s delicate skin.  The towels are for children aged 1 to 2, and are made using soft brushed cotton to give snag-free towelling.  They have poppers under the arms which can be done up to create a loose ‘sleeve’ when worn, to help keep the towel in place and make it comfortable for its little wearer.  They are really easy to put on and take off, a perfect ‘throw on’ towel or cover up for swimming, beach, playtime or bathtime. The lilac towel features a stylish Angelfish design, embroidered onto the front, and cotton edging in cherry. Stay safe in the sun, with a Cuddledry SPF50+ poncho towel, and of course, plenty of sunscreen on all exposed skin.

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Cuddledry Poncho SPF50+ Towel Reviews

Product Tested by: Jade Welham – Matthew Aged 1 Year 10 Months

Product Tested By Jade Welham – Matthew Aged 1 Year 10 Months

Jade Awarded The Cuddledry Poncho SPF50+ Towel 5/5

Very impressed with feel of material and size.  Website Very easy to navigate around. Straightforward ordering process. Good range of products available.  Packaging very basic. Didn’t really need to be packaged in any other way though.  I have owned a similar towel for my older child and that Cuddledry poncho was much better quality. Can’t fault the design or the style. Really liked the poppers which kept the poncho in place.  Gives baby extra protection in the sun.  If baby fell asleep wearing it in pushchair, only had to worry about putting cream on legs, face and arms.  Matthew loved this towel.  I might have had some comments if the material was different. I just had a plain blue one. I imagine the animal print ones would get more attention!  Underarm poppers are a very good idea. One of my favourite features.  To dry just pegged it out on the line and dried quickly. As easy to clean as regular household towels.  This stayed on my toddler whereas a normal towel would have slipped off.  Excellent quality material used.  It is pretty expensive considering your child would only have a year or 2 uses out of it. Ideal to pass on to other children though. I would consider purchasing this if the price was slightly cheaper. Made my toddler feel nice and snug and safe from the sun after playing in the paddling pool on holiday. Jade Welham – Matthew Aged 1 Year 10 Months

Product Tested By Michelle Aikman – Kit Aged 1 Year 4 Months

Michelle Awarded The Cuddledry poncho SPF50+ Towel 4.5/5

Fantastic product and very versatile.  The website is very user friendly has some fantastic features and the information you get is fantastic, from how to bath your baby to where to buy the products. A huge thumbs up!!! (They support BLISS too which is amazing). The least amount of packaging was used which is fabulous as I try to recycle as much as possible and there is nothing worse than receiving a huge box filled with air bags and a tiny item as is the case with a lot of other retailers. Was so soft against my son’s skin and the quality is great too. This is where I was a little disappointed as the poncho isn’t long enough, other than that the style and design are very good. Again this is where I was a little disappointed as the poncho isn’t long enough, my son’s legs were quite exposed in the sun so I did have to make sure he was covered with something else.  My son loves his poncho, he started walking just before I received his poncho and he loves nothing more than toddling around after getting out of the pool or bath waving his arms around with his hood up.  A friend of mine made a lovely comment whilst we were at our local swimming pool. Which was ‘All the other children seem quite cold and anxious to be dressed whilst Kit is quite happy in his poncho watching the world go by’ the under arm poppers are a fantastic feature as they keep the poncho in the right place (with his hood the right way round). The poncho dries quicker than normal towels but it still took longer than I expected.  This poncho washes very well even at low temperatures. The poncho is fantastic for taking in the pool and on holiday as it doesn’t take up much room in your bag and yet has all the functionality of a larger, bulkier towel.  The quality of the poncho is exceptional. Yes I think this is great value for money. The poncho could be improved by making it longer.  I liked the poncho so much I am also going to get my son the green cuddlebug and cuddlemoo so that he can use one everyday. I have already recommended the poncho to all my family and at Kit’s toddler group. Quality and softness, very eye-catching and most of all my son loves it!!!!  Michelle Aikman – Kit Aged 1 Year 4 Months

Product Tested By Pam Murphy – Ellie Aged 1 Year 9 Months

Pam Awarded The Cuddledry Poncho SPF50+ Towel 4/5

Lovely item ideal for going swimming but not very sure where the SPF comes into.  I love the website easy to navigate and by far the best product has to be the apron bath towel.  Great  invention.  Although El is older now but I remember when she was little trying to bath her and get her out without getting a soaking was impossible but this is great.  I also like the cuddlemoo and cuddlebug towels purely for there novelty factor.  It was just in a cellophane bag, but i suppose that is all it really needs.  It also had info on there other products which were good as it encouraged me to visit the site to see what else they had on offer.  The quality is great, it has already been washed loads and still looks like new.  It is nice and soft and thick. It is nice, easy to get on and off especially with the poppers for the arms.  The hood isn’t massive like you find on other similar towels.  The lovely trim sets it off.  For us it did not offer extra protection as Ellie did not wear this while we were away, she just wanted to be dry and then would take it off again, but I’m sure it would be useful for other kids that might like to wear it around the pool etc.  Yes she likes wearing it after swimming and prances about the changing room with it on, but like I said above when we were away there was so much more interesting stuff she really wasn’t bothered about keeping it on. We had a few comments with people saying how cute she looked in her towel. Under arm poppers are a Great idea makes it so much easier to get on and off as you can either just throw it over her head and not worry about poppering it up.  But if I want her to keep it on while I get dried/changed I popper them and she finds it more difficult to pull it off herself.  Very easy to launder and as I said even after several washes still looks like new.  Also dries quickly after use.  It means whenever she comes out the pool she is wrapped up and cozy.  Great quality doesn’t feel like an el cheapo.  I’m middle of the road here regarding value for money as you can get ones cheaper but they do not feel the same quality as cuddledry.  The SPF50+ did nothing for me as she wouldn’t keep it on.   Would recommend but not for the SPF factor it would be more for the convenience of use of the towel.  Great item, lovely colours and little one loves it. Pam Murphy – Ellie Aged 1 Year 9 Months

Made my toddler feel nice and snug and safe from the sun after playing in the paddling pool on holiday


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